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Abstract of Foreign Occurrences. [March, A political Revolution has broken out at who last summer arrived at Stockholm Madeira. According to the accounts re- with the intention of prosecuting his traceived from thence, it appears that on the vels beyond the Polar Circle, has returned 28th of January, five of the leading ipha- here safe, after his arduous undertaking. bitants entered the Castle, and demanded Proceeding first to Drontheim, he pursued an interview with the Governor-General, his way along the coasts of Norlander and which was granted them; they stated that Finmarker, until he reached the Northern it was the wish of the whole of the inha. Cape, and waiting there until the fall of bitants for a Constitution similar to that the snow, he, in the middle of winter, traat Lisbon. This demand seems to have versed the Deserts of Lapland with rein met the concurrence of the military; the deer, until he again reached Sweden. result was, the desired Constitutiou was During part of this singular journey, the immediately proclaimed; the greatest cold is described to have been intense. public rejoicings followed the event, which

CHINA. lasted three days.

Letters, dated the 18th of October, have News has been received from Lisbon, been received from Canton, announcing that the Constitution of the Cortes has

the death of the Emperor of China ; and been published at Bahia, in Brazil.

that the event had been succeeded by a POLAND.

contest between two of his sons for the An immense mound, or tumulus, after Imperial diadem. Several of the prothe manner of the ancients, is to be thrown

vinces are said to have been in a state of up on a mountain in Poland, in memory revolt, in consequence of the dispute for of Kosciusko, and his name inscribed on a

the succession. To add to the distraction block of granite to be placed on the top. of the Chinese empire from these causes, It is further intended to purchase the

we learn, that the cholera morbus, that fawhole mountain on which the mound is to

tal epidemic, has found its way thither be raised, with a piece of ground as far as

from Bengal, and was producing the most the Vistula, to plant it in a useful and

fatal ravages ; the inbabitants dging by agreeable manner, and to people it with thousands. • With every precaution, its veterans who have served under the Gene.

effects had been severely felt even among ral. They are to bave the land and dwell

the crews of the British ships at Canton. ings as freehold property, and' to form a

AFRICA. little society by the name of Kosciusko's Colony. It is also proposed to support of November, contains the following ar

The Sierra Leone Gazette of the 25th two young pieces of Kosciusko, who are in

ticle: parrow circumstances, To obtain funds

6. On Friday, the 10th inst. a sefor carrying this into effect, it has been

lect party was made to visit Almamy Dal. determined to apply to the admirers of

lah Mabommadoo, on the Bullom shore. Kosciusko in foreign countries.

It was a secret known only to a very few

in the colony, that this worthy Chief had a A declaration, it is asserted, has been grand festival on that day, on the occamade by the Emperor of Russia, in which

sion of taking to himself 16 new wives, in he alludes to the pledge of neutrality addition to the moderate number of 89, given by the Governments of England and

to whom he was already wedded! All the France; but he, on the contrary, has de

Chiefs of the country, with their principal clared his active alliance with Austria,

retainers, were invited. The company al

together consisted of many hundreds." and he expresses his determination to cooperate against Naples, by immediately

AMERICA AND THE WEST INDIES, sending an expedition to the Mediterra- We received American papers to the nean. This news is received by several 11th ult. A Bill has passed the House of Russian houses ; and they add, that the Representatives for reducing the Army Emperor says, Eoğland cannot now de- nearly one half io number, and to lower part from her avowed neutrality by the the expenses of the military establishment part he shall take.

one half in amount. The Committee of NORWAY AND SWEDEN. Ways and Means have reported that the A Message from his Swedish Majesty future revenue of the United States will to the Norwegian Diet, dissuades them meet the expenditure. from renewing their Bill for the abolition Captain Ameck, of the Strever mer. of Nobility in Norway, to which he had chantman, arrived off Dartmouth, brings already twice refused his assent; but ex- the lamentable account of the almost total pressing bis disposition to give a favour. destruction of the town of Paramaribo by able consideration to a proposition for fire, on the 21st of January ; 392 houses, abolishing the feudal rights exercised by and, including the stores and other outthe Nobles, upon an understanding that houses, about 1000 buildings, being rethey are to have adequate pecuniary com- duced to ashes. Their estimated value pensation.

was 20 millions of guilders, Surinam curThe English traveller, M. de Brooke, rency.


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Feb. 19. His Majesty opened the Royal

Wednesday, Feb. 7. Pavilion at Brighton, with a grand ball Late in the evening, a man named and supper. Upwards of two hundred James Doyes was brought to Bow-street distinguished personages were invited on Office from the Chapel of Ease ip Longthe occasion.

acre, belonging to St. Martin's parish, on

a charge of rather an extraordinary naThe Lord Lieutenant of Ireland is, by proclaiming himself to be " Jehovah Je

ture; pamely, for going into the Chapel, his Majesty's command, to bear the arms of Ireland on the flag of any ship of which

sus, the Saviour of the World !” and comhe may be hereafter on board.

manding the people there assembled to A short time since a young woman of

fall down and worship him! The priExeter, named Whicker, who was in the

soner strutted up to the bar with an air of habit of going out to day-work at her

importance most truly ludicrous; and needle, was passing through a field, which

having, in reply to questions from the the servants of the house she had left had

Magistrate, repeated his blasphemous represented to her as haupted; and the pretensions in the most vehement terms, fears of the oredulous girl being thus awa

he was committed, in default of bail. kened, a black boy having wrapped him

Friday, Feb. 9. self in a sheet, concealing all but his face An action was brought on in the Court and hands, met her in the path. The of Exchequer, against Henry Hunt, for shock was too strong for her reason---she having established a manufactory of Rabecame raving made and about a fort. dical Coffee, made from dried rye, and night since was conveyed to the asylum, ground like coffee. The defendant was near Exeter, deprived of all those noble convicted in two penalties of 1001. each ; powers of intellect which dignify human the one, for making, and the other, for nature above the brute creation, and selling the article. though the dreary void of her miod is oc

Friday, Feb. 16. casionally irradiated by lucid intervals, A duel was fought at nine o'clock at she soon relapses into insanity, from which night, between two gentlemen of the pames it is feared she will never perfectly re- of Scott and Christie ; the parties met at cover!, by moon-light, attended by A man named James Matthews has their seconds and surgeons, and after exbeen committed to Bodmin Gaol, charged changing shots without effect, at the seby a person named Prior, with the mur- cond fire Mr. Christie's ball struck Mr. der of one James, his (Matthews's) bro. Scott just above the hip on the right side, ther-in-law, sixteen years since at Crown and passing through the intestines lodged Dale Mine, near Tavistock. According in the left side. Mr. Scott fell, Dearly to Prior's statement, the deceased Mat- doubled by the wound, and was removed thews and himself were employed in the to the Chalk-farm Tavern. This meeting mine, which was about twenty-two fa- took place in consequence of the following thoms in depth. James laid the match to circumstances : Mr. Lockhart, the rethe train for blasting the mine, and called puted author of Peter's Letters to bis Kinsto his companions to draw him up; they folk, having been personally and violently wound him up a short way, when Mat- attacked in the London Magazine, a work thews insisted upon letting go the windlass; professedly edited by Mr. Scott, came to Prior, as he says, refused, when Matthews London for the purpose of obtaining from struck him on the left arm with a pick Mr. Scott an explanation, apology, or hilt, wbich forced him to quit his hold, meeting. Mr. Scott, as we understand, and James was precipitated to the bottom, declined giving any thing of the sort, unhis skull fractured, and he died in two less Mr. Lockhart would first deny that he days.

was the editor of Blackwood's Magazine ; March 19. At the Exeter Assizes, the this Mr. Lockhart did not consider it ne. trial of Mr. T. Flindall, Editor of The cessary to do; and their correspondence

Western Luminary, for a libel on her Ma- ended with a note from Mr. Lockhart, jesty, was proceeded on; and after occu- containing very strong and unqualified pying about two hours, the Jury pro. expressions touching Mr. Scott's personal nounced a verdict of Guilty. This prose- character and courage; to meet this Mr. cution was instituted, not by the Queen's Scott published his account of the affair, Lawyers, but by the King's Attorney, which differed very little as to facts ; but General.

a circumstance occurred subsequently.

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272 Domestic Occurrences.-Theatrical Register. [Marcb,
which placed the matter on a different 1,0001.--89, or beyond, a further sum of
footing. Mr. Lockhart, in his statement, ' 1,0001.
which was printed, says, that a copy of it

Thursday, March 15.
had been sent to Mr. Scott; whereas it As two young gentlemen, brothers,
appears that the statement generally cir- were amusing themselves by firing at a
culated contained a disavowal of Mr. mark with a pistol, in their garden, at
Lockhart's editorship of Blackwood's Ma. Palmer's-terrace, Holloway, unfortunately
gazine, which the copy of his statement one of them shot too high; and the ball
actually sent to Mr. Scott did not.

Mr. entered the eye of a young lady, Miss
Scott therefore says, that in withholding Radford, while standing at the drawing-
from him the disavowal he asked, he pre- room window in an opposite house. The
vented the meeting; and that, in affixing ball has not yet been extracted, and the
to the statement the declaration that a lady's recovery is of course despaired of.
copy of that statement had been forward. The young men are both in custody.
ed to bim (Mr. Scott), Mr. Lockhart had

Saturday, March 17.
been guilty of falsehood. This is met by The new Comet came to its peribelium,
the other party, who say, that though Mr. namely, within fourteen degrees of the
Lockbart would own to the world that he It has only lessened its right as-
was not the editor of Blackwood's Maga- cension half a degree, and its North de
zine, he never would say that he was not clination four.fifths of a degree since the
the editor to Mr. Scott; because Mr. Scott, evening of the 24th of February, when it
as the avowed editor of a Magazine, which was first seen here; but by the annual
if not so popular is more bitter, had no motion of the earth, its distance from the
right to demaud such an explanation. It sun is decreased about 16'. Now it is
appears that the error arose in leaving the advanced too far in the solar rays to al.
paragraph standing, which states that a low us to make correct observations on
COPY of the statement had been sent to its position.
Mr. Scott. Mr. Scott's attack produced a The Commissioners for building New
reply from Mr. Christie, Mr. Lockhart's Churches have made their first Report ;
friend; which reply produced a challenge from which it appears, that 85 New
from Mr. Scott, which Mr. Christie ac. Churches or Chapels are to be built, fur.
cepted ; and at Mr. Scott's suggestion, Dishing sittings to 144,190 persons, at the
agreed to meet him at nine o'clock at night. probable expence of 1,068,0001,
The result of the meeting we have men.
tioned; but we should add, that it ap- THEATRICAL REGISTER.
pears that Mr. Christie did not fire at Mr.

New Pieces
Seott in the first instance; but that, on

the second shot, fired in self-defence, he Feb. 21. Conscience ; or, The Bridal
levelled his pistol at bim, and too truly Night, a Tragedy, by Mr. Haines. It
hit his mark. Mr. Lockhart is one of his was performed with the most brilliant and
Majesty's Counsel at the Scotch Bar, and merited success. The interest never flags,
son-in-law of Sir Walter Scott, bart. Mr. and the poetry is of a very high order.
Christie is a young barrister of Gray's-inn. March 8. Mr. Tibbs, a one-act piece,

Mr. Scott expired at half-past nine on founded on a character in Goldsmith's
Tuesday night, without a groao. He Essays; but so poorly made up, that it
was between 30 and 40 years of age, was laid by after the third night.
and bas left a wife and two children. An
Inquest was held on the body, and a ver.

dict of Wilful Murder given against Mr. Feb. 20. Don John ; or, The Two Vio.
Christie, and the two seconds, Mr. Trail lettas, ap Operatic Drama, taken from
and Mr. Patmore. The Coroner's Warrant • The Chances,' of Beaumont and Fletcher,
was accordingly issued for their apprehen- and interspersed with music. Good sing-
sion ; but the parties bare for the present jog and good acting liave rendered this an

attractive performance.
Tuesday, Feb. 27.

Feb. 23. Henriette ; or, The Farm of
The Gazette of this day contains an Senage, a Drama. It is, however, merely
Order in Council regulating the rewards to another version of the Therese, which was
ships which may hereafter explore the brought out on the 2d at Drury Lane.
Arctic Circle; they are as follows:--The Both are translations from the French.
first ship that reaches 130 W. Lon. 50001. Very successful.
-The first ship hat reaches 150 W. Long. March 8. Kenilworld. The story is
a further sum of 5,000.-The first ship well-known, and the scenery and machi-
that reaches the Pacific by a North West .nery were good, but it was not very ju-
Passage a further sum of 10,0001.--The diciously dramatised; and the subject
first ship that shall reach 83 N. Lat. 1,0001. had been pre-occupied and exhausted by
85, a further sum 1,0001 -87, a fur- Minor Theatres. It was performed four
ther sum of 1,0001.88, a further sum of nights.



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Dumbarton-J. Buchanan, esq. of Ace Feb. 20. Vice Admiral Sir G. Martin to doch, vice Colquhoun, dec. be a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath; and Mr. R. Donkia, jun. Hanoverian

ECCLESIASTICAL PR EJERMENTS. Cousul at Mount's Bay, co. Cornwall.

Rev. Samuel Butler, D. D. Head Master Feb. 24. Marquis of Graham sworn of the Privy Council; aud Sir R. Brownrigs

of Shrewsbury School, to the Archdea

conry of Derby. and Sir G, Martin invested with the en

Rev. Dr. Lawrence Gardener, St. Phil. signs of Knights Grand Cross of the Order

lip's R. Birmingham. of the Bath; and A. Wood, esq. Knight

Rev. William Henry Galfiders Maną, Commander of the Order of St. Michael

B. A. Bowdon V, Cheshire. and St. George of the lonian Islands

Rev. J. Mayo, M. A. Ozleworth R. Knighted

Feb, 27. John Webb, e8g. Director Ge.
Deral of the Ordoance Medical Deparl: vand Bedfield R. Suffolk.

Rev. Henry Wm. Rous Birch, Yoxford ment at Woolwich, Knighted,

Rev. Sterling Moseley Westhorp, Sibon March 3. 44th Foot-Lieut. Col. G. T.

V. with Peasenhall Chap. Suffolk. Napier, from the 3d Foot Guards, to be

Rev. Frederick Corsellis, M. A. FinLieut. Col. vice Sir G. H. F. Berkeley,

grinhoe V. Essex. who exchanges.

Rev. J. To apsend, Taunton St. James's March 10. Lord F. Paulett, a Page of

Curacy, Somersetshire, vice Luxton, dec. Honour, v. A. R. Wellesley, esq. promoted.

Rev. March 13. Rt. Hon. Francis Earl af

Wilts. Jennings, Baydon Chapelrý, Wemyss, to be Lieutenant aud Sheriff

Rev. Matthew Barnett, North Willing. Principal of the Shire of Peebles.

ham V. Lincolnshire.. March 24. This Gazette contains a Proclamation, giving legal currency to the new Silver Coinage, and an Order

The Rev. Charles Goddard, of Christ in Council for continuing in force, until College, Archdeacon and Prebendary of further orders, the provisions of the 58th

the Cathedral Church of Lincoln, and one George III. with regard to the Import and

of his Majesty's Chaplains in Ordipary, apExport Trade of the Port of St. Andrew's,

pointed to the Degree of M. A. by Decree New Brunswick, with any foreign State in

of Convocation, amity with his Majesty. It further noti. fies, that A. Caldecot, esq. of the Lodge, Rugby, has been appointed Sheriff of

Civil PROMOTIONS Warwickshire, in the room of W. Wither

Rev. R. R. Bloxham, B. A. (of Worcesing, esq. of the Larches.

ter College, Oxford), Master of Guilsborough School, Northamptonshire.

Rev. J. T. Law (son of the Bishop of MĖMBBRS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. Chester) Master of St. John's Hospital,

Feb. 27: New Ross F. Leigh, esq. of Licbfield. Rosegarland, co. Wexford, vice Carroll, Rev. Mr. Sissons, Head Master, and the Chiltern Hundreds.

Rev. Richard Thomas, Under Master, of Plympton Earle--W. G. Paxton, esq. of Lincoln Free Grammar School. Watford-place, Herts, u. Boswell, Chiltern Rev. Richard Porter, Master of Chapter Hundreds,

Grammar School, Bristol.

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Yorkshire: Musgrove; A. M. Whikirk v.

BIRTH S. Feb. 2t. In Berkeley.square, Lady of Compton, a son.8. In Pall-mall, Lady Harriet Paget, a daughter. At Doper, Fitzroy Somerset, a son.-10. In Stratton. the wife of Capt. Duocan Grant, Royal street, Lady Jane Peel, a daughter. At Artillery, a son..-28. The' Lady of Sir the White Lodge, Richmond Park, the Compton Domville, bart. M. P. a son. Lady of Hon, and Rev. George Pellew, a

March 3. At Hopetoun House, the daughter.-16. In George-street, HapoyerCountess of Hopetoun, a son.—4. At Eagle. square, Lady Copley, a daughter.- 18. hurst, the Countess of Cavan, a daughter. At Kensington, the Lady of H. J. De 6. Jn Lower Brook-street, the Countess Costa, a sou, GENT. MAG. Mareh, 1821.



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July 15. At Calcutta, Thomas Bridges, James, son of Rer. Gerald Fitzgerald, : esq. Commander of the Caledonia, to Ma- D. D. (late Vice Provost of Trinity Col. rianne, daughter of late C. Allen, esq. lege, Dublin), and nephew of the Bp. of surgeon, Market Harborough.

Limerick, to Miss King, of North Pether. Feb. 8. At Aberdeen, Thomas Luins- ton, Somersetshire, den, e

sesq. of E. I. Company's Military Ser- March 1. At Battersea, Joha Church, vice, to dau. of J. Burnett, esq. of Elrick. esq. to Margaret, only child of late Peter

13. Rev. R. G. Jeston, to Lettice Jane, Francis Bourgeois, esq. Merchant, London. daughter of the late James Torre, esq. of Thomas Smith, esq. of Russell-square, Snydale Hall, Yorkshire,

to Miss Addison, of Hornby House, Lant George Wm. Sanders, esq. of Lincola's caster. Inn, barrister, to Georgiana Frances, dau. Sir H. Pyam, K. T. S. C. B. to Cecilia, of Thomas Griffiths, esq. of Pall.mall. dau, of late James Jackson, esq. Petersham.

15. At Paris, Hugh O'Connor, esg. of At Aberdeen, the Rev. Patrick Cheyne, Mountjoy - square, Dublin, to Winifred, to Eliza, dau. of late Joha Annand, esq. daughter of Charles Browne Mostyo, esq. of Belmont. of Kiddington, Oxfordshire.

Rev. Wm. Shove Chalk, of Barton, Rev. James Venables, of Buckland Beds. to Eliza, dau. of Rev. T. Gregory, Newton, Dorset, to Mary Caroline, dau. Vicar of Henlow. of the late J. Lewis, esq.

3. At Limerick, Lieut.-col, Stratton, Rev. Lynch Burroughs, of Omey Place, to Hon. Catharine Jane Massy, eldest Herts, to Miss Aune Dickie, of Brandsbury, dau. of late Lord Clarina. Middlesex.

6. Francis, eldest son of Francis Glan16. Rev. John Harrey Ashworth, to ville, esq. of Catchfrench, Cornwall, to Mary, ,daughter of the late Thomas Hip- Amabel, dau. of Rt. Hon. Reginald Pole pon Vavasour, esq. of Rochdale.

Carew. 19. Lieut.-col. Ensor, of the Armagh Capt. W. Cowper Coles, Royal Lancers, Militia, to Jane, daughter of John Parsons, to dau. of late G. Butler, esq. Downe, Kent. Lesq. M. P. for King's County..

Arthur Latham, esq. to Susanna ; and 20. Alex. James Mure, esq. of Inner John Willis, esq. to Eliza, daughters of Temple, to relict of late W. Markham, George Roach, esq, of Everton, near Liesq. of Becca, Yorkshire.

verpool, formerly of Lisbon. 21. Thomas Bolton, esq. nephew and 10. Lieut..col. James Johnstone Cochheir presumptive to Earl Nelson, to dau. rane, 3d Guards, to Charlotte, daughter of late John Maurice Eyre, esq. of Land- of J. Wiltshire, esq. of Shockerwick House. ford House, Wiltshire.

Swynfen Jervis, esq. of Darlaston Hall, At Bridport, Bowden Gundry, esq. to Staffordshire, to Jane, dau. of P. N. RoCaroline, dau, of late Joseph Downe, esq. berts, esq. of Esher.

22. Rev. G. R. Mountain, Vicar of Wm. Hodsoll, jud. esq. of South Ash, North Kelsey, and son of Bishop of Que- to Amelia, dau. of late W. Kettel, esq. of bec, to Katherine, dau, of late T. Hinch. Wateringbury, both in Kent. Jiff, esq. of Mitcbam.

14. Lieut, Robert Barker, R. N. to 27. F. Phillippe Hooper, esq. of Thistle Martha, sister of Charles Hamilton, esq. Grove, Fulham-green, to Rhoda Anne, dau. of Sudbury Grove. of Charles Griffith, esq. of Knightsbridge 15. S. Burr, esq. of Luton, BedfordGreen; the former marriage of R. A. shire, to Miss Richardson, of Craven-street. having been adjudged void.

17. Rev. James Collins, Rector of ? At Paris, Capt. Peacocke, R. N. to Thorp Abbotts, to Marianne, dau. of late Martha Louisa, dau, of the late G. Dacre, Keene Z. Stables, esq. Broad Green Lodge. esq. of Marwell House, Hants.

Robert Langford, esq. of Gower-street, G. Wilkios, esq. of Heywood Hall, St. to Harriet Isabella, dau. of Henry Hanson George's, Somerset, to Emma Juliana, Simpson, esq. of Bath. daughter of G. Robinson, esq. of Baker. George Stephen, esg. of Broad-street"street, Portman-square.

buildings (son of the Master in Chancery), Lately. C. Di 0. Jepbson, esq. of to Henrietta, dau. 'of late Rev. W. RaMallow Castle, to Katherine Cecilia

Jane, venscroft, Prebendary of Rasharkin and dau. of late W. Franks, esq. of Carrig, Rector of Finvoy, of Antrim. both in co. Cork.

19. Joho, son of John Fraser, esq. of Rev. M. Moore (nephew of Lord Bran- Achnagairn, to Caroline, dau. of the late don), to widow of Rev. Mr. Leader, Cork. Thomas Malton, esq.

Capt. Andrew King, R. N. to Mary, Wm. Hanbury Jones, esq. of Lincoln's day. of Charles Lewin, esq. both of St. Inn, to Sarah, dau. of Edward Whitaker, Alban's.

esq. of Bampton, Oxfordshire.


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