Sketches of the War in Greece in a Series of Extracts from the Private Correspondence (etc.)

Hurst, 1827 - 328 páginas

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Página 323 - His Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, his Majesty the King of France and Navarre, and his Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias...
Página 328 - London to discuss and determine the ulterior measures to which it may become necessary to resort. " The present additional and secret article shall have the same force and value as if it had been inserted, word for word, in the treaty of this day.
Página 326 - Sides and the Ratifications shall be exchanged in the Space of Six Months, or sooner if possible. In Faith whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the above Articles, both in the French and English Languages...
Página 328 - The present additional and secret article shall have the same force and value as if it had been inserted, word for word, in the Treaty of this day. It shall be ratified, and the ratifications thereof shall be exchanged, at the same time as those of the said Treaty.
Página 323 - Russias, penetrated with the necessity of putting an end to the sanguinary contest which, by delivering up the Greek provinces and the isles of the Archipelago to all the disorders of anarchy, produces daily fresh impediments to the commerce of the European States, and gives occasion to piracies, which not only expose the subjects of the High Contracting Parties to considerable losses, but besides render necessary burdensome measures of protection and repression...
Página 325 - Empire an annual tribute, the amount of which shall be fixed, once for all, by a common agreement. They shall be governed by the authorities whom they shall themselves choose and nominate; but in the nomination of whom the Porte shall have a determinate voice.
Página 66 - Greek vessel once approached a Turkish heavy frigate so close, that the anchor of the latter caught hold of some part of the rigging of the former. In an instant both one and the other ran to cut away and disentangle themselves ; the Greek not liking such close quarters, and the Turk taking his enemy to be a fire-ship.
Página 326 - Greece on the basis laid down in the preceding articles, and to furnish, without the least delay, their representatives at Constantinople with all the instructions which are necessary for the execution of the treaty now signed.
Página 256 - Cochrane then sailed for Patrass, with the frigate and steam vessel; and when off Cape Papa, within sight of Zante, had an action with two Turkish corvettes, which lasted several hours; but strange as it may appear, his Lordship was here again unsuccessful, as both the corvettes escaped, and subseqeently reached Alexandria in safety.
Página 327 - Powers intend to exert all the means which circumstances may suggest to their prudence to obtain the immediate effect of the armistice, the execution of which they desire, by preventing, in as far as may be in their power, all collision between the contending parties, and, in fact, immediately after the aforesaid declaration, the High Contracting Powers will conjointly employ all their means in the accomplishment of the object thereof, without, however, taking any part in the hostilities between...

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