Bibliotheca Americana: A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from Its Discovery to the Present Time, Volumen 3

Joseph Sabin, 1870

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Página 267 - Revolutionary Services and Civil Life of General William Hull, Prepared from his Manuscripts, by his daughter, Mrs. Maria Campbell; together with the History of the Campaign of 1812, and Surrender of the Post of Detroit; by his Grandson, James Freeman Clarke.
Página 209 - A Reply to General Joseph Reed's Remarks on a Late Publication in the Independent Gazetteer, with some Observations on his Address to the People of Pennsylvania.
Página 419 - A Petition of WC Exhibited to the High Court of Parliament, now assembled, for the Propagating of the Gospel in America and the West Indies...
Página 562 - A Short Introduction to the Latin Tongue, for the use of the Lower Forms in the Latin School. Being the Accidence abridged and compiled in that most easy and accurate Method, wherein the famous Mr.
Página 372 - Essays upon Popular Education, containing a particular examination of the schools of Massachusetts, and an outline for an Institution for the Education of Teachers...
Página 193 - The Westover manuscripts: containing the history of the dividing line betwixt Virginia and North Carolina; a journey to the land of Eden, AD, 1733; and a progress to the mines.
Página 314 - Historical Records of the British Army, comprising the History of every regiment in Her Majesty's Service.
Página 218 - Memoirs of the Life and Campaigns of the Hon. Nathaniel Greene, Major General in the Army of the United States, and Commander of the Southern Department, in the War of the Revolution. By Charles Caldwell, MD Philadelphia: Robert Desilver.
Página 355 - These Fundamental Constitutions, in number a hundred and twenty, and every part thereof, shall be and remain the sacred and unalterable form and rule of government of Carolina for ever.
Página 369 - A HISTORY OF THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, from its Foundation in 1765: with Sketches of Deceased Professors, &c.

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