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Armfield, A. C. S., "Mrs. Maxwell Armfield." On the fighting line. 1915.

F 10656 Not a war story. The "fighting line" is what the girl in her diary calls her struggle to earn a living in London.

Bailey, T. Contrary Mary. 1914. F 10831 "A sweet entertaining love story with a pleasant, rather old-fashioned flavor.'

Baker, G. P. The magic tale of Harvanger and Yolande. 1914. F 10842 "An idyllic tale of the middle ages, strongly reminiscent of William Morris."

Bardeen, C. W. The black hand, and other stories about schools. 1914. F 10872

Contents: The black hand.-Tide and untied.Upper 12.-A lost identity.-A sensitive plant.By the campfire.

Benson, E. F. Arundel. 1915.

F 11048

An English novel, full of clever character portraiture; by the author of 'Dodo.' Benson, R. H. Loneliness? 1915. F 11065 Story of the spiritual adventures of a Roman Catholic girl who deserts and finally returns to her faith. Published after Father Benson's death.

Bunyan, J. The pilgrim's progress, grace abounding and a relation of his imprisonment, ed. with biographical introduction and notes by Edmund Venables. [Pt. 1.] 2d ed. rev. by Mabel Peacock. 1914.

F 11515 A new edition provided with notes for literary study. Camp, C. W. Sinister Island.


F 11592 superstition,

Well-written tale of mystery and laid in the swamps of Mississippi. Castle, Mrs. A. S. and Castle, haunted heart. 1915. Chambers, R. W. Who goes there!

E. The F 11639


F 11836

Good story of the present European war. Comfort, W. L. Red fleece. 1915. F12154 A terrible picture of the present war, somewhat like his 'Down among men.'

Conrad, J. Victory, an island tale.

1915. F 12164 A thrilling plot, fine psychology, and written in Conrad's masterly style.

De Forest, J. L. Molly. 1915.

F 12447 Story of a tender-hearted and innocent village lass.

Doyle, Sir A. C. The valley of fear; a Sherlock Holmes novel. 1914. F 12551

A new Sherlock Holmes story.

Elliott, F. P. Pals first. 1915.

F 12696

Exciting story of mistaken identity. Ervine, St. J. G. Mrs. Martin's man. 1915.

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F 12767

conscience of F 13214

Graves, C. I. M. The man of iron, by
Richard Dehan, pseud. 1915. F 13339
Story of Bismarck in the Franco-Prussian war.
A long and rather heavy book.
Harrison, H. S. Angela's business. 1915.
F 13532

By the author of 'Queed' and 'V. V.'s eyes.' Housman, L. The royal runaway and Jingalo in revolution (a sequel to John of Jingalo). 1914. F 14130 Kennan, G. A Russian comedy of errors, with other stories and sketches of Russian life. 1915. F 14485

Contents: A Russian comedy of errors.-A singing bird of prey.-Russian "mouse traps."A body, a soul, and a passport.-The escape of Prince Krapotkin.-"A heart for every fate.""The world of a single cell": I. The checkerboard square. II. The girl in no. 59.-A sacrilegious fox hunt.-Napoleonder.-The Zheltuga re public. Lincoln, N. S. C. O. D. 1915. F 14812 A Washington murder mystery involving mem bers of the diplomatic corps, government papers and an intricate plot.

Mackenzie, C. Sinister street. 1914.

F 15056 F 15055.

A sequel to Youth's encounter. Stories of fine literary quality by one of the ablest of young English writers. Maniates, B. K. Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley. 1915. F 15079

Pleasant little story of a poor little girl with a genius for managing things and people. Martin, Mrs. H. R. Martha of the Mennonite country. 1915. F 15119 Another Pennsylvania-German story, not so good as her Tillie, the Mennonite maid.' Munro, N. The new road. 1914. F 15578 Newlin, Mrs. R. C. The chalk line, by Anne Warwick, pseud. 1915. F 15659

A woman, her husband, and two former lovers are marooned in the home of one of the latter by cholera quarantine.

Nyburg, S. L. The final verdict; six stories of men and women. 1915. F 15720

Contents: The fruits of victory.-A study in blackmail. With all her worldly goods.-A legal fiction. The honor of the profession.-The ward of the court.

Stories of the law courts.

Onions, O. Mushroom Town. 1914.

F 15805

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Pratt, L. Felix tells it. 1915.

F 16596 Felix, aged ten, puts down his thoughts about parents, playmates and others. A sympathetic view of childish troubles and tragedies. Pyeshkov, A. M. Tales of two countries, by Maxim Gorky, pseud. 1914. F 16389 Contents: Italian tales: Man and the Simplon. An unwritten sonata. Sun and sea. Love of lovers. Hearts and creeds. The traitor's mother. The freak. The might of motherhood. A message from the sea. The honour of the village. The socialist. The hunchback. On the steamer.-Russian tales: The professor. The poet. The writer. The man with a national face. The liberal. The Jews and their friends. Hard to please. Passive resistance. Making a superman. Sinclair, Mrs. B. M. The Flying U's last stand, by B. M. Bower, pseud. 1915.

F 18132 Another well-told story of cattle range, settlers and claim-jumpers at Flying U ranch. Singmaster, E. Katy Gaumer. 1915.

F 18155 Spillman, J. Cross and chrysanthemum, an episode of Japanese history; an historical tale. 1906. F 18315 Translated from the German of a favorite Catholic author.

Pennsylvania-German story.


Stevenson, B. E. Little comrade; a tale of the great war. F 18378 European war story of today. Thorndyke, R. Doctor Syn; a smuggler tale of the Romney Marsh. 1915.

F 18599 Clever story of smugglers in England a century ago.

Tolstoi, L. N., Graf. Where love is there
God is also. 1887.
F 18637
Trevena, J. Sleeping waters; a novel. 1914.
F 13686
Turgenev, I. S. The works of Ivan Tur-
genieff, tr. from the Russian by Isabel F.
Hapgood. 1904. 7v.
F 18686


v. 1. First love. A correspondence.-The gion of dead calm. It is enough.-The dog. The Jew.-Andréi Kólosoff.-The bully.-Pyetushkóff.-The two friends. 2. The brigadier.-The story of Lieutenant Ergúnoff. A hapless girl.-A strange story.-Púnin and Babúrin.-On


eve, a romance.


The diary of a superfluous man.-Three portraits.-Three meetings.-Mumú.The inn.-Fathers and children.

4. Rudin, a romance.-A King Lear of the Steppes.-Phantoms a fantasy.-Yákoff Pásynkoff. "Faust," a story in nine

letters. An excursion to the forest belt. -Asya.

5. Virgin soil. A reckless character.-The dream.-Father Alexyei's story.-Old portraits. The song of love triumphant. Clara Militch.-Poems in prose.

6. Spring freshets.-Knock, knock, knock.The watch.-Smoke.


Memoirs of a sportsman.-A nobleman's


Walpole, H. The gods and Mr. Perrin; a tragi-comedy. 1911. F 18935

A clever story of a crusty schoolmaster in an English private school. By the author whose later story, 'Fortitude,' brought him into prominence.

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White, H. The house in the road; a fan-
tasy of truth. 1913.
F 19336
Wilson, H. L. Ruggles of Red Gap. 1915.
F 19586

Joyous and comical story in which an English valet, transplanted to America, sets down his impressions and adventures in a delightfully bland and superior manner.

Young People's Books
Miscellaneous Works

The American boys' workshop; each subject by an expert entirely rewritten and ed., by Clarence B. Kelland. 1914.

K 13040 Nearly all the matter contained in 'The American boy's workshop' has appeared in that excellent boy's magazine, The American boy.

Dawson, J. The boys and girls of Garden
City. 1914.
N 1457
Story of a boys' and girls' city government,
illustrating public health regulations.
Mother Goose; the old nursery rhymes,
illustrated by Arthur Rackham. 1913.
Hughes Room
Ogden, H. A. The boy's book of famous
regiments. 1914.
K 13129
Rich, Miss G. E. When mother lets us make
toys; a book which develops ingenuity
and inventive power through the making
of unique toys out of materials which
every boy and girl can get with almost
no expense. 1915.
K 17998

Samuel, E. I. The story of iron. 1914.
H 6376

Hughes Room

world's story; a story, song and Hughes Room

Shakspere, W. A midsummer-night's dream, with illustrations by Arthur Rackham. 1914. Tappan, E. M., ed. The history of the world in art. 1914. 14 v. Contents: I. China, Japan and the islands of the Pacific. II. India, Persia, Mesopotamia and Palestine. III. Egypt, Africa and Arabia.-IV. Greece and Rome.-V. Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. VI. Russia, Austria-Hungary, the Balkan states and Turkey.-VII. Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.-VIII. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and the search for the poles.-IX. England.-X. England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.-XI. Canada, South America, Central America, Mexico and the West Indies.XII-XIII. The United States.-XIV. An outline of universal history.

Treadwell, H. T. and Free, M. Readingliterature adapted and graded by Harriette T. Treadwell and Margaret Free.

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H 7814

other fairy tales. 1915. Green, E. M. The Laird of Glentyre; a H 4051 story of Scotland. 1914. (Little schoolmate series).

Grimm, J. L. K., and Grimm, W. K. The house in the wood, and other fairy stories. 1910. H 4028

Contents: The house in the wood.-The brave little tailor.-The goblin and the grocer.-The Bremen town musicians.-The table, the ass, and the cudgel.-The Jew in the bramble bush.-The vagabonds.-Red Jacket; or, The nose tree.-The straw, the coal, and the bean.-Snow-White and Rose-Red.

Pendexter, H. The young sea-merchants; or, After hidden treasure. 1913. H 5669, 2 (His Along the coast series). Perry, S. G. S. The kind adventure. 1914. H 5677 Portor, L. S. Genevieve; a story of French school days. 1914. H 5754 (Little schoolmate series).

Chicago Public Library, Michigan Avenue and Washington Street


Rules and Information for Patrons

Any resident of Chicago, or any person residing in Cook County having permanent employment in the city, may enjoy the privileges of the Library by having a resident of the city, whose name must appear in the city directory, act as a guarantor. Upon application and compliance with the rules and regulations of the Board of Directors a card good for three years will be issued, which will permit the applicant to draw books for home use. In addition to a card thus issued, any registered reader may secure a Non-fiction card, which will permit the holder to draw one book, not a novel, in addition to a book issued on the regu lar card. Both cards may be used at the same time, enabling readers to secure two non-fiction books, or one book of fiction and one non-fiction.

Teachers are accorded special privileges upon application.

Books may be retained two weeks and may be once renewed for the same period. Books may be renewed but once. Books of recent purchase labeled Seven-day books cannot be transferred or renewed. The card must be presented whenever a book is taken out or renewed.

Books issued at Circulating Centers or Delivery Stations may be returned at the Main Library, but books cannot be applied for at the Main Library and delivered to Circulating Centers or Delivery Stations.

Any person of good deportment and habits may use the various Reading and Reference Rooms of the Library. No card is required to use the books on the open shelves or the books in the stacks, which must be applied for.

A change of residence should be reported to the Library immediately.

A card holder is responsible for all books drawn on the card, by whomsoever presented, and for all fines incurred. If a card is lost, immediate notice must be given to the Library. A new card will be issued thirty days after such notice.

A fine of three cents a day on each work is imposed, whether bound in one or more volumes, which is not returned within two weeks from the date of issue. An additional charge of two cents is made for each notice sent for the return of a book, and no other books will be delivered to the person incurring the fine until it is paid.

A card holder should also see that the call number is crossed off the order slip whenever a book is drawn.

Writing or marking in books is prohibited, and all injuries to books beyond reasonable wear, and all losses, must be promptly adjusted to the satisfaction of the Librarian.

Branches marked


are open from 9 a. m. to 10


62d St. and Normal Blvd.

p. m., those marked † are open from 9 a. m. to 9 p. m., all others are open from 1 to 9 p. m. Sundays and holidays open from 2 to 6 p. m.

ARMOUR SQUARE. 88d St. and Shields Ave. *AUSTIN. 5612 W. Lake St.

BESSEMER PARK. 89th St. and Muskegon Ave.
*BLACKSTONE. 49th St. and Lake Park Ave.
BURR SCHOOL. Ashland and Wabansia Ave.
CORNELL SQUARE. Wood and W. 51st Sts.
DAVIS SQUARE. 45th St. and Marshfield Ave.
†DOUGLAS BRANCH. 3527 W. 12th St.
DVORAK PARK. 20th and Fisk Sts.
ECKHARDT PARK. Chicago Ave. and Noble St.
FULLER PARK. 45th and Princeton Ave.
HAMILTON PARK. 72d St. and Normal Ave.
HAMLIN PARK. Barry and Hoyne Aves.
'HEBREW INSTITUTE.. Taylor and Lytle Sts.

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