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Presenting the case for holy orders in the Roman Catholic church.

De Witt, W. C. Decently and in order, pastoral suggestions in matters official and personal. 1914. M 8856 By the dean of the Protestant Episcopal seminary in Chicago. Hingeley, J. B., comp. The retired minister; his claim inherent, foremost, supreme. 191? M 9170

Church Work Trawick, A. M. The city church and its social mission; a series of studies in the social extension of the city church. 1913. M 4226

Sermons Ames, E. S. The higher individualism. 1915. M 5051 "These were delivered in Appleton chapel of Harvard University, during 1912-13 and 1913-14."


Contents: The higher individualism.-Christianity and social service.-The joy of Jesus.-The cloud of witnesses.-Regeneration.-Religion as the quest for life.-What is the word of God?-The mystical quality of religion.

Hodges, G. The path of life.


M 5083 Ingram, A. F. W. (bp. of London). The call of the Father. 1907. M 5088

-A day of God; being five addresses on the subject of the present war.

-The eyes of flame. 1914.

Sunday Schools

1914. M 5089 M 5087

Evans, H. F. The Sunday-school building and its equipment. 1914. K 11421

(The University of Chicago publications in religious education. Principles and methods of re ligious education, ed. by T. G. Soares).

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Church History

Boyd, W. K. The ecclesiastical edicts of the Theodosian code. 1905. L 6589, 24 ii (Studies in history, economics and public law; ed. by the Faculty of political science of Columbia University).

Contents: Preface.-Introduction.-The conflict between paganism and Christianity, as it appears in the code.-Heresy and ecclesiastical institutions. -The relation of the church to the social organization of the empire.-The episcopal courts.The influence of the ecclesiastical edicts of the Theodosian code upon early medieval jurisprudence.-Bibliography (p. 121-122).

Hodges, G. The early church from Ignatius to Augustine. 1915.

M 7451

Monastic Orders

Wishart, A. W. A short history of monks and monasteries. 1902. M 4594


Peters, J. P. The religion of the Hebrews. 1914. M 1676, 5 (Handbooks on the history of religions).

Sociology Social Surveys

Russell Sage Foundation. West Side studies, carried on under the direction of Pauline Goldmark. 1914. 2v. L 7270 Contents: v. 1, pt. 1. Boyhood and lawlessness. pt. 2. The neglected girl, by Ruth S. True.v. 2, pt. 1. The middle West Side, by O. G. Cartwright. pt. 2. Mothers who must earn, by Katherine Anthony.

Wilson, W. H. Community study by groups; practical scheme for the investigation of the problems of the large town or city ward from the point of view of the church and its work. 1911. L 7268 Economics

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Labor and Wages

Ream, L. F. and others. Compulsory minimum wage scale; resolved, That the policy of fixing minimum wage scales by state boards is desirable; constructive and rebuttal speeches. 1914. Civics Dept. Suffern, A. E. Conciliation and arbitration in the coal industry of America. 1915. L 6823 (Hart, Schaffner & Marx prize essays, XVIII). Syndicalism Levine, L. Syndicalism in France. 2d rev. ed. of "The labor movement in France." L 6589, 46iiic (Studies in history, economics and public law, ed. by the Faculty of political science of Columbia University).


Webb, S. and Webb, Mrs. B. P. What syndicalism means; an examination of the origin and motives of the movement with an analysis of its proposals for the control of industry. 1912. Published as a supplement to "The Crusade."


L 7269

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(Riverside educational monographs). Holt, L. H. An introduction to the study of government. 1915. L 12410 Seebohm, F. Tribal custom in AngloSaxon law; being an essay supplemental to (1) "The English village community" (2) "The tribal system in Wales." 1911. L 12420

Foreign Relations Jones, E. R., ed. Selected speeches on British foreign policy. 1738-1914. 1914. L 11784 (The world's classics. no. 201). Rohrbach, P. German world policies (Der deutsche Gedanke in der Welt). 1915. A 4212 Contents: Historical liens.-Obstructions from within.-External foundations of the national idea. -Strength and weakness.-Germany across ocean. Our foreign policy.-Moral conquests.

Peace and War


Colin, J. L. A. France and the next war; a French view of modern war. 1914. K 13130 Much of the material was originally published in his: Les transformations de la guerre. Dawson, W. H. What is wrong with Germany? 1915. L 12455 Doyle, Sir A. C. Great Britain and the next war. 1914. L 12441 "First printed in the Fortnightly review in 1913."

A reply to Bernhardi's "Germany and the next war." L 11721.

Stockton, R. Peace insurance.

Civil Service

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Cahalane, C. F. Police practice and procedure. 1914. L 9842

Commerce, Communication Bolce, H. The new internationalism. 1907. L 7101 Contents: The Arcady of Mammon.-The international advance.-Reprisals and panics.-More reprisals and panics. The cost of commercial conflict.-Europe's wealth America's opportunity.Our fanciful picture of foreign trade.-The taste and trend of Europe.-Advertising in Europe.No nation can monopolize commerce.-The standpatters. Trade mistakes and successes.-A short cut to reciprocity.-Triumphs and tangles of reciprocity. The world's progress.

Chatterton, E. K. The old East Indiamen. 1915. L 11940

(Historical account of the old British merchantmen in the India trade.

Clifford, C. A., comp. Selected articles on ship subsidy. 1913. L 7099

(The abridged debaters' handbook series). Panama Canal Bakenhus, R. E. and others. The Panama canal, comprising its history and construction, and its relation to the navy, international law and commerce.

1915. K 23644 "Originally published in the Proceedings of the United States Naval Institute."


Early Methodist philan-
M 7895

1915. K 5477

North, E. M. thropy. 1914.


Hochfelder, J. License inspector examination instruction, containing 100 questions and answers to past civil service examination questions, practice questions and answers, reports, forms, etc., employment agency law, dance hall law, all city ordi

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Ketchum, M. S. The design of highway bridges and the calculation of stresses in bridge trusses. 1914. K 12957 -Structural engineers' handbook; data for the design and construction of steel bridges and buildings. 1914. K 12958 Mechanical Engineering

Arbors and work-holding devices. 1914. K 23022 (Machinery's reference series. no. 120). Contents: Holding devices for first-operation work, by A. A. Dowd.-Arbors for second-operation work, by A. A. Dowd.-Work-holding arbors and methods for turning operations.

Autogenous welding. 1914.

K 25476

(Machinery's reference series. no. 125). Contents: Introduction.-Oxy-acetylene and oxyhydrogen process of metal cutting and autogenous welding. Pre-heating metals to be welded by the oxy-acetylene process, by J. F. Springer.-Oxyacetylene welding of tanks and retorts, by J. F. Springer.-Autogenous welding a means of repairing cylinders, by Henry Cave.-Manufacture of tubing by autogenous welding, by J. F. Springer.

Broaching. 1914.


K 23023

(Machinery's reference series. no. 122). Contents: The broaching process-broaching machines, by F. D. Jones.-Broaches and broach making, by F. D. Jones.-Examples of broaching practice, by D. T. Hamilton and C. L. Lucas. Cutting lubricants. 1914.

K 23010

(Machinery's reference series. no. 124). Contents: Cutting lubricants for machinery operations. Lubricating systems for cutting tools. Die-casting machines. 1913. K 23028

(Machinery's reference series. no. 108). Contents: The design of die-casting machines, by E. F. Lake.-Automatic die-casting machines, by E. F. Lake.-Modern type hand-operated die-casting machine, by A. W. Christianson.

Dowd, A. A. Machining tapered and spherical surfaces. 1914. K 23026

(Machinery's reference series. no. 121). Drawing, forming and bending dies. 1914. K 23027

(Machinery's reference series. no. 126). Grant, R. H. The manufacture of steel balls. 1914. K 23008

(Machinery's reference series. no. 116). Halsey, F. A. Methods of machine shop work, for apprentices and students in technical and trade schools. 1914.

K 12941

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Electrical Engineering

Lowe, P. E. Drake's electrical dictionary,


compendium of words,

terms and phrases used in the electrical trades and electrical engineering. 1915. K 16398 Ogley, D. H. Incandescent electric lamps and their application. 1914. K 9746

(Longman's technical handicraft series). Richey, A. S. Electric railway handbook; a reference book of practice data, formulas and tables for the use of operators, engineers and students. 1915. K 9915 Shafer, D. C. Harper's every-day electricity; how to make and use familiar electrical apparatus. 1914. K 16387 (Harper's "tell me how" books). Telephone

Moreton, D. P. Drake's telephone handbook; a book for the practical man. 1915. K 9624 Auto

Smith, A. B. and Campbell, W. L. matic telephony; a comprehensive treatise on automatic and semi-automatic systems. 1914. K 9623

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Gowland, W. The metallurgy of the nonferrous metals. 1914. K 9607

(Griffin's metallurgical series). High-speed and carbon tool steels. 1914. K 25641 (Machinery's reference series. no. 117). Lake, E. F. Alloy steels. 1914. K 25642 (Machinery's reference series. no. 118). Agriculture, Gardening

Dick, J. H. Sweet peas for profit, cultivation-under glass and outdoors; a practical guide to modern methods of growing the sweet pea for market purposes. K 17012 Stebbins, C. A. The principles of agriculture through the school and the home garden. 1913. K 1141


"Reference books," p. 375.

Baker, M. Sick-room cookery simplified, with suggestions for diet. 1914.

K 18393 Gillmore, Mrs. M. M., comp. Meatless cookery, with special reference to diet for heart disease, blood pressure and autointoxication. 1914. K 18391 Hindhede, M. What to eat and why, including the famous Hindhede cookery recipes; a complete change to a healthy, simple, and cheap mode of living. 1914. K 24681

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