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Barnard, W. G. Regulation. 1913. L 11600 Contents: Introduction.-The four factors in price. The doctrine of free land.-Substitution.History of wage regulation in Australia, New Zea land, and England. Recent comment regulation of prices. The quantity theory of money. The multiple unit and steady prices.Regulation. The labor problem.-The problem_of unemployment.-The problem of the trusts.-The land problem.-The problem of vast private fortunes. The problem of the high cost of living.The money problem.-The tariff problem.-Other remedies considered.

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orders, tables, model rules and decisions of the National health insurance commission, rules of the Supreme court, regulations of the Local government board, etc.


Mitchell, S. K. Studies in taxation under
A 2220, 2
John and Henry III. 1914.
(Yale historical publications. Studies).


L 9996

Christianity and


L 7535

Husslein, J. C. The church and social
L 9114
problems. 1912.
Socialism and Christianity.
Stang, W.
M 9980

nomic science. 1914. Fiske, A. K. Honest business; right conduct for organizations of capital and of labour. L 7536



American labor legislation review. Vol. 2, no. 2. Industrial diseases; symposium on diseases of occupation, investigation of industrial diseases, health problems in modern industry, state promotion of industrial hygiene, bibliography on industrial diseases. 1912. *L 7299, 17 (In American Association for Labor Legislation). Child Labor

Davis, A. S. Occupations and industries open to children between fourteen and sixteen years of age. 1914.

L 7489 Issued by the Chicago Board of Education.

Commerce, Communication

Express Audit Company of Chicago. Comparative express and parcel post manual; containing comparative tables showing the charges by express and parcel post to all important places in the United States, together with the new regulations governing the express and parcel post service. *R 3230


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Political Science

Government, Administration

Bradshaw, F. Self-government in Canada, and how it was achieved: the story of 1909. L 11802 Lord Durham's report.

(Studies in economics and political science, v. 12). Haines, L. Law making in America: the story of the 1911-12 session of the SixtyN 5352 second Congress. 1912.

McCarthy, C. H. Civil government_in_the L 11716 United States. 1914.


(Catholic education series). Nida, W. L. City, state, and nation; a text book on constructive citizenship for elementary schools and junior high schools. L 11714 White, H. The Lincoln and Douglas debates; an address before the Chicago Historical Society, February 17, 1914. L 3230 Suffrage, Elections

Harvard Debating Harvard University. Council. Intercollegiate debates on direct primaries. Harvard vs. Yale at Cambridge, Harvard vs. Princeton at Prince1911. Civics Dept. ton, April 3, 1911. Phelps, E. M., comp. Selected articles on the recall, including the recall of judges L 7040 and judicial decisions. (Debaters' handbook series).


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American Academy of Political and Social Science, Philadelphia. International relations of the United States. 1914. L11755 (Its Annals. Vol. LIV, whole no. 143). Brown, P. M. Foreigners in Turkey; their juridical status. 1914. L 11754 Fedortchouk, Y. Memorandum on the Ukrainian question in its national aspect; comp. on behalf of the "Cercle des Ukrainiens," Paris, and the "Ukraine Committee," London. 1914. L 11820 Lawrence, T. J., comp. Documents illustrative of international law. 1914. L 11752 Sands, B. The Ukraine; reprint of a lecture on Ukrainian history and present-day political problems. 1914. L 11821 Treitschke, H. G. v. Treitschke: his doctrine of German destiny and of international relations, together with a study of his life and work by Adolf Hausrath.

1914. L 11816

Contents: The life of Treitschke.-The army.International law.-First attempts at German colonization.-Two emperors.-Germany and states.-Austria neutral and the German empire.-The alliance between Russia and Prussia.-Freedom.

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Conference on the Conservation of School Children, South Bethlehem, 1912. Conservation of school children. Being the papers and discussions of a conference at Lehigh University, April 3 and 4, 1912, under the auspices of the American Academy of Medicine. 1912. L 12112

Eden, B. Toy-making for infants. 1913. K 17918

(Pitman's handwork series). Emerson, M. I. The evolution of the educational ideal. L 12118


(Riverside textbooks in education). Johnston, C. H., ed. The modern high school; its administration and extension, with examples and interpretations of significant movements. L 12117 Kilpatrick, W. H. The Montessori system examined. 1914. L 12111


(Riverside educational monographs). McMurry, C. A. Handbook of practice for teachers; practical directions for management and instruction. 1914. L 12120 McMurry, Mrs. L. B. A method for teaching primary reading. 1914. L 12101 Marchbanks, E. School ethics, with selections for reading. 1913. L 12109 Contents: To teachers.-Martha and Mary.— Teaching kindness.-A flower lesson.- Memory gems. Cheerfulness.-Nationality.-Manners.-Selections for reading.

Vocational Education
Choice of Occupations

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Baker, E. K. Stories from northern myths. L 9528


Chiles, J. A.


German prose composition, exercises in German composition and conversation with a review of the elements of German grammar. 1914. J 3862

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Useful Arts Medicine, Hygiene

Coppens, C. Moral principles and medical practice, the basis of medical jurisprudence. 1905. N 1565 O'Malley, A. The cure of alcoholism. 1913. N 1786 1913. N 1448

Overton, F. Personal hygiene.

Sex Instruction


Galloway, T. W. Biology of sex for parN 1341 ents and teachers. Glasgow, M. Life and law; the development and exercise of the sex function, together with a study of the effect of certain natural and human laws, and a consideration of the hygiene of sex. 1914. N 1352 Thomas, E. What you should tell your N 1357 girl. 1914.

Children Hirshberg, L. K., ed. What you ought to know about your baby; a text book for mothers on the care and feeding of babies, with questions and answers especially prepared by the editor. 1910.


N 2110

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Chippendale, T. The gentleman and cabinet-maker's director; being a large collection of the most elegant and useful designs of household furniture. 1754. *P 1455

Arr. by J. M. Bell, with an introd. and critical estimate, by Arthur Hayden. Reprint, 1912. Lewis, G. G. The mystery of the oriental rug; the mystery of the rug, the prayer rug, some advice to purchasers of oriental rugs. 1914. K 14004 Sheraton, T. The cabinet-maker and upholsterer's drawing book. 1802. *P 1459

Arr. by J. M. Bell, with an introd. and critical estimate, by Arthur Hayden. Reprint, 1912.

-Designs for household furniture; exhibiting a variety of elegant and useful patterns in the cabinet, chair and upholstery branches on eighty-four plates. 1812. *P 1459

Arr. by J. M. Bell, with an introd. and critical estimate, by Arthur Hayden. Reprint, 1912.

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Stecher, G. E. Cork: its origin and industrial uses. 1914. K 13038

Mechanic Arts and Trades Adam, H. M. and Evans, J. H. Metal-work; a handbook for teachers and students. 1914. K 9608

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