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Greek Literature

Euripides. The Iphigenia in Tauris of Euripides, tr. into English rhyming verse with explanatory notes by Gilbert Murray. 1913. L 5795

Rhetoric, Composition

J 3258

Carpenter, G. R. and Brewster, W. T., ed. Modern English prose. 1913. J 3248 Duncan, C. S. and others, ed. Prose specimens for use with classes in English composition. 1913. Fulton, M. G., ed. College life, its conditions and problems; a selection of essays for use in college writing courses. 1914. J 3247 Grose, H. B., ed. Specimens of English composition for use in college classes in rhetoric and composition. 1909. J 3257 Perry, F. M. An introductory course in exposition. 1908. J 3256

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-The witness, by Jaroslav Vrchlicky, pseud. 1914. E 13141 Poet lore plays. Hartleben, O. E. Love's carnival; a play in five acts, tr. from Otto Erich Hartleben's original play "Rosenmontag," by Rudolf Bleichmann. 1914. E 12301 Henderson, A. The changing drama; contributions and tendencies. 1914. E 12310 Houghton, S. The works of Stanley Houghton. 1914. 3v. E 12334


v. 1. Independent means.-Marriages in the mak ing. The younger generation. Partners.-Hindle wakes.-The perfect cure. 3. One-act plays: The Old Testament and the New. The dear departed.-The master of the house. The fifth commandment.Fancy free.-Phipps.-Dramatic criticism: "Rosmersholm."-The return of "Peter Pan."-Mr. Maugham's "Smith."-"Little Hans Andersen."-Essays and sketches: Mr. Ovens.-Out of the season.-Other people's houses.-Hawthorne lodge.-Fritz's Anniversaries and old letters.-Hanover house.-The_teashop.-Short stories: The dying lie. The time of his life.-Grey revolt of Mr. Reddy.-A novel (unfin ished).-Life.-Casts of the plays. Manners, J. H. Happiness, and other plays. E 11246 Contents: Happiness, a study. Just as well, a twentieth-century romance.-The days of dupes, an allegory.


Maugham, W. S. Jack Straw; a farce in
three acts. 1914.
E 12648
-Lady Frederick; a comedy in three acts.
E 12649


-A man of honour; a tragedy in four acts. 1914. E 12650 -Mrs. Dot; a farce in three acts. 1914. E 12651 -Penelope: a comedy in three acts. 1914.

E 11837

6. Hebbel, C. Herod and Mariamne.

E 12306

E 12790

8. Heijermans, H. The Good Hope.

Another copy.

E 13201


9. Freytag, G. The journalists.

Another copy


Giacosa, G. The stronger.

Another copy.

E 12184 E 12244


Donnay, M. The other danger.

Another copy.

E 12020

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12. Gillette, W. Electricity.

18. Andreyev, L. The

14. Tagore, R. The king of the dark


Another copy.


Another copy.

E 12652 Moderwell, H. K. The theatre of today. E 12606 Noyes, A. Rada; a drama of war in one act. 1914. E 12676 Riggs, Mrs. K. D. W. S. and Ingersoll, H. The Birds' Christmas Carol; dramatic version. 1914. E 12778 Robinson, E. A. Van Zorn; a comedy in E 12779

three acts. 1914.

Schnittkind, H. T. Shambles; a sketch of

the present war.

E 12745

Poet lore plays.


E 13141

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-Sancta Susanna; the song of a May night. 1914.

E 13141 Poet lore plays. Tagore, R. The post office. 1914. E 12746 Wisconsin plays; Thomas H. Dickinson, ed. Original one-act plays from the repertory of the Wisconsin Dramatic Society. E 13013 Contents: The neighbours, by Zona Gale.-In hospital, by Thomas H. Dickinson.-Glory of the morning, by William Ellery Leonard. Zangwill, I. Plaster saints; a high comedy in three movements. 1914. E 13078


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Banning, K. Bypaths in Arcady; a book of love songs, with illustrations in photogravure from photographs by Lejaren A. Hiller and a note of comment by John W. Alexander. 1915. *P 1482

Cowl, R. P. The theory of poetry in England; its development in doctrines and ideas from the sixteenth century to the nineteenth century. 1914. J 5803 Durand, R. A. A handbook to the poetry of Rudyard Kipling. 1914. E 7678 Gregory, P., ed. Modern Anglo-Irish verse; an anthology selected from the work of living Irish poets. 1914. E 10451 Howard, J. G. Brunelleschi, a poem. 1913. E 11065

Knibbs, H. H. Songs of the outlands; ballads of the hoboes and other verse.

Marvin, F. R. 1914.

1914. E 11145 Poems and translations. E 11247

Peterson, E. D. Eros, and other poems. E 11398


Stowell, R. S. The significance of The ring and the book. 1903. (Literary studies).

E 6594

Watkins-Pitchford, J. The poetical works of John Watkins-Pitchford. 1914.

E 11661

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Travel and Description


Baikie, J. Lands and peoples of the Bible.
I 1162
Baring, M. Round the world in any num-
ber of days. 1914.
I 9894

Dickinson, G. L. Appearances; notes of
travel, east and west. 1914.
I 10606

Reprinted in part from the Manchester guardian and the English review.

Contents: India.-China.-Japan.-America. Golder, F. A. Russian expansion on the Pacific, 1641-1850; an account of the earliest and later expeditions made by the Russians along the Pacific coast of Asia and North America; including some related expeditions to the Arctic regions. A 4804


Nuttall, Mrs. Z. tr. and ed. New light on Drake; a collection of documents relating to his voyage of circumnavigation, *I 2806

1577-1580. 1914.

(Works issued by the Hakluyt Society. 2d ser., no.xxxiv).

Vrooman, C. S. and Vrooman, J. S. The lure and the lore of travel. 1914. I 6116


British Museum. Dept. of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities. Wall decorations of Egyptian tombs, illustrated from examples in the British Museum. 1914. *K 10953

[blocks in formation]

Herbertson, A. J. and Howarth, O. J. R., ed. The Oxford survey of the British empire. 1914. 6v. *I 10193

Contents: I The British Isles and Mediterra nean possessions (Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus).-11 Asia, including the Indian empire and dependencies, Ceylon, British Malaya and Far Eastern possessions.-III Africa, including South Africa, Rhodesia, Nyasaland, British East Africa, Uganda, Somaliland, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan and Egypt, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Gold Coast, Nigeria, Walfish Bay, with Mauritius and other islands in the Indian and Atlantic oceans.-IV America, including Canada, Newfoundland, the British West Indies, and the Falkland Islands and dependencies.-v Australasia, including Australia, New Zealand, the Western Pacific and the British sector in Antarc tica.-vi General survey, including administration, legal problems, history, defence, education, acclimatization, mapping, commerce, communication,

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Lange, A. The lower Amazon; a narrative of explorations in the little known regions of the state of Pará, on the lower Amazon, with a record of archæological excavations on Marajó Island at the mouth of the Amazon river, and observations on the general resources of the country. 1914. I 11156

Walle, P. Bolivia; its people and its resources, its railways, mines and rubberforests. 1914. I 11161

United States, Canada

Bacon, E. M. Rambles around old Boston. 1914. I 4821

Burpee, L. J. Among the Canadian Alps. I 4175


James, G. W. California, romantic and beautiful; the history of its old missions and of its Indians; a survey of its climate, topography, deserts, mountains, rivers, valleys, islands and coast line; a description of its recreations and festivals; a review of its industries. 1914. I 4622

(See America first series). Kolb, E. L. Through the Grand Canyon from Wyoming to Mexico. 1914. I 4385 Markham, E. California the wonderful, including her varied resources, her commercial greatness, her intellectual achieve

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Berry, M. The Berry papers; being the correspondence hitherto unpublished of Mary and Agnes Berry (1763-1852). By Lewis Melville, pseud. 1914. C 20847 Dexter, F. B., comp. Historical catalogue of the members of the First church of Christ in New Haven, Connecticut (Center church) A. D. 1639-1914. 1914.

C 20223 Grand Army of the Republic. Dept. of Illinois. Illustrated roster of the Department of Illinois, Grand Army of the Republic. 1914. C 19960

Mundy, R. Middlesex pedigrees, as collected by Richard Mundy in Harleian ms. no. 1551; ed. by Sir George John Armytage. 1914. *A 1069, 65 (Publications of the Harleian Society).

Individual Biography

Augustus Caesar, emperor of Rome. Augustus, his life and his work, by René Francis. 1914. C 20673

(Heroes of all time).

Burns, R. The life of Robert Burns, by John Gibson Lockhart, ed. with notes and appendices by W. S. Douglas and an essay on Robert Burns by Sir Walter Raleigh. 1914. 2v. C 21067 Catherine, St., of Sienna. St. Catherine of C 21185 Siena, by F. A. Forbes. 1914. (Standard-bearers of the faith).

Charles XIV., king of Sweden and Norway. Bernadotte, the first phase, 1763-1799, by D. Plunket Barton. 1914. C 21210 Dickens, C. Charles Dickens in chancery; being an account of his proceedings in respect of the "Christmas carol" with some gossip in relation to the old law courts at Westminster, by E. T. Jaques. C 21606


[blocks in formation]

Goodwin, N. C. Nat Goodwin's book.

1914. C 22144 Grant, U. S. The true Ulysses S. Grant, by Charles King. 1914. C 22162



(The "true" biographies and histories). Hay, J. John Hay, author and statesman, by Lorenzo Sears. 1914. C 22349 Homer, W. Winslow Homer, by Kenyon Cox. 1914. *P 3109 Johnson, H. Herrick Johnson; an appreciative memoir, by Charles E. Robinson. C 22649 Margaret Mary, St. Blessed Margaret Mary (1647-1690), by Monsignor Demimuid. C 23251 Markino, Y. Recollections and reflections of a Japanese artist. 1913. C 23263 Napoleon I, emperor of the French. The man Napoleon, by William Henry HudC 23548 -The story-life of Napoleon; hundreds of short stories from the greatest variety of sources reconciled and fitted together in a complete and continuous biography. 1914. C 23530 Pankhurst, Mrs. E. My own story, by Emmeline Pankhurst. 1914. Č 23677 Reed, T. B. The life of Thomas Brackett Reed, by Samuel W. McCall. 1914.

son. 1914.

C 23907 Sunday, W. A. "Billy" Sunday, the man and his message, with his own words which have won thousands for Christ, by William T. Ellis. 1914. C 24431 William II, German emperor. Builder and blunderer; a study of Emperor William's character and foreign policy, by George Saunders. 1914.

A 4211

-The Kaiser; a book about the most interesting man in Europe, ed. by Asa D. Dickinson. 1914.

C 24890

-The real Kaiser; an illuminating_study. 1914. C 24891 Young, E. The life and letters of Edward Young, by Henry C. Shelley. 1914.


Ancient and General

C 24997

Arnold, W. T. Studies of Roman imperialism. 1906.

A 2780 (Publications of the University of Manchester. no. XVI. Historical ser. no. iv). Contents: Memoir of W. T. Arnold: Early years, by M. A. Ward. Middle life, by C. E. Montague. Last years, by M. A. Ward.-Studies in Roman imperialism: I. The foundations of the imperial power. II. The Senate. III. The organization of Gaul. IV. The organization of Spain. V. The domestic policy of Augustus. VI. Arabia, Egypt and Greece. VII. The organization of Asia Minor.-Bibliographical note by E. Fiddes.

Bussell, F. W. The Roman empire; essays on the constitutional history from the accession of Domitian (81 A. D.) to the retirement of Nicephorus III (1081 A. D.). 1910. 2v. A 2790 Crees, J. H. E. The reign of the Emperor Probus. 1911. A 2797 Grisar, H. History of Rome and the popes in the middle ages. 1911-1912. 3v. A 5128 Mattingly, H. The imperial civil service of Rome. 1910. A 355, 18 (Cambridge historical essays). Newbolt, H. J. The book of the blue sea. K 5841 Popular account of famous naval battles. Walsh, J. J. The century of Columbus. A 5936



European War


Barnard, C. I. Paris war days; diary of an American. 1914. A 5826 Bennett, E. A. Liberty; a statement of the British case. A 5830 Cook, Sir E. T. Why Britain is at war; the causes and the issues set out, in brief form, from the diplomatic correspondence and speeches of ministers. 1914. A 5829 Gibbons, H. A. The new map of Europe (1911-1914); the story of the recent European diplomatic crises and wars and of Europe's present catastrophe. 1914.

A 5828 Johnson, E. R., ed. The war in Europe, its causes and consequences; an authentic narrative of the immediate and remote causes of the war, with a descriptive account of the countries involved, including statistics of armies, navies, aeroplanes, dirigibles, etc., etc. 1914. A 5827

"The matter in this volume is from "The clash of nations.'"

Kilpatrick, J. A. Tommy Atkins at war, as told in his own letters. 1914. K 13132 Letters from the front that have appeared in London and provincial newspapers, arranged to give an idea of life in the trenches in the present


Oxford. University. Why we are at war: Great Britain's case, by members of the Oxford faculty of modern history; with an appendix of original documents, including the authorized English translation of the White book issued by the German government. Containing the Russian orange book and extracts from the Belgian grey book. 1914. A 5831

Great Britain

Chadwick, H. M. Studies on Anglo-Saxon institutions. 1905. A 5340

Contents: The monetary system.-The Frankish monetary system. The social system.-The earl.The Danelagh. The administrative system.-The tribal hidage. The history of the older countries.

-The constitution of the national council.-The functions of the council, especially with reference to the election of kings.-The tenure of land in pre-historic time.-The origin of the nobility. Ramsay of Bamff, Sir J. H. R. The dawn of the constitution, or; The reigns of Henry III and Edward (A. D. 12161307). 1908.

A 5339 (The scholar's history of England. v. 4). -Genesis of Lancaster; or, The three reigns of Edward II, Edward III, and Richard II, 1307-1399. 1913.

2v. A 5336 (The scholar's history of England. vol. v-vi). Synge, M. B. A short history of social life in England. 1906. A 5343 Wilson, J. D., comp. Life in Shakespeare's England, a book of Elizabethan prose. 1911. I 10199 (The Cambridge anthologies). Contemporary ac counts of English life.

[blocks in formation]

Atherton, Mrs. G. F. H. California; an intimate history. 1914. B 2882 Hunt, G. Life in America one hundred years ago. 1914. I 4280 Lexington (Mass.). Proceedings & addresses, commemorative of the two hundreth anniversary of the incorporation of the town of Lexington. 1914. B 7950 McElroy, R. M. The winning of the far West; a history of the regaining of Texas, of the Mexican war, and the Oregon question; and of the successive additions to the territory of the United States, within the continent of America: 1829-1867. 1914. B 4577

[blocks in formation]

The Pastor's wife is a book among many." The

Blackwood, A. Incredible adventures. 1914.
F 11227
Contents: The regeneration of Lord Ernie.-
The sacrifice.-The damned.-A descent into Egypt.
Couperus, L. M. A. Small souls; tr. by
A. Teixeira de Mattos. 1914. F 12211
"The first of a series of four novels describing
the fortunes of the Van Lowe family and known
in Holland by the generic title of The books of
the small souls."-Translator's note.

A fine and skilful piece of work. The best novel of 1914.

Dix, B. M. Maid Melicent., 1914. F 12502 A pleasing tale of love and adventure in the days of Puritans and Cavalier in England." Forman, J. M. The blind spot; a novel F 12996

1914. An interesting story of a most excellent man whose ideal is "efficiency" and who abhors waste, whether of wealth, energy or sympathy. His efforts to uplift society along these lines reveal his "blind spot"-a want of love and fellow-feeling for humanity.


Furman, L. Sight to the blind; a story. F 13002 A short story of social work among Kentucky mountaineers.

Ghosal, Mrs. S. S. K. D. An unfinished song. 1914. F 13230 "This is a story of life among the Reformed Party of Bengal." By the sister of Rabindranath Tagore.

Harben, W. N. The New Clarion; a novel. 1914. F 13511 A good Harben story in his favorite setting of rural Georgia. The "New Clarion" is a country newspaper edited by the hero. Herzog, R. Sons of the Rhine (Die Wiskottens). 1914. F 13729

How the business" founded by the father shapes the lives and careers of the sons. A translation from the German of a very successful story by one of Germany's most popular novelists. Kratzer, Mrs. E. C. Complete in Him. F 14596 1914.


Christian science story. Kyne, P. B. The long chance.

Lucas, E. V. Landmarks. 1914.

F 14598 F 14884

The "landmarks" are the series of incidents that make up the career of the hero. Marshall, A. The greatest of these. 1914. F 15114

Archibald Marshall's quiet stories of English country life have in them some suggestion of Anthony Trollope.

Pain, B. E. O. Stories without tears, by
Barry Pain. 1914.
F 15906

Pleasant short stories by one of England's favor-
ite writers.
Peterson, M. H. The commodore. 1914.
F 16152

The commodore is a boy whose life is portrayed in these connected short stories up to his graduation from Annapolis. Good U. S. navy story. Riis, J. A. Neighbors; life stories of the other half. 1914. F 17225 Contents: The answer of Ludlow street.-Kin.The wars of the Rileys.-Life's best gift.--Driven

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