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showing the ownership of government, municipal, railroad and other investment securities, held by savings banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions in the United States and Canada. 1st annual number, 1905. 1905. *R 3582 Morman, J. B. The principles of rural credits, as applied in Europe and as suggested for America. 1915. L 7917

(Rural science series). Standard Statistics Company. The status of bonds under the federal income tax; a book containing a list of over 4,000 bonds. The full text and a digest of the federal income tax law, with the rules prescribed by the commissioner of internal revenue. 1913.

Stock Exchange

L 7195

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Political Parties

Barker, E. Political thought in England from Herbert Spencer to the present day. L 12403 (Home university library of modern knowledge, no. 98). Hadley, A. T. Undercurrents in American politics; comprising the Ford lectures, delivered at Oxford University and the Barbour-Page lectures, delivered at the University of Virginia in the spring of 1914. 1915. L 12408

Contents: Ford lectures: property and democracy. 1. The gradual development of American democracy. II. The constitutional position of the property owner. III. Recent tendencies in econom1CS and in legislation.-Barbour-Page lectures: Political methods old and new. IV. The growth of party machinery. v. The reaction against machine control. VI. The seat of power today. Thompson, C. M. The Illinois Whigs before 1846. 1915. L 4079, 41 (University of Illinois studies in the social sciences).


Early, J. A. The heritage of the South; a history of the introduction of slavery; its establishment from colonial times and

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Locke, J. Two treatises on civil govern

ment, preceded by Sir Robert Filmer's L 12414 "Patriarcha." 1884.

(Morley's universal library). Young, J. T. The new American government and its work. 1915. L 11640 (Social science text-books).

Parliamentary Practice Plummer, Mrs. M. R. Ready reference on principal parliamentary points. 1914.

L7547 Shattuck, Mrs. H. R. Shattuck's parliamentary answers, alphabetically arranged for all questions likely to arise in women's organizations. L 7548


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Webb, S. and Webb, Mrs. B. P. The prevention of destitution. L 9799


"The subject of this book is destitution as it exists in the United Kingdom to-day."

Contents: Preface.-Destitution as a disease of society. How to prevent the destitution that arises from sickness.-Destitution and eugenics.-How to prevent the destitution arising from child neglect. -Sweating and unemployment as causes of destitution.-How to prevent unemployment and underemployment.-Insurance.-The enlarged sphere of voluntary agencies in the prevention of destitution. -The need for a common register and a registrar of public assistance.-The "moral factor."

Military and Naval Science

Aston, Sir G. G. Sea, land, and air strategy; a comparison. 1914. K 23133

"Based upon lectures delivered at the Staff College at Camberley in the years 1904-07." Bacon, C., comp. Selected articles on national defense. 1915.

war. 1915.

K 23134

(The abridged debaters' handbook series). Dommett, W. E. Submarine vessels, including mines, torpedoes, guns, steering, propelling & navigating apparatus and with notes on submarine offensive and defensive tactics & exploits in the present K 13621 Domville-Fife, C. W. Submarines, mines and torpedoes in the war. 1914. K 23143 Fleets of the world, 1915, comp. from official sources and classified according to types. 1915. *V 2685 Grahame-White, C. and Harper, H. Aircraft in the great war; a record and study. 1915. K 23148 Maxim, H. Defenseless America. 1915. K 23155 O'Ryan, J. F. and Anderson, W. D. A. The modern army in action; an exposition of

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Aber, M. R. A. An experiment in educaation, also the ideas which inspired it and were inspired by it. 1897. L 12601 Elliott, C. H. Variation in the achievements of pupils; a study of the achievements of pupils in the fifth and seventh grades, and in classes of different sizes. 1914.

L 10284, 72 (Teachers College, Columbia Univ. Contributions to education). Kant, I. Kant on education (Ueber Pädagogik), tr. by Annette Churton, with an introduction by C. A. Foley Rhys Davids. L 12614


(Heath's pedagogical library. 36).

Kuo, Ping Wen. The Chinese system of public education. 1915. L 10284, 64 (Columbia University contributions to education. Teachers College series).

Leach, A. F. The schools of medieval England. 1915. L 10696 Minimum essentials in elementary-school subjects-standards and current practices, by H. B. Wilson, and others. 1915. L 10645, 14 National Society for the Study of Education. Nitzsche, G. E., ed. University of Pennsylvania; its history, traditions, buildings and memorials. 1914. L 10740 Pennsylvania. University. University lectures delivered by members of the faculty in the free public lecture course, 1913-1914. 1915. L 10738 Sharpless, I. The American college. 1915. L 10743

(The American books; a library of good citizenship). Vives, J. L. Vives: On education; a translation of the De tradendis disciplinis of Juan Luis Vives. 1913. L 12632

Wright, J. D. What the mother of a deaf L 10656 child ought to know. 1915.

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(In National Society for the Study of Education. 14th yearbook, pt. 2). De Garmo, C. The essentials of method; a discussion of the essential form of right methods in teaching; observation, generalization, application. 1900. L 12606 (Heath's pedagogical library. 9).

Earhart, L. B. Types of teaching. 1915. L 12609 Kelly, F. J. Teachers' marks; their variability and standardization. 1914. L 10284, 66 (Teachers College, Columbia University. Contributions to education).

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Gallichan, W. M. Women under polygamy. L 9599 Paddock, A. E. Overtaking the centuries; or, Modern women of five nations. 1915. L 9193

Rice, S. T., comp. Mothers' day; its history, origin, celebration, spirit, and significance as related in prose and verse. L 9617


(Our American holidays). Women's Clubs Directory and register of women's clubs, City of Chicago and vicinity, 1915. *L 12169

Shelved in Study Room.

Johnson, R. The seven champions of
Christendom. 1913.
L 12178

Contents: The prophecy.-St. George of England.-St. Denis of France.-St. James of Spain.St. Anthony of Italy.-St. Andrew of Scotland.St. Patrick of Ireland.-St. David of Wales.-The brotherhood of the seven champions.-The sons of St. George.-The last deeds of the champions.


Methods of teaching modern languages; papers on the value and on methods of modern language instruction, by A. Marshall Elliott, Calvin Thomas, E. S. Joynes, W. T. Hewett, F. C. de Sumichrast, A.

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Sampson, R. A. The sun. 1914. K 16744 (The Cambridge manuals of science and literaPhysics Darling, C. R. Liquid drops and globules, their formation and movements; three lectures delivered to popular audiences. K 19230


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K 21930

"The outgrowth of a course of lectures given by the senior author in the Department of entomology of Cornell University during the past six years. More specifically it is an illustrated revision and elaboration of his 'Notes on the relation of insects to disease,' published January, 1912." Thompson, M. T. An illustrated catalogue of American insect galls. 1915. K 21370 Nature Study

Sharp, D. L. The whole year round. 1915. K 17211

"Made of four books of the seasons in one": The spring of the year, K17227, Summer, K17222, The fall of the year, K17228, and Winter, K17221.

Useful Arts

Public Health

Judge, M. H. Communal and individual responsibility as regards health_conditions. 1909. Civics Dept.

Motherhood Comstock, S. Mothercraft. 1915. N 2065


Fish, J. C. L. Engineering economics; first principles. 1915. K 22521 Greene, A. M. Heat engineering; a text book of applied thermodynamics for engineers and students in technical schools. 1915. K 22712

Sanitary Engineering

Gorgas, W. C. Sanitation in Panama. 1915. N 1538

Kershaw, G. B. Sewage purification and disposal. 1915. K 23787

(Cambridge public health series). May, A. Cleansing of cities and towns, embracing the most modern methods of refuse disposal, and all works dealt with by a cleansing department, together with the latest developments and results in motor traction, etc. The cleansing superintendents' handbook. 1912. Civics Dept.

With examination questions.

Gaster, L. and Dow, J. S. Modern illuminants and illuminating engineering. 1915. K 23806

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Barker, C. H. Wanted, a young woman to do housework, business principles applied to housework. 1915. K 24863 Johnson, N. T. "Mrs. W. A. Johnson," comp. What to cook, and how to cook it. A book containing directions for cooking in its various forms, with nearly a thousand receipts. 1899. K 24685 Lincoln, M. J. B. “Mrs. D. A. Lincoln." The school kitchen textbook; lessons in cooking and domestic science for the use of elementary schools. 1915. K 24598

MacLeod, S. J. The housekeeper's hand-
book of cleaning. 1915.
K 24601

(Harper's home economics).
"Some helpful publications", p. 247-248.

House Decoration

Herts, B. R. The decoration and furnishing of apartments; the artistic treatment of apartments ranging from the small

two-room suite to the elaborate duplex and triplex. 1915.

taste. 1915.

K 28870

Wallick, E. Inexpensive furnishings in good K 18383 Wright, R. L., ed. Inside the house of good taste. 1915.

K 24788 Contents: The essentials for making a livingroom livable, by Mary McBurney.-Distinction in dining-rooms, by Agnes Foster.-The inviting hall, by A. McClure and H. D. Eberlein.-Creating personality in bedrooms, by Agnes Foster.-The modern kitchen and its planning, by W. K. Phillips.Plumbing and the bathroom, by M. Dean. -Decorating the children's rooms, by Louise Shrimpton.

Business, Commerce

Broomhall, G. J. S., comp. Broomhall's corn trade year book; a reference book for grain merchants and millers, review of the world's grain trade. 1904. L 9169 Eaton, J. and Stevens, B. M. Commercial work and training for girls.

1915. L 12552 "It was under the auspices of the Co-operative Employment Bureau for Girls, Cleveland, that the material for this book was gathered and put into book form.'

Exporters' encyclopædia. 11th ed. 1915. Containing full and authentic information relative to shipments for every country in the world. L 11947, 1915

Latest edition in Civics Dept. Ferguson, W. B. Estimating the cost of work, with special reference to unstandardized operations, as in jobbing shops or repair work. 1915. K 26183

(Works management library). Also published under title: The art of estimating the cost of work. 1915.

Lewis, E. St. E. Getting the most out of business; observations of the application of the scientific method to business practice. 1915. L 12557

Business Correspondence Gardner, E. H. Effective business letters; their requirements and preparation, with specific directions for the various types of letters commonly used in business. L 11996


Shorthand, Typewriting Pringle, H. P. Pringle's ideal shorthand; a light-line phonography which responds to all requirements. 1915. J 5912 Van Benthuysen, S. D. The sentence method of touch typewriting. 1914. K 14318 Transportation

Hess, R. H. and Whaling, H. B. Outlines of American railway transportation.


L 11854 McPherson, L. G. Five lectures concerning transportation delivered at the Johns Hopkins University in May, 1914.

1914. L 11862

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(Ronald accounting series).

French, G. Advertising; the social and
economic problem. 1915.
L 12563

Hall, S. R. Writing an advertisement; an analysis of the methods and the mental processes that play a part in the writing of successful advertising. 1915. L 12564 Smith, H. H. Publicity and progress; twentieth century methods in religious, educational and social activities. 1915.

L 12569 Starch, D. Advertising; its principles, pracL 12570 tice, and technique. 1914. Tipper, H. and others. Advertising, its prinL 12571 ciples and practice. 1915.


Aughinbaugh, W. E. Selling Latin America; a problem in international salesmanship, what to sell and how to sell it. 1915.

L 11930 Johnson, A. Hints on salesmanship, 1911. L 12553 Chemical Technology

Ingle, H. A manual of oils, resins and paints, for students and practical men. K 25455

(Griffin's technological hand-books). Contents: v. 1. Analysis and valuation. Synfleur herald; manufacturing hints and working methods. 1915.


K 25585

Argall, P. H. Smelter and mill methods L 10698, 2 of analysis in use in the west.

(In Colorado. University. Studies. 1904). Backert, A. O., ed. The A B C of iron and steel, with a directory of the iron and steel works and their products of the United States and Canada. 1915. *K 25643

Machine Shop Practice Brace, G. M. and Mayne, D. D. Farm shop work, practical manual training. 1915. K 25940

Brookes, L. E. 20th century machine shop practice; arithmetic, practical geometry, mensuration, applied mechanics, properties of steam, the indicator. 1915. K 22992

Mechanic Arts and Trades Bitmead, R. The cabinet-maker's guide to the entire construction of cabinet-work, including veneering, marqueterie, buhlwork, mosaic, inlaying, and the working and polishing of ivory with instructions

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