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"These lectures were given at the University of Chicago, in the summer term of nineteen hundred and twelve, and for three years to senior classes at Auburn Seminary." Osborne, E. W. (bishop). Chapters on church-going; simple instructions for the people. 1915. M 9705

Protestant Episcopal Church in the U. S. A book of offices; services for occasions not provided for in the Book of common prayer, compiled by a committee of the House of Bishops. 1914. M 7815 Reed, S. M. Church and state in Massachusetts, 1691-1740. 1914. L 4079, 3iv (University of Illinois studies in the social sciences).

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book; authorized English translation by the Rev. S. Singer. 1915. M 8288

Both Jewish and English text given.

Christian Science

Critical and Unauthorised Works

Wilby, T. W. What is Christian science? 1915. L 11272

Sociology Christian Sociology

Berle, A. A. Christianity and the social rage. 1914. M 8628 "Several of the closing chapters have appeared in the Bibliotheca sacra.'

Contents: The true nature of Christianity.Miracles or money.-Religion and taxation.-The moral distrust of social institutions.Quacks abounding.-Social justice on the curbstone.Feminism. -Israel in bondage. - Democracy.Health.-Religious education.-Universities and social advance.-Civilization must be born again. Gardner, C. S. The ethics of Jesus and social progress. 1914. L 12368 Economics Strikes

McPherson, J. B. The Lawrence strike of Civics Dept.

1912. 1912. "Reprinted from the September, 1912, Bulletin of the National Association of Wool Manufactur ers, Boston, Mass." Sorel, G.

Reflections on violence.


Banks and Banking

1914. L 7266

Agricultural credit banks of the world; a review of the mortgage-loan and credit systems of foreign countries: how farmers are aided by long and short term loans, amortization features and low rates of interest. Banking law journal year-book, 1913. 1913. Civics Dept. Harris, R. S. Practical banking, with a survey of the Federal reserve act. 1915. L 7916 Sturges, K. M. American chambers of commerce. 1915. L 11935 (Williams College David A. Wells prize essays, No. 4).

Warburg, P. M. Essays on banking reform in the United States. 1914. L 7286, 4iv (Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science in the city of New York).

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"Ex-royal navy," pseud. The British navy from within, by "Ex-royal navy." 1914. K 23184 Greene, F. V. The present military situation in the United States. 1915. K 13128 "Substantially, a reprint of an address recently delivered in Portland, Maine."

Neeser, R. W. Our navy and the next war. 1915. K 23194 Prussia. Grosser Generalstab. The war book of the German General Staff; being "the usages of war on land," issued by the Great General Staff of the German army; tr. with a critical introduction, by J. H. Morgan. 1915. K 23161 Wheeler, H. D. Are we ready? With a letter by Major-General Leonard Wood. K 23170


Some of these articles appeared in Harper's weekly in December, 1914, and January, 1915.

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Contents: Taking oneself in hand.-Plan of campaign.-Manipulation of the memory.-Nature of study and thinking.-Mode of study.-Reading. -Text-books and books of reference.-Listening and note-making.-Constructive study in translation and essay-writing.-Examinations.

Bailey, C. S. Montessori children. 1915.
L 10657
Curtis, E. W. The dramatic instinct in edu-
cation. 1914.
E 11973
Parker, S. C. Methods of teaching in high
schools. 1915.
L 10652

Stewart, R. M. Co-operative methods in
the development of school support in the
United States; a study of methods of sup-
porting schools. 1914.
L 10653

Vocational Guidance

Weaver, E. W. and Byler, J. F.

vocations for boys. 1915.
(The vocational series).


Profitable L11333

Beard, Mrs. M. R. Woman's work in municipalities. 1915.

L 9185

(National Municipal League series). Morgan, A. The American girl; her education, her responsibility, her recreation, her future. 1915. L 9357

"The essays which make up this volume were first published in the Woman's home companion." Tuttle, Mrs. F. G. The awakening of woman; suggestions from the psychic side of feminism. 1915.

L 9359 Contents: The misunderstood woman question. -The creative awakening: Woman and genius. Why a mentally creative womanhood is desirable. -The social awakening: Motherhood. and the revaluation of life.-The awakening of the Woman sense of race responsibility: The relation of woman to eugenics. Natural and spiritual selection in marriage. Women's Educational and Industrial Union, Boston. Dept. of Research. The public schools and women in office service. 1914. L 9237, 8 (Studies in economic relations of women).

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chapters on the influence of the Bible,
the value of the dictionary, and the_use
of the grammar in the study of the Eng-
lish tongue. 1915.
J 4449
"A partial list of British and American authors":
p. 351-383; "A hundred best books": p. 384-386.
Natural Science

Princeton University. Lectures delivered
in connection with the dedication of the
Graduate college of Princeton University
in October, 1913, by Emile Boutroux,
Alois Riehl, A. D. Godley, Arthur Ship-
ley. 1914.
K 15849
Contents: Science and culture by E. Boutroux.
-The vocation of philosophy at the present day
by A. Riehl.-The present position of classical
studies in England by A. D. Godley.-The revival
of science in the seventeenth century by A. Shipley.

Hobbs, G. H. and others. Practical mathematics; an elementary treatise covering the fundamental processes of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, with a practical presentation of logarithms and curve plotting. 1915. K 17286

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Conklin, E. G. Heredity and environment in the development of men. 1915. K 17667 (Norman W. Harris lectures for 1914 at Northwestern University).

Davidson, P. E. The recapitulation theory and human infancy. 1914. L 10284, 65 (Teachers college, Columbia University. tributions to education).


Young, B. H. The prehistoric men of Kentucky; a history of what is known of

their lives and habits, together with a description of their implements and other relics and of the tumuli which have earned for them the designation of Mound builders. 1910.

(Filson club publications). Botany


*V 1405, 25

Coley, M. and Weatherby, C. A. Wild flower preservation; a collector's guide. K 17176 Kraemer, H. Applied and economic botany, especially adapted for the use of students in technical schools, agricultural, pharmaceutical and medical colleges, and also as a book of reference for chemists, food analysts and students engaged in the morphological and physiological study of plants. 1914. K 21300

Levison, J. J. Studies of trees. 1914.

K 21453 Mathews, F. S. Field book of American trees and shrubs; a concise description of the character and color of species common throughout the United States, together with maps showing their general distribution. 1915. K 21456

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Contents: v. 1. Explosion motors, rev. by M. A. Hall. Gasoline automobiles, by M. A. Hall.— v. 2. Gasoline automobiles (continued) by M. A. Hall. Electrical equipment by C. B. Hayward. Types of automobiles, rev. by C. B. Hayward.v. 3. Electric automobiles, by C. B. Hayward. Automobile driving, by M. A. Hall. Private garages and repairs, by M. A. Hall.-v. 4. Commercial vehicles, by C. B. Hayward.-v. 5. Commercial C. B. Hayward. Steam Motorcycles and cyclecars, by D. S. Hatch. Light cars, by D. S. Hatch. Motor boats, by C. H. Hughes. -Another copy.

vehicles (continued) by S. Hatch.

automobiles, rev. by

*R 1042 Fay, T. J. How to buy an automobile. K 23474



Electrical Engineering

Branch, J. G. Electric wiring. 1913.

K 9916 Croft, T. W. Wiring of finished buildings; a practical treatise, dealing with the commercial and the technical phases of the subject, for the centralstation man, electrical contractor and wireman. 1915.

K 22780 Electric motor drive for machine tools. 1913. K 22790 (Machinery's reference series no. 115). Contents: Application of motors to machine tools (Mainly from an article by George H. Hall in Machinery, June, 1912) Wiring on motor-driven machinery.

Timbie, W. H. and Higbie, H. H. Alternating-current electricity and its appliK 9917 cations to industry. 1914.

(The Wiley technical series for vocational and industrial schools). Weston Electrical Instrument Co. (Newark, N. J.) Experimental electrical testing; a compilation, including practical electrical measurements actually performed by students. K 22870

(Joint committee series. Monograph B-4, Apr.,


Aerial Navigation All the world's air-craft (originally known as "All the world's airships"). 2d, 6th year of issue, 1910-1911, 1914-1915. 2v. *R 1062

Pt. A. Aeroplanes and dirigibles of the world. B. Historical aeroplanes of the last six years. Flying book, The. 1914 ed. 1914. K 16515 "The Aviation world who's who, and industrial directory."

Agriculture, Gardening Hitchcock, A. S. A text-book of grasses with especial reference to the economic

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Allen, L. G. Table service. 1915. K 24573 Greer, E. Food; what it is and does. 1915. K 24670

(School, home, community series). Larned, Mrs. L. H. One hundred luncheon dishes. 1915. K 24690 Pretlow, M. D., comp. The small family cook book. 1915. K 24710

Domestic Animals, Pets

Gay, C. W. The principles and practice of judging live-stock. 1914. K 24196 (The rural text-book series, ed. by L. H. Bailey). Verrill, A. H. Pets for pleasure and profit. K 17589


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The automatic letter writer; more and better letters at less cost-how to organize your correspondence-tested standard paragraphs and form letters ready for continuous use by correspondents in making sales, handling orders, adjusting complaints and collecting accounts by mail. 1914. L 11993

Published by the System company. Business correspondence. 3v. 1911. L 11994 Published by the System company.

Contents: v. 1. How to write the business letter. v. 2. How to get and hold business by letter.-v. 3. How to handle the distant customer.


Scientific Management

Durell, F. Fundamental sources of efficiency. 1914.

L 12537

Office management. 1914.

L 12538

(Students' business book series). Published by the System company.

Outlines of factory operation. 191?.

L 12547

(Students' business book series). Published by the System company.

Personal efficiency in business. 1915.

L 12548

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(Students' business book series). Contents: 1st. Mapping out the canvass.-2d. Managing the interview.-3d. How and when to close.-4th. Finding and correcting your weak points.-5th, Getting in to see the prospect.-6th. Acquiring the art of mixing. Selling methods; fire insurance.


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