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Sheldon, E. S. A short German grammar

for high schools and colleges. 1903. J 2026 Suzzallo, H. The teaching of spelling; a critical study of recent tendencies in method. 1913. L 10757

(Riverside educational monographs).

Useful Arts

Medicine, Hygiene

Chesser, Mrs. E. S. Perfect health for women and children. 1913. N 2061 Fiske, E. W. An elementary study of the brain, based on the dissection of the brain of the sheep. 1913. N 96 Price, G. M. Hygiene and public health. N 1550


(The medical epitome series). Thomas, E. What you should tell your boy. 1913. N 1348 Verworn, M. Irritability; a physiological analysis of the general effect of stimuli in living substance. 1913. N 136 (Yale University. Mrs. Hepsa Ely Silliman memorial lectures).

Walsh, J. J. Old-time makers of medicine; the story of the students and teachers of the sciences related to medicine during the middle ages. 1911. N 62 Werber, G. The healing forces of nature in disease and enforced compensation. N 1633


Mechanical Engineering Barber, T. W. The engineer's sketch-book of mechanical movements, devices, appliances, contrivances, and details employed in the design and construction of machinery for every purpose. 1906. K 4973 Darling, C. R. Heat for engineers; a treatise on heat, with special regard to its practical applications. 1912. K 13551 (Finsbury technical manuals). Edwards, E. Edward's 900 examination questions and answers, for engineers and firemen (stationary and marine) who desire to obtain a U. S. government or state license. 1912. K 12882 Loewenstein, L. C. and Crissey, C. P. Centrifugal pumps, their design and construction. K 5155


Teknologföreningen T. I., Stockholm. The fireman's guide; a handbook on the care of boilers. K 12909



Bellasis, E. S. Irrigation works; the principles on which their design and working should be based, with special details relating to Indian canals, and some proposed improvements. K 13305



Autocar, The. Complete hints and tips for automobilists from The autocar; being

the 5th ed. of "Useful hints and tips." 1913. K 16402


Theoretical and Practical

Edwards, S. R. and Dobbs, A. E. The inspector and the troubleman; a comprehensive explanation in plain English of magneto exchanges, line construction, telephone troubles, and the theory of electricity as applied to telephony. 1913. K 9633


Esty, W. Alternating-current machinery;
a practical treatise on alternating-current
principles and systems, commercial types
of alternators, synchronous motors, trans-
formers, converters, induction motors,
switchboard and station appliances, etc.
K 16306
Marshall, A. W. Alternating currents
simply explained; an elementary hand-
book on alternating current generators,
transformers and motors. 1908. K 16309
Marshall, P. Induction coils; how to make
and use them, a practical handbook on
the construction and use of medical and
spark coils. 1911.
K 16310
Shafer, D. C. Harper's beginning elec-
tricity. 1913.
K 16363

(Harper's practical books for boys).
Aerial Navigation

Mellor, C. The airman; experiences while obtaining a brevet in France.

Agriculture, Rural Life

1913. K 16834

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Business, Salesmanship

Cope, E. A. Filing systems; their principles and their application to modern office requirements. 1913. L 8239 Curtis Publishing Co., Philadelphia. Selling forces. 1913. L 8270 "A study of the basic principles of advertising, and more particularly advertising in national periodicals prepared by R. J. Walsh, under the direction of the advertising department."

Taylor, H. C. What a salesman should
know. 1913.
L 8203

(The "practical" series).

Yard, R. S. The publisher. 1913. J 2920

Contents: "The worst business in the world." -What makes a book sell.-A dollar down and a dollar a minute.-Publisher, author, and the devil.

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Bernfeld, L. M. Erection and inspection of iron and steel constructions, written for the use of architects, engineers and builders and for civil service candidates for the position of inspector of iron and steel. 1913. K 13478 Hodgson, F. T. Hodgson's estimator and contractor's guide for pricing builder's work, describing reliable methods of pricing builder's quantities for competitive work, showing in brief and concise form the methods generally employed by the most successful contractors.

1913. K 13472 Kidder, F. E. Strength of beams, floors and roofs; including directions for designing and detailing roof trusses, with criticism of various forms of timber construction. 1905. K 12953

Radford, W. A., ed. Radford's portfolio of

details of building construction; a remarkable and unique collection of fullpage plates, accurately drawn and reproduced to exact scale. 1911. K 13475

Concrete Construction

Sloan, M. M. The concrete house and its
construction. 1912.
K 11334
Fine Arts

Aesthetics, Painting, Sculpture

Cary, E. L. The works of James McNeill Whistler, a study, with a tentative list of the artist's works. 1913. *P 3111 Cortissoz, R. Art and common sense. 1913. K 11527

Contents: Art and common sense.-Ingres: a pilgrimage to Montauban.-The magic of mere paint. Contemporary European painting.-A note on French military painting.-The post-impressionist illusion.-A memorable exhibition.-Whistler.— Sargent.-Spanish art in Spain and elsewhere.Secular types in Italian mural decoration.-Rodin. -Four leaders in American architecture.-J. Pierpont Morgan as a collector.

Eaton, D. C. A handbook of modern
French sculpture. 1913.
K 10425
Haig, E. The floral symbolism of the great
masters. 1913.
K 10367

Poore, H. R. The conception of art. 1913. K 11530 Last three chapters have been published sepa rately under the title: The new tendency in art. 1913. K 11529.

Rowland, E. H. The significance of art; studies in analytical esthetics. 1913.

K 11531 Contents: Sculpture. The minor arts.-Painting.-Music.-Art and nature.

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Sherrill, C. H. A stained glass Italy. 1913.


cross-stitch, ancient cut-work, embroidery on flannel. 1913. K 14025 Price, C. M. Posters; a critical study of the development of poster design in continental Europe, England and America. *P 3755 tour in I 10436 House Decoration Furniture, Rugs De Wolfe, E. The house in good taste. K 18366 Hunter, G. L. Home furnishing; facts and figures about furniture, carpets and rugs, lamps and lighting fixtures, wall papers, window shades and draperies, tapestries, etc. 1913. K18365 Nahigian Brothers. Oriental rugs in the home; a monograph. 1913. K 14007 Vienna (Austria). K.-K. Österreichisches Museum für Kunst und Industrie. Ancient oriental carpets, by the Imperial Royal Austrian Museum of Art and Industry, Vienna; being a supplement to the Oriental carpets published 1892 to 1896 by the Imperial Royal Austrian Commercial Museum, Vienna. 1908.

*P 1287

Supplement to: Vienna (Austria). K.-K. Osterreichisches Handels-Museum. Oriental 1892-93. Call no. P 1286.



Blacker, J. F. The A B C of collecting old continental pottery. 1913.


K 14129

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K 12480

Hackett, K. S. The beginning of grand opera in Chicago (1850-1859). 1913.

K 12192 Perry, E. B. Stories of standard teaching pieces; containing educational notes and legends pertaining to the best known and most useful pianoforte compositions in general use by students of music and designed as a companion volume to the author's "Descriptive analyses of pianoforte compositions." 1910. K 12256 Thistleton, F. Modern violin technique; how to acquire it, how to teach it. 1913. K 12236

Opera Scores Donizetti, G. Linda di Chamounix; melodramma in tre atti di Gaetano Rossi. K 18427

(Libretto in Italian).

-Another copy.

*P 2883

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it. 1907. Schmeisser, W. C.

team. 1904. Warner, G. S.

and coaches. Worth, H. W.

K 16043, 277
Lacrosse, from candidate to
K 16051, 201
A course in football for players
K 17946
K 16054, 102

Ground tumbling.
Hunting, Fishing

Chase, H. Game protection and propagation in America; a handbook of practical information for officials and others interested in the cause of conservation of wild life. 1913. K 16068 Grinnell, G. B., ed. Hunting at high altitudes; the book of the Boone and Crockett club. 1913. K 16078 Stigand, C. H. Hunting the elephant in Africa, and other recollections of thirteen years' wanderings. 1913. K 16077 Literature

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3. Prose [Literary criticisms, reviews, etc.]. Essays, Miscellanies

Grayson, D. The friendly road; new ad

ventures in contentment. 1913. E 3196 Lucas, E. V. Harvest home. 1913. E 4357 Essays.

A companion volume to, "A little of everything."

Mabie, H. W. American ideals, character and life. 1913. I 4266

The chapter on "The American in art" is reprinted from the Atlantic monthly; the other chapters are selected from the author's lectures exchange professor in Japan. cf. Pref.


Contents: Clearing the way.-Discovery and exploration.-Possessing the continent.-Provincial America in literature.-Sectional literature.-National literature.-The American in art.-School and college.-University and research work.-The American and his government.-Country and people. Roosevelt, T. History as literature, and other essays. 1913. E 5436 Contents: History as literature.-Biological analogies in history.-The world movement.Citizenship in a republic.-The thraldom of names. -Productive scholarship.-Dante and the Bowery. -The foundations of the nineteenth century.-The search for truth in a reverent spirit.-The ancient Irish sagas. An art exhibition.

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Chinese poems. 1912. E 10443 Dorr, Mrs. J. C. R. Last poems, including Afterglow and Beyond the sunset.

1913. E 10860

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Dix, B. M. and Sutherland, E. G. A Rose o' Plymouth-town; a romantic comedy in four acts. 1908. E 12011 Gillette, W. H. Electricity; a comedy in three acts. 1913. E 12236

(In: The drama. no. 12, p. 12-123). Gould, E. L. The "Little women" play, a two-act, forty-five minute play, adapted from Louisa May Alcott's famous story, "Little women." 1900. E 12260

Hervieu, P. E. The labyrinth [Le dédale], a play in five acts. 1913. E 12309 Hofmannsthal, H. H. E. v. Death and the fool. E 13134 (In Poet lore. vol. 24, no. 4, p. 258-267. Vacation, 1913).

Lemaitre, F. E. J. Forgiveness; a play in three acts. E 13134 (In Poet lore. vol. 24, no. 4, p. 209-236. Vaca. tion, 1913). Parker, L. N.

Joseph and his brethren; a pageant play. 1913. E 12693 Peladan, J. A. St. Francis of Assisi; a play in five acts. 1913. E 12706 Pinero, Sir A. W. Preserving Mr. Panmure; a comic play in four acts. 1912. E 12726 Schnitzler, A. Professor Bernhardi; a comedy; an adaptation in English by Mrs. Emil Pohli. 1913. E 12791 Sowerby, G. Rutherford and son; a play in three acts. 1912. Ullmann, M. Pocahontas, a pageant. 1912. E 12955

E 12816

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Sullivan, M. Court masques of James I; their influence on Shakespeare and the public theatres. 1913. E 12850

Photoplay Writing

Moving picture world, The. vol. XVI., Apr.
to June, 1913. 1913.

Travel and Description

Beaman, A. 1913.

Travels without Baedeker.

I 9612 Brassey, A. A., baroness. Around the world in the yacht Sunbeam. 191? I 2229b Earlier ed. entitled: Voyage in the "Sunbeam." 2229a.

Philip, G., ed. New mercantile marine atlas, a series of 35 plates containing over 200 charts & plans, with tables of 10,000 distances between ports. 1913. *R 4831b

1st ed. entitled: Philips' mercantile marine atlas. 1905. R 4881a.

Smith, J. R. Industrial and commercial geography. 1913. I 9952

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I 5756

Account of the author's travels in Central America and the West Indies.

Landor, A. H. S. Across unknown South America. 2v. 1913.

I 9997

Contains chapters on the Bororo and Mundurucu Indians, and others.

Sears, Mrs. A. W. Two on a tour in South
America. 1913.
I 9999

Africa, Asia

Bullard, A. The Barbary coast; sketches of French north Africa, by Albert Edwards, pseud. 1913. I 8969 Contents: Algiers. The sirocco. Bedouins.Spaniards.-Arabs.-The Shareef of Makain fain.— Hadje Mohmed of Luna Park.-Asmassian, apostle of civilization.-The best story I ever heard.-The magic carpet.-Housekeeping in Mogador.-The beggars of Mogador.-The religion of Muley Khamedo.-The song of Muley Khamedo.-The perfumes of Araby.

Goodrich, J. K.

nese. 1913.

Our neighbors: the ChiI 9411 Munson, A. Jungle days; being the experiences of an American woman doctor in India. 1913. I 10765 White, S. E. African camp fires. 1913.

New Zealand

I 9162

Gooding, D. P. Picturesque New Zealand. 1913. I 9231

Philippine Islands

Williams, D. R. The Odyssey of the Philippine commission. 1913. I 9403

Alaska, Canada

Browne, B. The conquest of Mount McKinley; the story of three expeditions through the Alaskan wilderness to Mount McKinley, North America's highest and most inaccessible mountain. 1913. I 4710 Goodrich, J. K. The coming Canada. 1913. I 4172

(The world today series).
United States


Hueffer, O. M. A vagabond in New York. I 4903 Idaho state gazetteer and business directory, 1914. *R 1948 Johnson, C. Highways and byways from the St. Lawrence to Virginia. 1913. I 4405


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