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Books Added to the Library


Books marked do not circulate; those with the letter P are in the Art room, and those marked Doc. are in the
Document department. "Ser. represents serials which do not circulate.

General Works

Bibliography, Library Science
Dewey, M. Decimal classification and rel-
ative index for libraries, clippings, notes,
etc. 1913.

The eighth edition, with numerous expansions,
*O 139j
new notes, and index entries.

Huth, H. Catalogue of the famous library
of printed books, illuminated manuscripts,
autograph letters and engravings col-
lected by Henry Huth, and since main-
tained and augmented by his son, A. H.
Huth. 3v. 1911-13.
This is a sale catalogue based upon the Huth
*O 439
catalogue of 1880.
Rare Book Shop, The. Book collectors and
their hobbies; comprising over nineteen
hundred names, arranged under four hun-
dred and ninety-four subject-headings,
and a separate list of one thousand names
of general book-buyers, arranged alpha-
betically. 1913.
Shaylor, J., comp. The pleasures of book-
*O 839
"An enlarged and rearranged edition of the
J 2834
author's: Pleasures of literature and the solace
of books." 1898.


United States. Library of Congress. Di-
vision of Music. Catalogue of early books
on music (before 1800). 1913. *O 2157


New Thought

Larson, C. D. Brains and how to get them.
L 11376

Wright, H. F. Spiritual health in the light
of the principles of physical health. 1913.
L 11240

Lawrence, E. G.



How to improve the
L 11112

Ethics, Conduct of Life

Bennett, E. A. wife. 1913.

The plain man

and his
L 11393

Cantrell, J. A. Pleasure and work.

1913. L 11395

Hyde, W. DeW. The quest of the best; insights into ethics for parents, teachers and leaders of boys. 1913.

L 11394

Contents: Natural badness the germ of goodness.-Artificial goodness the repression of badness.-The quest of the best.-Missing the best: sins of excess and defect.-The personal motive and the social medium.-The birthright of the child.

Philosophers, Philosophic Systems Dodson, G. R. Bergson and the modern

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Sermons, Church Work

Alexander, J. L. The boy and the Sunday
school; a manual of principle and method
for the work of the Sunday school with
teen age boys. 1913.
M 8222
Anderson, C. P., bp. Letters to laymen.
M 8581
Austin, A. B. Linked lives, and other ser-
mons. 1913.
M 5050


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Quick, H. On board the good ship Earth; a survey of world problems.


1913. L 11581 Southern Sociological Congress, Atlanta, Ga., 1913. The challenge of social service. L 11584 Contents: 1. The social program of the church [by] W. Rauschenbusch.-2. The drag on modern civilization, [by] H. S. Bradley.-3. The control of social diseases, [by] P. S. Schenck.-4. The negro working out his own salvation, [by] E. C. Branson.-5. Modern ideas of administration in the government of workhouses and penal institutions, [by] W. H. Whittaker.-6. The protestant church and social service, [by] C. S. Macfarland.

-The South mobilizing for social service; addresses. 1913. L 11583 Swansson, C. E. S. Social wrongs and a practical remedy; a public property reserve. 1913. L 11586

Political Science Adams, B. The theory of social revolutions. 1913. L 7027 Contents: The collapse of capitalistic government. The limitations.of the judicial function.American courts as legislative chambers.-The social equilibrium-Political courts.Inferences. Ferguson, W. S. Greek imperialism. 1913. L 6563 Lowell, A. L. Public opinion and popular government. 1913. L 7016

(American citizen series).
Social Surveys

Thompson, C. W. and Warber, G. P. Social and economic survey of a rural township in southern Minnesota.

(The University of Minnesota. economics, no. 1).


L 6803, 1 Studies in

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Labor and Wages Ebert, J. The trial of a new society; being a review of the celebrated Ettor-Giovannitti-Caruso case, beginning with the Lawrence textile strike that caused it and including the general strike that grew out of it. 1913. L 7438 Womer, P. P. The church and the labor conflict. 1913. L 7359

Woman Labor Laughlin, C. E. The work-a-day girl; a study of some present-day conditions. 1913. L 9335 National Federation of Settlements. Young working girls; a summary of evidence from two thousand social workers. 1913. L 8798 Van Kleeck, M. Artificial flower makers. 1913. L 7355 (Russell Sage foundation. [Publications]). Child Labor Montgomery, L. The American girl in the stockyards district. 1913.

L 7494

(A study of Chicago's stockyards community. An investigation carried on under the direction of the Board of the University of Chicago settlement and the Chicago alumnæ club of the University of Chicago, II).

Cost of Living

Daniel, T. C. High cost of living; causeremedy. 1912. L 7880 Nearing, S. Financing the wage-earner's family; a survey of the facts bearing on income and expenditures in the families of American wage-earners. 1913. L 7358

Tenement Houses

Price, G. M. Tenement-house inspector. 2d ed., rev. and improved; a text book for civil service candidates for the positions of tenement-house inspector and clerk, also, for sanitary and building inspectors, including answers to all questions_given in previous examinations. 1910.

Commerce, Communication


Hagerty, J. E. Mercantile credit.

L 7261

1913. L 7843 Haney, L. H. Business organization and combination; an analysis of the evolution and nature of business organization in the United States, and a tentative solution of the corporation and trust problems. 1913. L 7957 Miner, G. W. Bookkeeping: banking, 1913. L 7907

(Moore and Miner series). Whelpley, J. D. The trade of the world.


L 11956

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Cobb, B. B. and Cobb, E. Busy builders' book; a problem book for individual work in the primary grades. 1912. J 6230 Eggleston, J. D. and Bruère, R. W. The work of the rural school. 1913. L 12056 Fisher, Mrs. D. F. The Montessori manual, in which Dr. Montessori's teachings and educational occupations are arranged in practical exercises or lessons for the mother or the teacher. 1913. L 12058 Froebel, F. W. A. Mother-play and nursery songs; poetry, music and pictures for the noble culture of child life, with notes to mothers. 1906. L 12057 Hart, J. K., ed. Educational resources of village and rural communities. 1913.

L 12067 Kilpatrick, V. E. Departmental teaching in elementary schools. 1908. L 12068 Meumann, E. The psychology of learning; an experimental investigation of the economy and technique of memory, tr. from the 3d ed. of "The economy and technique of learning" by J. W. Baird. 1913. L 12069

Yen Sun Ho. Chinese education from the western viewpoint. 1913.

Colleges and Universities Pier, A. S. The story of Harvard.

L 12082

1913. L 10721 Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education. A symposium on scientific management and efficiency in college administration. 1913. L 10661

Woman Chesser, Mrs. E. S. Woman, marriage and motherhood. 1913. L 9330 Gallichan, C. G. H. "Mrs. W. M. Gallichan." The truth about woman. 1913. L 9329 Contents: The starting-point of the I. Biological section.-pt. II. Historical section.-pt. III. Modern section; present day aspects of the woman problem. Mozans, H. J., pseud. Woman in science; with an introductory chapter on woman's long struggle for things of the mind. L 9340


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Sargent, F. L. Plants and their uses; an introduction to botany. 1913. K 17165

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