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Collected Biography Lefferts, W. Noted Pennsylvanians. 1913. C 19729 Contents: Francis Daniel Pastorius.-James Logan. -Conrad Weiser.-Robert Morris.-Anthony Wayne. -John Barry.-Stephen Girard.-Robert Fulton.— John James Audubon.-Elisha Kent Kane.-Lucretia Mott.-Matthias Baldwin.-Bayard Taylor.-Thomas Buchanan Read.-James Buchanan.-George Brinton McClellan.-George Gordon Meade.-Andrew Gregg Curtin.-Thaddeus Stevens.-Andrew Carnegie.

Press reference library (Western ed.) Nota-
bles of the West; being the portraits and
biographies of the progressive men of
the West who have helped in the devel-
opment and history making of this won-
derful country. 1913.
*R 576

Reed, M. Happy women. Dolly Madison
-Dorothy Wordsworth-Queen Louise-
Caroline Herschel-Elizabeth Browning
-Charlotte Cushman-Lucretia Mott-
Florence Nightingale Sister Dora -
Jenny Lind-Louisa Alcott-Queen Vic-
toria. 1913.
C 19908

Sweetser, K. D. Book of Indian braves.
C 20024
Contents: Powhatan: emperor of thirty tribes.
-Osceola: war-chief of the Seminoles.-Sequoyah:
the Cherokee Cadmus.-King Philip: hero of the
Wampanoags.-Joseph: patriot of the Nez Percés.
-Sitting Bull: medicine-man of the Sioux.-Pon-
tiac: conspirator of the Ottawas.

Vincent, L. H. Dandies and men of letters. 1913. C 20094

Contents: The celebrated Mr. Brummell.-Count Alfred D'Orsay.-Episodes in the life of a noble poet (Lord Byron).-A giver of breakfasts (Samuel Rogers).-A regency satirist (Thomas Moore). -Thomas Hope and his 'Anastasius.'-Fonthill, 'Vathek,' and Beckford.-Thomas Love Peacock. -A virtuoso of the old school (Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe).-'Vivian Grey' and its author.'The adventures of a gentleman' (Bulwer-Lytton). -A successful bachelor (Henry Crabb Robinson). Family History

Goddard family. A memoir of the Goddards of North Wilts; compiled from ancient records, registers and family papers, by R. Jefferies. 1912. C 20314

Individual Biography Agassiz, A. Letters and recollections of Alexander Agassiz, with a sketch of his life and work, ed. by G. R. Agassiz. 1913. C 20510 Brown, J. John Brown, soldier of fortune; a critique, by H. P. Wilson. 1913. C 21022 Dewey, G. Autobiography of George Dewey, admiral of the navy. 1913. C 21576 Gaynor, W. J. Some of Mayor Gaynor's letters and speeches. 1913. C 22061 Gogh, V. van. Personal recollections of Vincent van Gogh by Elizabeth du Quesne van Gogh. 1913. C 22136

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Lodge, H. C. Early memories. 1913.

C 23031 Logan, M. S. C. "Mrs. J. A. Logan." Reminiscences of a soldier's wife; an autobiography. 1913. C 23041 Mary, queen of Scots. The tragedy of Mary Stuart, by H. C. Shelley. 1913. C 23280 Moody, W. V. Some letters of William Vaughn Moody; ed., with an introduction by D. G. Mason. 1913. C 23450 Nevin, E. W. The life of Ethelbert Nevin, from his letters and his wife's memories, by V. Thompson. 1913. C 23586

With musical illustrations. Norton, C. E. Letters of Charles Eliot Norton, with biographical comment by his daughter, Sara Norton, and M. A. DeWolfe Howe. 2v. 1913. C 23621 Saint-Gaudens, A. The reminiscences of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, ed. and amplified by H. Saint-Gaudens. 2v. 1913.

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fortresses which from the days of William the Conqueror either were the homes of English sovereigns or have been intimately associated with the history and romance of their lives. 1913.

A 5332 Thomas, A. C. A history of England. 1913. A 5329 France Aulard, F. V. A. The French revolution, a political history 1789-1804. 4v. 1910. A 5729

Contents: v. 1. The revolution under the monarchy, 1789-1792.-v. 2. The democratic republic, 1792-1795. v. 3. The revolutionary government, 1793-1797. v. 4. The bourgeois republic and the consulate, 1797-1804.

Fling, F. M. and Fling, H. D. Source problems on the French revolution.

(Harper's parallel source problems).

1913. A 5732

Contents: The Oath of the Tennis court, June 20, 1789.-The royal session of June 28, 1789.The insurrection of October 5 and 6, 1789.-The flight of the king, June 20, 1791. Smith, Mrs. M. S. C. Twenty centuries of Paris. 1913. A 5782

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Grinnell, G. B. Beyond the old frontier; adventures of Indian-fighters, hunters, and fur-traders. 1913. B 4568

Contents: An early fur trader [Alexander Ross-Fur hunters of the far West. When beaver skins were money.-George Frederick Ruxton, hunter.-A boy in Indian camps [Lewis H. Garrard]-The solitary hunter [John Palliser]The council at Fort Benton [1865].

James, G. W. The old Franciscan missions of California. 1913. B 2903

"In most of its pages it is a mere condensation of the author's In and out of the missions of California."-Foreword.


Andrews, Mrs. M. R. S. The eternal masculine; stories of men and boys. 1913. F 10568

Contents: The scarlet ibis.-The campaign trout. -The reward of virtue.-The Sabine maiden.The whistling of Zoetique.-The young man with wings.-Amici.-The captains.-Little Marcus.

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Cannan, G. Round the corner; being the life and death of Francis Christopher Folyat, bachelor of divinity, and father of a large family. 1913. F 11598 Carson, S. The motto of Mrs. McLane; the story of an American farm.

1913. F 11625 Chester, G. R. Wallingford and Blackie Daw. 1913. F 11879

Cholmondeley, M. After all. 1913. F 11877 Published in Great Britain under title: Notwithstanding.

Daviess, M. T. The tinder-box. 1913.

F 12310 Davis, R. H. The lost road. 1913. F 12362 Contents: The lost road.-The miracle of Las Palmas.-Evil to him who evil thinks.-The man of Zanzibar.-The long arm.-The god of coincidence. The buried treasure of Cobre.

Doyle, Sir A. C. The poison belt; being an account of another amazing adventure of Professor Challenger, 1913. F 12550

Drake, M. WO 2. 1913.

F 12554

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F 13431 by George F 11184

Hannay, J. O. The northern iron,
A. Birmingham, pseud. 1913.
Hardy, T. A changed man, the waiting
supper and other tales. 1913.
F 13520

Contents: A changed man.-The waiting supper.-Alicia's diary.-The grave by the handpost. Enter a dragoon.-A tryst at an ancient earthwork. What the shepherd saw.--A committeeman of "the terror."-Master John Horseleigh, knight. -The duke's reappearance.-A mere interlude.The romantic adventures of a milkmaid. Harris, C. M. W. "Mrs. L. H. Harris." In search of a husband. 1913. F 13541

Hatton, F. and Hatton, F. L. Years of discretion. 1913. F 13560

Hornung, E. W. The thousandth woman. F 14091


Ingram, E. M. The unafraid. 1913.

F 14250

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Sequel to the author's: Martha by-the-day. London, J. The valley of the moon.

1913. F 14785 McMurdy, R. The upas tree. 1912. F 15044 Manners, J. H. Peg o' my heart; a comedy of youth. 1913. F 15077 Meldrum, R. The wooing of Margaret TreF 15220 venna. 1913. 1913. F 15345

Mighels, P. V. Hearts of grace.

A revision of "When a witch is young." Mulford, C. E. The coming of Cassidyand the others. 1913. F 15565 Sequel to the author's: Bar-20.-Bar-20 days.Hopalong Cassidy.-Buck Peters, ranchman. The odd farmhouse, by the odd farmwife. F 15734


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Du Puy, W. A. Uncle Sam, wonder worker; being the story of strange feats performed by the government in its work in behalf of the ninety millions. 1913. K 15835 Fraser, C. C. Every boy's book of handicraft, sports and amusements; worthwhile plans for the general activities of the modern boy, be he handy or unhandy. 1913. K 13031


Goss, W. L. The boys' life of General Sheridan. H 4004 Hall, A. N. The handy boy; a modern handy book of practical and profitable pastimes. 1913. K 17925 Holland, R. S. Historic adventures; tales from American history. 1913. H 4318

[The historic series for young people]. McDonald, Mrs. E. A. B. Colette in France. 1913. H 5592

(Little people everywhere). McFee, Mrs. I. N. C. from history. 1913.

American heroes H 5214 Contents: Myles Standish.-Nathaniel Bacon.George Washington.-Nathan Hale.-"Mad Anthony" Wayne.-Paul Jones.-Daniel Boone.Thomas Jefferson.-Robert Fulton.-William Henry Harrison. Andrew Jackson.-Samuel Morse.-Admiral Farragut.-James B. Eads.-Peter Cooper. Olcott, F. J., comp. Story-telling poems, selected and arranged for story-telling and reading aloud, and for the children's own reading. 1913. E 10460

Williams, A. Things to make. 1913.

K 6275

Williams, G. A. The boy's book of pirates and the great sea rovers. 1913. H 7018


Blanchard, A. E. The four Corners in Egypt. 1913.

(The Corner series).

Brown, E. A. Uncle David's boys.


H 7619

1913. Duncan, R. B. Brave deeds of revolutionH 7932 ary soldiers. 1913.

(Brave deeds series).

Contents: The hornet's nest; the story of a game boy at Lexington.-Prescott of Peperell; the story of Bunker Hill.-Luck and a blizzard; the story of Richard Montgomery at Quebec.--Only a bit of bunting; the story of Sergeant Jasper at Fort Sullivan.-The schoolmaster; the story of Nathan Hale.-The man they called a coward; the story of Herkimer at Oriskany.-When Arnold should have died; the story of Saratoga.-Another sort of hero; the story of Valley Forge. The madness of Anthony Wayne; the story of Stony Point.-A loyal deserter; the story of John Champe.-Wading to victory; the story of Clark at Kaskaskia and Vincennes.-The last hope; the story of Francis Marion.

Dunn, B. A. Storming Vicksburg.__1913.

(The young Missourians series).

H 3664, 4

H 7417

1913. H 7570 Comstock, Mrs. H. T. Camp Brave Pine; H 3548 a camp fire girl story. 1913. Crummer, Mrs. E. C. C. Mig Robin, his

story. 1909.

H 7734

Day, H. F. The rainy day railroad war.

1913. H 3597 Dickinson, A. D., and Skinner, A. M., ed. The children's book of Christmas stories. H 7844


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Gregor, E. R. Camping on western trails; adventures of two boys in the Rocky Mountains. 1913. H 4088 Grinnell, G. B. Jack, the young cowboy; an eastern boy's experience on a western H 4075 round-up. 1913. Hoffman, A. S. The story of a midsummer night's dream, from the play of ShakeH 4312 speare. 1910. Kaler, J. O. Airship cruising from Silver Fox farm, by James Otis, pseud. 1913. H 4570

Sequel to the author's: The wireless station at Silver Fox farm. 1910. H 4600. The aeroplane at Silver Fox farm. 1911. H 4693. Building an airship at Silver Fox farm. 1912. H 4696. -Boy scouts in a lumber camp, by James Otis, pseud. 1913. H 4571 -The Roaring lions; or, The famous club of Ashbury, by James Otis, pseud. 1913. H 4655 Knipe, Mrs. E. B. and Knipe, A. A. Beatrice of Denewood; a sequel to "The lucky sixpence." 1913. H 4677 Maeterlinck, M. The children's blue bird, by Georgette Leblance (Madame Maurice Maeterlinck). 1913.

Mendel, R. G. Spark, the story of a bull terrier and his dog friends. 1913. H 5052 Pendexter, H. The young trappers; or, 1913. The quest of the giant moose. H 5668, 4

(The camp and trail series). Pitrè, G., comp. The swallow book; the story of the swallow told in legends, fables, folk songs, proverbs, omens and riddles of many lands. 1912. H 5707 Pogany, N. The Hungarian fairy book.

1913. H 5739 Remick, G. M. Jane Stuart-twin. 1913. H 6000

Roberts, C. G. D. Children of the wild. 1913. H 6037 Sabin, E. L. Treasure mountain; or, The young prospectors. 1913. H 6369 Taggart, M. A. Betty Gaston the seventh girl. 1910.

H 6695


(The six girls series). Thompson, V. The mouse-colored road. H 6749 Wells, C. Patty's social season. 1913.

H 4969

H 2873

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*HIRAM KELLY. 62nd St. and Normal Boul HOLSTEIN. Oakley Ave. and Ems St.

Branches marked are open from 9 a. m. to 10 3. m., these marked † are open from 9 a. m. to p. m., all others are open from 1 to 9 p. m. Sundays and holidays open from 3 to 6 p. m. ARMOUR SQUARE 33rd St. and Shields Ave. AUSTIN. 5649 W. Lake St.

BESSEMER PARK. 89th St. and Muskegon Ave.
BLACKSTONE. 49th St. and Lake Ave.
BURR SCHOOL. Ashland and Wabansia Aves.
CORNELL SQUARE. Wood and W. 51st Sts.
DAVIS SQUARE. 45th St. and Marshfield Ave.
FULLER PARK. 45th St. and Princeton Ave.
HAMILTON PARK. 72nd St. and Normal Ave.
HAMLIN PARK. Barry and Hoyne Aves.
†HEBREW INSTITUTE. Taylor and Lytle Sta.


North and Fairfield Aves.
Millard Ave. and 23rd St.

*LEWIS INSTITUTE. 1948 W. Madison St.
*LINCOLN CENTRE. Oakwood Boul. and Langley Ava
LOGAN SQUARE. 8345 Fullerton Ave.

MARK WHITE SQUARE. Halsted and 80th Sts.
OGDEN PARK. 64th St. and Center Ave.
SEWARD PARK. Elm and Orleans Sts.

Loomis and W. 63rd Sts.
WEST PARK No. 1. Chicago Ave. and No!': B
WEST PARK No. 2. 14th Pl. and Union St.
WEST PARK No. 3. 30th and Fisk Sts.

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