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Página 61 - Butler, S. The fair haven; a work in defence of the miraculous element in our Lord's ministry upon earth, by the late John Pickard Owen, with a memoir of the author by William Bickersteth Owen. 1913. M 8684 "The most overwhelming of all miracles—the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Página 189 - (Handy information series). Shakespeare's Myriad Mind Ellacombe, HN Shakespeare as an angler. 1883. E 9966 Robertson, JM Montaigne and Shakespeare, and other essays on cognate subjects. 1909. E10209 Contents: Montaigne and Shakespeare.—The originality of Shakespeare.—The learning of Shakespeare. Stapfer, P. Shakespeare and classical antiquity; Greek and Latin antiquity as presented in Shakespeare's plays. 1880.
Página 194 - Not a day passes over the earth but men and women of no note do great deeds, speak great words, and suffer noble sorrows. Of these obscure heroes, philosophers and martyrs the greater part will never be known till that hour when many that are great shall be small, and the Email great.
Página 187 - in Shakespeare's historical plays from King John to King Henry VIII; notes on characters in Macbeth and Hamlet. 1869. E 9728 Gairdner, J. and Spedding, J. On the historical element in Shakespeare's Falstaff. 1881. A 3270 (In their Studies in English history). Goll, A. Criminal types in Shakespeare. 1909.
Página 40 - Hepplewhite and Co., A. The cabinetmaker and upholsterer's guide; or. Repository of designs for every article of household furniture in the newest and most approved taste. 1794. *P 1456 (Arr. by J. Munro Bell, with an introduction and critical estimate, by Arthur
Página 170 - Hodges, G. The year of grace, advent to trinity. 1914. M 5081 Muss-Arnolt, W. The Book of Common Prayer among the nations of the world; a history of translations of the prayer book of the Church of England and of the Protestant Episcopal Church of America. 1914. M 9625
Página 160 - of France. — St. James of Spain. — St. Anthony of Italy. — St. Andrew of Scotland. — St. Patrick of Ireland.— St. David of Wales.— The brotherhood of the seven champions. — The sons of St. George. — The last deeds of the champions.
Página 154 - Folio Facsimiles Shakespeare as put forth in 1623; a reprint of Mr. William Shakespeare's comedies, histories and tragedies; published according to the true, original! copies. London. 1864.
Página 188 - Rolfe, WJ Shakespeare the boy; with sketches of the home and school life, the games and sports, the manners, customs, and folk-lore of the time. 1896.

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