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Half Leather, 528 Pages. Price, $1.50

By ARTHUR MAYER WOLFSON, Ph.D. Assistant in History, De Witt Clinton High School, New York City

In Consultation with

Professor of History, Harvard University


THIS convenient manual presents the essentials in ancient

history as a unit in a manner both comprehensible and interesting to first-year students in secondary schools. It is prepared on the plan recommended by the Committee of Seven, and at the same time meets every requirement of the Regents of the State of New York. It combines in one volume Greek and Roman history with that of the Eastern nations, and pays more attention to civilization than to mere constitutional development.

The paragraph headings are given in the margins, thus making the text continuous and easy to read. At the end of each chapter are lists of topics for further research, bibli. ographies of parallel reading, and references to both ancient and modern authorities. A special feature is the giving of a brief list of selected books, not exceeding $25 in cost, and suitable for a school library. The numerous maps show only the places mentioned in the text, thus avoiding confusion from too much detail. The illustrations, although attractive, have been chosen primarily with the purpose of accurately explain. ing the text. AMERICAN BOOK COMPANY, Publishers

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BOTANY For the High School Laboratory and Classroom By ROBERT GREENLEAF LEAVITT, A.M.

Of the Ames Botanical Laboratory Prepared at the request of the Botanical Department of Harvard


LEAVITT'S OUTLINES OF BOTANY, Cloth, 8vo. 272 pages. $1.00 The same, with Gray's Field, Forest, and Garden Flora. 791 pages

1.80 The same, with Ġray's Manual. 1,087 pages :

2.25 This book has been prepared to meet a specific demand. Many schools, having outgrown the method of teaching botany hitherto prevalent, find the more recent text-books too difficult and comprehensive for practical use in an elementary course. In order, therefore, to adapt this text-book to present requirements, the author has combined with great simplicity and definiteness in presentation, a careful selection and a judicious arrangement of matter. It offers 1. A series of laboratory exercises in the morphology and

physiology of phanerogams. 2. Directions for a practical study of typical cryptogams,

representing the chief groups from the lowest to the

highest. 3. A substantial body of information regarding the forms,

activities, and relationships of plants, and supple

menting the laboratory studies. The laboratory work is adapted to any equipment, and the instructions for it are placed in divisions by themselves, preceding the related chapters of descriptive text, which follows in the main the order of topics in Gray's Lessons in Botany. Special attention is paid to the ecological aspects of plant life, while at the same time morphology and physiology are fully treated.

There are 384 carefully drawn illustrations, many of them entirely new. The appendix contains full descriptions of the necessary laboratory materials, with directions for their use. It also gives helpful suggestions for the exercises, addressed primarily to the teacher, and indicating clearly the most effective pedagogical methods.


(S. 174)

Late Professor of Geology and Mineralogy in Yale University


$1.15 A new and revised edition of this popular text-book for beginners in the study, and for the general reader. The book has been entirely rewritten, and improved by the addition of many new iilustrations and interesting descriptions of the latest phases and discoveries of the science. In contents and dress it is an attractive volume and well suited for young students.


Fifth Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Edited by WILLIAM North Rice, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of Geology in Wesleyan University. This is the standard text-book in geology for high school and elementary college work. While the general and distinctive features of the original work have been preserved, the book has been thoroughly revised, enlarged, and improved.


$5.00 Fourth Revised Edition. This great work is a complete thesaurus of the principles, methods, and details of the science of geology in its varied branches, including the formation and metamorphism of rocks, physiography, orogeny, and epeirogeny, biologic evolution, and paleontology. It is not only a text-book for the college student but a handbook for the professional geologist. This last revision was performed almost exclusively by Dr. Dana himself, and may justly be regarded as the crowning work of a long and useful life.

Copies sent, prepaid, on receipt of the price.

American Book Company




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BY DAVID P. TODD, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Observatory, Amherst College

Cloth, 12mo, 480 pages. Illustrated. Price $1.30

This book is designed for classes pursuing the study of Astronomy in High Schools, Academies, and Colleges. The author's long experience as a director in astronomical observatories and in teaching the subject has given him unusual qualifications and advantages for preparing an ideal text-book.

The noteworthy feature which distinguishes this from other text-books on Astronomy is the practical way in which the subjects treated are reënforced by laboratory experiments and methods. In this the author follows the principle that Astronomy is preëminently a science of observation and should be so taught.

By placing more importance on the physical than on the mathematical facts of Astronomy the author has made every page of the book deeply interesting to the student and the general reader. The treatment of the planets and other heavenly bodies and of the law of universal gravitation is unusually full, clear, and illuminative. The marvelous discoveries of Astronomy in recent years, and the latest advances in methods of teaching the science, are all represented.

The illustrations are an important feature of the book. Many of them are so ingeniously devised that they explain at a glance what pages of mere description could not make clear.

Copies sent, prepaid, on receipt of the price.

American Book Company




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Teacher of Zoology, Woodward High School, Cincinnati, Ohio

Cloth, 12mo, 216 pages. Illustrated

Price 75 cents


This new text-book on Zoology is intended for classes in High Schools, Academies, and other Secondary Schools. While sufficiently elementary for beginners in the study it is full and comprehensive enough for students pursuing a regular course in the Natural Sciences. It has been prepared by a practical teacher, and is the direct result of schoolroom experience, field observation, and laboratory practice.

The design of the book is to give a good general knowledge of the subject of Zoology, to cultivate an interest in nature study, and to encourage the pupil to observe and to compare for himself, and then to arrange and classify his knowledge. Only typical or principal forms are described, and in their description only such technical terms are used as are necessary, and these are carefully defined.

Each subject is fully illustrated, the illustrations being selected and arranged to aid the pupil in understanding the structure of each form.

Copies will be sent, prepaid, on receipt of the price.

American Book Company




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