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In Tucky-ftreet, Enfield, aged 18, Mifs Lindsay, youngest daughter of Capt. L.

At Birmingham, in his 69th year, the Hon. Peter Oliver, efq, late chief justice of Maífachufett's-bay, New England.

11. At Sheffield, Mr. Samuel Turner, mercer; who has left a widow to lament the lofs of an indulgent husband, and twelve children to bewail an affectionate father.

At his feat at Firle, near Lewes, in Suffex, after a long and painful illness, Right Hon. William Hall Gage Vifcount Gage of Caftleifland, in Ireland, and Baron Gage of Firle, in England; pay-mafter, 1780, of his Majefty's penfions, and F.R.S. K. B. and M. P. for the cine ports of Seaford, 1744 and 1754. His Lard.hip married, Feb. 2, 1757, Mifs Gideon, daughter of the late Sampon G. efq. and fifter of the prefent Lord Eardley, who died in 1783, and by whom he had no iffue. His lady was delivered of seven children, who were ali ftill-born, or died immediately after their birth. The title and eftates devolve on Henry Gage, efq. his bro. ther's fon. His Lorafhip had been in a decline for the three laft years of his life, and had tried every remedy, and every watering. place, not only in Englana, but on the Continent; but nothing could longer protract his existence, which already was beyond the nfual period of human life, for his Lordship died in a very advanced age. He had always lived hofpitably, though temperately, upon an eftate of about 12,00cl. a year, and is fuppofed to have died rich. The prefent Lord, adding the great property of his father, the General, with that of his own lady, the daughter of the late General Skinner, and niece of the Countefs of Abingdon and Lady Southampton, to the above eftate, will be one of the moit opulent Peers in the kingdom. He is a Major upon half-pay, having ferved in the 930 regiment.

12. At Clewer, near Windfor, Charles Frewin, efq.

At Gloucefter, Mrs. Martha Archer, of Bevington, co. Warwick, a near relation of the Earl of Plymouth and Lord Fortescue.

At Plymouth-dock, J. A. Pownall, efq. ftorekeeper to that dock-yard many years, and formerly a naval officer at Gibraltar.

At Chelfea-college, Elizabeth Countefsdowager of Effingham, daughter of Peter Beckford, efq. of Jamaica. She married, 1. Thomas fecond Earl of Effingham; and, after his death, 1763, 2. Sir George Howard, K. B. She was one of the ladies of the bedchamber to her Maje y (in which office the is fucceeded by Lady Sydney). She bore a moft painful and dangerous illnefs for many months with the most exemplary refignation, fortitude, and patience. Her whole life was one continued practice of the most pure, unaffected piety, benevolence, compation, and every virtue which dignifies human nature. Her lofs will ever be lamented by her moft affectionate huíband, dearest connexions, and friends. By her Ladyship's death, 12001. per annum devolves to the Earl of Effingham, governor of Jamaica.

Knipe Gobbet, efq. lieutenant-colonel of the Western battalion of the Norfolk militia, an alderman of Norwich, and ferved the office of mayor of that city in 1771.

Aged 17, Mifs Mary Harris, youngest daughter of the Rev. Mr. H. of Coleorton, co. Leicester. She fupported a long and afflicting illness with great fort tude and refignation. Her death is much regretted by all that were acquainted with her; and ber poor neighbours, to whom he w anonevolent ben foutes, will initam atevere loss.

Capt. Wildy french, firmerly commander of the Zebecque packet, and the oldest lieutenant in the royal navy.

At Afton upon Trent, co. Derby, Mrs. Shuttleworth, relict of James S. efq. late of Forcett, co York.

14. Mr. Smith, hofier and hatter, the corner of Duke's-court, next the Mews-gate. He complained, on the 9th instant, and the following days, of a disorder in his bowels, though little was thought of it; but at eight o'clock in the evening of his death, he was violently feized, and died at eleven. Sufpicions went abroad of his having been poifoned, and a coroner's jury were fummoned on the 17th, and the body opened by Mr. Cruikthanks, but there did not appear any foundation for the report.

Suddenly, as he was coming down ftairs to step into a ca riage, at Faulkbourn rectory, Rev. Robert Parkinson, curate of that place, and of Black Notley, and chaplain of the Eaftern Effex militia, to whom, and the whole corps, his exemplary conduct and friendly good qualities had highly endeared him. His lofs will indeed be long felt and lamented by all his numerous acquaintance.

In Watling-street, in her 25th year, Mifs Sarah Langston, daughter of Steph. L. efq.

At her house in Hammersmith, Mrs. Meyrick, relict of James M. efq.

Mrs. Lindeman, wife of Mr. L. of the Strand. 15. At his houfe at Snarefbrook, Eppingforeft, Rear-admiral John Harrifon, who was first captain under Sir Geo. Pococke, in all the engagements with the French Admiral Monfieur d'Aché, and at the taking of the Havannah. Soon after which, he lost the ufe of one fide by a stroke of the palfy; the confequence of exceffive fatigues of mind and perfon, in the arduous fervice of his country.

At Kentish-town, Mr. Thomas Fielding, mafter of the Carolina coffee-house, Birchinlane, Cornhill.

At Blair-cattle, in Scotland, Rich. Dundas, efq. of Blair.

16. At her houfe at Blackheath, Mrs. Fielding, widow of Mr. Tho. F. late master of Lloyd's coffee-house.

17. At Dunlop, in Scotland, the Dowagerlady Wallace, relict of Sir Tho. W. bart. and mother of Sir James W. of the royal navy.


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Rob. Foxcroft, efq collector of the customs in the port of Lancaster.

At Twickenham, Rev. Rob. Burt, chaplain
to the Prince of Wales, and vicar of that parith.
He was in good health on the 14th inft. and
had not then completed his 3ft year. He
has left two children and a pregnant widow
to increase the general regret for his death.

Suddenly, in his houfe at Croydon, Surrey,
Mr. Wellbank, broker, Sun-court, Cornhill.

At Hampton, Middlefex, Mr. Jn. Walker,
one of the four patent meffengers belonging
to the Exchequer.

18. After a few days illness, Mrs. Watkins, jun. wife of Mr. Charles W. of Daventry, co. Northampton.

At Bush-hill, Mr. Wm. Stevenfon, collector of the rents of the New River Company in that diftri&t.

At Hilton-house, in Fifeshire, Cha. Bell, efq. of Hilton.

Suddenly, at the Ship in Small-street, Briftol, Mrs. Bennett, wife of Mr. B. of Old Sodbury, co. Gloucester. She complained, a little before the went to bed, of a violent pain in her head and on Mr. B's waking in the morning, he found her dead by his fide.

At her house in Worcester, Mrs. Vincent, relict of Fr. V. efq. of Weddington, co. Warw.

19. Mrs. Hayes, wife of John H. efq. of James-ftreet, Westminster.

At his apartments in Crown ftreet, Weft-
miufter, John Macpherson, efq. of Benchar,
in Invernets hire, formerly a captain in the
late Duke of Hamilt, n's Leg of foot.

In the ille of Wight, the Hon. Lettice St.
John, 6th and youngest daughter of John reth




1. The Rivals-The Spoil'd Child.

3. As You Like It-The Critick.

4 Know your own Mind-The Romp.
6. The Country Girl-No Song No supper.-
8. The Haunted Tower-The Liar.
10. A Trip to Scarborough-Bon Ton.
11. School for Scandal -No Song No Supper.
13. The Siege of Belgrade-The Citizen.
15. The Rivals-The Cave of Trophonius.
17. The Siege of Belgrade-All the World's
a Stage.


18. The Haunted Tower-Devil to Pay.
20. The Confederacy-The Spoil'd Child. "
22. The Country Girl-Cave of Trophonius.
24. The Siege of Belgrade-Who's the Dupe
25. Love for Love-The Deserter.
26. The School for Scandal-Devil to Pay.
27. The Confederacy-The Fannel.
29. The Rivals - Comus.

31. K. Henry the Fifth-No Song No Supper.

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At Bath, Mrs. Gainsborough, wife of Mr. G. of Brook-ftreet, and mother of Mr. G. bookfeller, in that city.

25. Mr. Wm. Turner, of White-crofs-ftr. 26. After a lingering illness, Mrs. Walter, of Bury-street, St. James's.

At his houfe in St. Peter's church-yard, in his 32d year, the Rev. W. Hole, B. D. vicar of Menhinnet, in Cornwall, 46 years archdeacon of Barum, and many years a preben. dary of Exeter; whole mild and friendly temper, communicative, curious, and chearful converfation, extenfive learning, and unaffected piety, will long be remembered, by all who knew him, with delight and veneration. A further account of this excelle perfon, and of his writings, may be expected.

At Enfield, Mr. Wm. Draper, publican, and one of the people called Quakers.




3. The Earl of Ellex-The Crufade.

5. Rofe and Colin-The Dramatist-The

Mayor of Garratt.

6. As You Like It-The Crufade.

7. Zara--The Mayor of Garratt.
10. Macbeth-The Crufade.
12. Wild Oats-Robin Hood.

13. The Tender Hufband-The Farmer.
14. The Caftle of Andalufia-The Mayor
17. Hamlet-The Crufade. [of Garratt.
19. Wild Oats-The Poor Soldier.
20. The Confcious Lovers--Ofear and Mal-
vina; or, The Hall of Fingal.

21. Rule a Wife and Have a Wife-Ditto.

24. King Richard the Third-Ditto.

26. Wild Oats-Ditto.

27. The Provok'd Hufband-Ditto.
28. The Orphan-Ditto.


29. Rofe and Colin-The Dramatist-Robin 31. The Earl of Effex-Ofcar and Malvina.

BILL of MORTALITY, from October 4, to October 25, 1791.
Chrittened. I Buried.
2 and 5 156 50 and
Males 6727
Females 6391305 Females 6641336
Whereof have died under two years old 488

Males 6667

Peck Leaf 25. 20.


60 104

5 and to 42 60 and 70 94

Io and 20

37 70 and 80 8320 and 90 125 90 and 100 131|

53 21 3

20 and


30 and 40
40 and so

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30 20 37 891


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Bank 3perCt. 3 per Ct. | Ditto: perCt5 perCt] Long | Short | India | India
Stock. reduc. Confols 172 Confol. Ann. Ann.778-0 Stock. Ann.




2 Sunday

203 89



2074 89



IC 2016







16 Sunday





26 197




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22 1972


23 Sunday

24 19:4 87급 882



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88 a 879

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715 C

N. B. In the 3 per Cent. Confols. the highest and lowest Price of each Day is given; in the other Stocks the higheft Price only



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( 27

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J. BRANSCOMB, Jun. Stock Broker, No. 4, Coraliüll.

Linyd's Evening
St. James'sChron.
Whitehall Even.
London Chron.
London Evening.
L. Packet-Star
English Chron.
Evening Mail
Middlefex Journ.
Courier de Lond.
Daily Advertifer
Public Advertifer
Gazetteer, Ledger
Morning Chron.
Morning Herald
Woodfall's Diary
The Oracle
Times-M. Poft
13 Weekly Papers
Bath 2, Bristol 4
Birmingham 2
BuryS: Edmund's
Canterbury 2


[blocks in formation]




Norwich 2












Meteorolog. Diaries for Oct. and Nov. 1791 978 | New Tranflation of Daniel recommended 1006
Mr. Lodge's Illuftration of a Biograph. Fact 979 Johnfon & Garrick-Precepts of Decalogue 10-8
Bow Bridge demolished-The Lords Ros? 980 Remarks on Mole of conferring Degrees 1009
Bp. I owth-Gray's "Progrefs of Poetry" 981 Charters granted to the City of Worcester 1010)
Dean Young-Bp. of Lichfield's Confirming 982 Burke defended from Political Inconfiftency 101.
Dr. Wallis's Sermons-Sepulchres are facred 983 Speech of Lord Clarendon-Antiq at Bath 1012)
Locke's Tomb repaired-Hackney College 984 Collections for Grantham ?--Effay on Study 1013
Godftow Nunnery, and Tomb of Rofamund 985 Singular Circumftance of Dr. Chamberlayne 1014
Simplicity of Manners, by what Means loft 986 Poor Man's Prayer-Interment of Paupers 1015
Defcription of Giant's Cave, and Nine Kirks 990 Chepstow Bridge-The Veterinary College 1016
Pendrell Family-Poftler-Sir T Milward 992 Ritfon's Old Songs-Family of the Drydens 1017
Proceedings in the laft Seifion of Parlament 993 Materials for a Life of Bishop Jer. Taylor 101?
Mifcellaneous Remarks-Pigotts & Drydens 994 Norfolk Epitaphs-Traits of the Wanderer ib.
Grafs Seed-Dr Brown's Poft umous Works 995 Geo. Fox and Leflie-Eulogy of Thomfon ro19)
Hint for Biographical Dictionary-St. Giles 996 Critique on Sir Will. Irumbull-Archery 1021
Controverfy of Berington, Williamfon, Milner 997 Revolution Society's Addrefs to Dr. Puieftley,102
Epitaphs on Bournes at Alhover-Bp Newton 998 REVIEW OF NEW PUBLICATIONS 1025-1043
Family of Wifeman-The great Lord Talbot 999 [INDEX INDICATORIUS-Queries anfwered 104
Longevity in Glamorgan-Hints on Cyder 1000 SELECT POETRY, antient and modern 1044-481
Gifts to Monafteries-Reading-Names 1001 For. Affairs, Domeftic Occurrences, &c. 1c49-59!
Method of ufing Cold Bath to moft Advantagercoz Marriages, Deaths, Preferments, &c. 1060 7-
A Plan for raifing Water from deep Wells too4 Average Prices of Corn-Theatrical Regift. 1071
Efficacious Remedy for Bite of a mad Dog 1005 Daily Variations in the Prices of the Stocks 1072
Embellished with beautiful Perfpective Views of GonsTow NUNNERY in OXFORDSHIRE,
and the Ruins of CLOMINES in IRELAND; and with an accurate Reprefentation
of a Coin, fuppofed to be that of FAIR ROSAMUND.




Printed for D. HENRY by JOHN NICHOLS, Red Lion Pallage, Flest-ftreet;
where all Letters to the Editor are defired to be addreffed, Pos T-PAID.



Barom. Therm

State of Weather in October 1791.

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44 30,1





31 41 45 40

N.1 40 39


36 42

29 37 50 48


49 40 48

11 o'ci. Night.

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3. Wheat feeding upon the fallowed lands generally finifhed. Bufy taking up winter po tatoes.-Crops injured by the frofts in May and June; the latter-planted crops fuperior to the firft. Turneps generally good crops.-12. Goffamer upon the new-ploughed lands.17. Thermometer flood at 80 out of doors 4 o'clock P.M. Goffamer floats. Lombardy poplar nearly ftripped of its foliage.-20. Lightens much at night.-21. Springs rife a little from the preceding heavy rains. Wallflowers, stocks, and fome others, in bloom.-20. A woodcock feen upon the plain.-22. Fieldfares in large flocks,-25. Some feagulls upon the wing.


Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.








44 53

80 52




78 50

45 48

40 47





20 46 15 48 29,90 48

METEOROLOGICAL TABLE for November, 1791.


15 cloudy ,95 cloudy

37 29,90 cloudy

70 cloudy 41 40 ,65 cloudy


,65 cloudy

37 47 36 70 cloudy
,20 fair

43 32



37 34 30,2
,16 fair
,09 fair

,04 (fair

[blocks in formation]



[all night

frofty air, clear fky, thunder, a fmart fhower, rains overcaft, rain moft of the day [and ftarlight

clear blue fky, extremely pleafant, bright moon frosty, clears up, rain at night

overcaft, a dead calm 3 P.M. then rain

clear fine day

grey, rains from to A.M. to 3 P.M.
clear fky, delightful day
overcaft, ra'n

clear fky, fine day, rains at night
rains heavily, ftormy showers
thowers all day, very formy night
rain, fhowers all day, very ftarlight

clear fky, ice 1-13th inch thick, very fine day
clear fky, pleafant day

overcaft, rains from 12 to 5 P.M.

foggy, clears up, fine day

clear fky, frequent glooms
clear fky, fine day

clofe, fun frequently obfcured, raw and cold
overcast, gloomy dull day

dark clouds, frequent glooms

Barom. Weather
in. pts. in Nov. 1791-

Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.

rain at night

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32 46 38





II 50 51

W. CARY, Mathematical Inftrument-Maker, oppofite Arundel-Street, Strand.

47 34 cloudy

43 28,86 high wind

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