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in her manners, polite in her accomplishments, and calculated, as he believed, and as experience afterwards proved, to render his life as happy as its viciffitudes allow any reaonable person to expect to he. Every day of her life juftified the opinion which his Lordship had formed of her: as a wife, the was most dutiful and affectionate; as a mother, most unwearied in her attention to her lovely and numerous offspring; the was indefatigable in her endeavours to inculca e principles of religion and virtue in their tender minds, and perfonally attentive even to the minuice of their foo', their dref, and all thofe necellary circumstantials, which fervants, left to themfelves, would too frequently difregard. In the courfe of a tedious and painful fickness under which her muchloved and refpected lord languifhed and died, her toilfome days and Deepless nights did honour to her feelings, but proved deftructive to herself, and, no doubt, fo fatally impaired her conftitution as to render her an early facrifice to the calls of duty and affection. Amidft thefe cares and forrows the found amufement in fome of the most curious arts, by which the diftinguished herself among her female acquaintance; and specimens of her kill will attract the admiration of the curious, whenever they are infpected: yet note of thete ornamental employments were fuffered to interfere with her fiel duties; in thefe fhe confcientiously perfired to the lift day of her ability to attend to them. The Sunday which preceded her diffolution was devoted to her children's improvement in the principles of religion; the bleilings of which the is now receiving, and is, happily, far beyond the reach of that malevolence which dictated an article in the news-paper, calculated only to milead and mifinform, and in which there is freely a fingle particle of truth, from the place of her death at Wanftead in Sux, to the duration of her zine hours' illness, and the fwelling under her breaft, which no one, except this well-informed writer, ever knew was the caufe of her death; the immediate caufe of which was an inflammation in her bowels, fucceeded by a rapid mortification. S. G. P. 783, col. 2, l. 35, г.“ vice Henn, refigned.”

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12. The Lady of William Frazer, efq. of Queen fquare, a daughter.

13. At Northumberland-house, Charingcroís, her Grace the Duchefs of Northumberland, a daughter.

14. At Duffield, near Derby, Mrs. Harrifon (late Mifs Cantelo) a daughter.

15. At his houfe in Bolton-street, Piccadilly, the Lady of Scrope Bernard, esq. M.P. for Aylesbury, a fon.

In New Burlington-treet, the Lady of Col. Glyn, of the firft regiment of footguards, a daughter.

19. At Rambury, Wilts, the Lady of Col. Read, a daughter.

20. At his Lordship's house in Hill-street, Berkeley-fquare, Lady Herbert, a daughter.

The Lady of Henry Gill, efq. of Ething, Surrey, a fon.

21. The Lady of Wm. Cooke, efq. one of the directors of the Bank, a fon.

11. At East A Son, Middlefex, the Lady of Dr. Hall, a fun.

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22. At Burton upon Trent, Mr.T. Worthington, jun. fon of Mr. Wm. W. an opulent brewer of that town, to Mifs Sarah Evans, one of the daughters of Mr. Henry E. of the fame place.


23. Win. Pagan, efq. of the island of Dominica, to Mis Catherine Hart, daughter of the late Rev. John H. minister of Kirkenner.

24. Mr. Edw. Sargeant, of Tower-hill, to Mifs Wilkinfon, daughter of the late Mr. Geo. W. of Biliiter-square.

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At St. Stephen's, Herts, Mr. James Nicholls, of Aldenham, Herts, to Mifs Gafcoyne, of Tower-hill.

Marriages of confiderable Perfons.

26. Mr. Wm. Herbert, brewer, to Mrs. Rayner, both of Wisbech.

Robert Merry, efq. to Mifs Brunton, of
Covent-garden theatre.

27. Hon. Geo. Leonard, of the island of Antigua, judge of the Court of Vice-admiralty, and member of the council in his Majefty's Virgin islands, to Mifs Martin, of Grofvenor-place, daughter of the Hon. Henry M. deceased, late prefident of the council in the Virgin islands.

Cha. Hay, efq. merchant in Dunbar, to Mifs Stag, daughter of John S. efq. of Ackworth-houfe, co. York.

Rev. Charles Holworthy, of Elfworth, co.
Cambridge, to Mifs Henrietta Want, of
Brampton, co. Huntingdon.

28. At Deptford, Jofiah Dornford, efq. of
Deptford-road, to Mis. Efther Thompson,
of the City road.

29 At Lincoln, Rev. Sir Richard Kaye, bart. dean of Lincoln, to Mrs. Mainwaring, widow of Tho. M. efq. of Lincoln, and dau. of the late Wm. Fenton, efq. of Glafs-house, near Leeds, co. York.

30. Mr. John Willis, of Godalming, attorney, to Mifs Kemp, of Alton, Hants.

Mr. Bunny, jun. of Newbury, furgeon, to Mifs Eliz. Worfley, youngest daughter of the Rev. Mr. W. of Chefhunt.

At Hackney, Rev. G. Hodgkins, to Mifs Tutt, both of Stoke Newington.

At Bristol, Wm. J. Coltman, efq. of London, to Mifs Clifford, daughter of Mr. C. merchant, of Bristol.

At Lakenham, near Norwich, Clement Trafford, efq. to Mifs Crowe, daugh. of Jas. C. efq. of Tuck's wood, near that city.

31. Mr. David Price, of Ofwestry, co. SaTop, to Mifs Price, eldest daughter of the late Mr. P. furgeon there.

At Prefton, Mr. Alex. Worfwick, hanker, of Lancaster, to Mifs Greaves, of Prefton, daughter of Tho. G. efq. banker there, and one of the aldermen of the faid borough.

At Bramcout, Mr. Pennington, of Nottingham, to Mifs Robinson, daughter of Geo. R. efq. of that place.

Lately, Henry-Charles Sirr, efq. of the 68th regiment, to Mifs D'Arcy, daughter of James D'A. efq. of Hyde-park, co. Westmeath, in Ireland.

Capt. Yates, of Yarmouth, to Mifs Brook, of Fungay.

At Bumingham, G. Bulftrode, efq. of Worcester, to Mifs Bulftrode, of Dover, only daughter of Capt. B. of the royal navy.

Mr. Jamefon, late of Dunkirk, to Mifs Sarah Norton, daughter of Mr. N. millwright, Tooley-freet, Southwark.

At Newchurch, in the fle of Wight, Mr. John Cleader, many years mafter in his Majeity's navy, aged 60, to Mifs Harriet Atrill, aged 24.


fhip-chandler and iron-founder, of Hull, to
At Gretna-green, Mr. George Fletcher,
bert, efq. of Scarborough.
Mifs Akeleye, daughter-in-law to Wm, Her-

Lieut. J. Gilfillan, to Mifs Eliza Bridge, of

wick, J. T. Serres, efq. painter to the Duke Sept. 1. At Barton on the Heath, co. Warof Clarence, &c. to Mifs Olivia Wilmot.

At Edinburgh, Capt. Robert N. Campbell, eldeft fon of Mungo C. efq of Hundiefhope, to Mifs Montgomery, eldest daughter of the Lord Chief Baron.

ftreet, to Vifs C. Grant, of Portsmouth.
John Ph. de Gruchy, efq. of Fenchurch-

John Bate, efq. of Bedford-row, to Mifs Freeman, of Bartholomew-clofe.

Jukes Coulfon, efq. of Westbrun-house, to Mifs Kindlefide, of Wigmore, Kent.

Woodgar, both of Bishopfgate-street.
Mr. Pellet Kirkham, leather-feller, to Mifs

At the Holy Trinity, Micklegate. Rev Jn. Jennings, dau. of Mr. Wm. J. of that place. Clark, rector of Goodmanham, to Mifs Sarah

5. Geo. Sadler, efq. of Lexden, near Colchefter, to Mifs Stebbing, of Clare.

At Longforgan mante, Dr. George Moncrieff, phyfician at Perth, to Mifs Janet Lyon, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Geo. L. of Ogie, minister of that parish.

6. Sir Wm. Hamilton, K. B. envoy extraordinary and minifter plenipotentiary to the Court of Naples, to Mifs Harte, a lady much celebrated for her elegant accomplishments and great mufical abilities.

7. At Hall, Tucker, efq. M.D. to Mifs Wood, zd daugh. of Mr. W. tar-merchant. 8. Mr. R. Smith, ironmonger, of Holbornhill, to Mifs Charlotte Payne, of l'emple-bar.

Mr. Francis Pontet, of Pall-mall, to Mifs Mary Toulaint, of Sackville-Areet.

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Aldermanhury, banker, to Mifs Gardiner,
10. At Wanstead, Jafper Atkinson, efq of
daugh. of Sam. G. efq. of Woodford, Elex.

Charles Pilgrim, efq. of Bow-lane, to Mifs
Tegetmeyer, of Hampstead.

Mr. Edward Batten, of Eroad-street, to
Mifs Gibton, of Stratford.

12. At St. Pancras, Capt. Tho. Nixon, to Mifs Ifabella Capper, daughter of Rich. C. efq. of Bufhy, Herts.

14. At Walthamitow, James Webb, efq.
to Mrs. Newfom, relict of lof. N. efq. late
in commiflion of the peace for co. Middlefex.

Mr. Benj. Lara, jun. turgeon, of Leaden-
hall-itrect, to Mifs Supi: o, at Old Broad-ftr.
At Alawick, co. Noutu.berland, Tho.
Donaldíon, eiq. of Chefwick, co. Durham,


near Berwick upon Tweed, late a captain in the 31ft regiment, to Mifs Polly Selby, only daughter of Geo. S. efq. of Alnwick.

At Bristol, Mr. Tho. Hull, of that city, to Mifs Mary Bennett, daughter of the late Ju. B. efq. of Danbury, Etiex.

15. At the Quakers' meeting, at Chefhunt, Mr. W. Pryor, of the Poultry, to Mifs E. Squire, of Hertford.

At Hackney, Rev. Samuel Hoole, M. A. fon of Mr. John H. late of the Eaft Indiahoufe, to Mifs Eliza Young, daughter of Arthur Y. efq. of Bradfield-hall, Suffolk.

Right Hon. George Marquis of Blandford, eldeft fon of the Duke of Marlborough, to Lady Sufan Stewart, fecond daughter of the Earl of Galloway.

At Southrepps, co. Norfolk, Rev. James Hodgson, rector of that parifh, to Mifs Whitcombe, eldest daughter of Robert W. efq. of Kington, co. Hereford.

19. At Storrington, Suffex, Hen. Chivers Vince, efq. eldeft fon of H. C. V. efq. of Clift-hall, Wilts, to Mifs Bifshopp, eldest daughter of Harry B. efq. and grand-daughter of the late old Sir Cecil B. bart.

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Feb. T Oldenburgh, George Chriftian IO. von Oeder, author of the "Flora Danica." He was born at Anfpach, Feb. 3, 1728, and studied phyfick, but more particularly botany, at Gottingen, under the celebrated Haller, through whofe recommendation he was appointed profeffor of botany at Copenhagen. He was induced, by the patronage of the unfortunate Struenfee, who, in 1773, procured for him a confiderable appointment in the College of Finances, to quit his medical and botanical purfuits; but Struenfee being executed foon after, he retained this place only a few months. He was afterwards appointed to the office of "Landvogt" at Oldenburgh, which he retained till his death. March.... At fanjore, in India, in his 36th year, Mr. Edward-Thomas Bayly, of the civil eftablishment at Madras, and only fon of the late Mr. B. of Hereford.

June 13. At the Cape of Good Hope, on his patlage home, in the Worcester Indiaman, Lieut. Drummond, of the 75th reg. July 19. On board the Hope, Capt. Fufs, GENT. MAG. September, 1791.

of Bristol, from Jamaica, James Douglas, efq. of that island.

23 (not the 30th, as printed in our last). At Maidstone, in his 67th year, Jn. Brenchley, efq. a confiderable brewer, and one of the jurats of that corporation.-The day before Mr. B's death, the Commonalty Society of Maidstone went down the Medway to New Hithe, according to annual cuftom. On their return, a little before they reached the wharf, where fire-works are ufually difplayed on this occafion, the stewards received information that he was worse, and that his fpeedy diffolution was inevitable. The colours were immediately ftruck; no bells were rung; no fire-works were displayed; and the company filently difperfed, from motives of refpect to a man whofe death, by the inhabitants of Maidstone and its neighbourhood, is confidered as a public lofs. 29. At Barham, in Kent, Mr. Thomas Culling, fen. formerly of Canterbury.

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17. At Vicenza, near Venice, Sir Francis Vincent, bart. of Stoke Dabernon, in Surrey, a feat inherited from a long line of ancestors. About a year ago, he was appointed his Majefty's refident at Venice. He married Mary, only child of Richard Muilman Trench Chifwell, efq. of Dibden, co. Eflex; by whom he has left one fon, Francis, and a daughter.

After a long and painful illness, aged 76, Rev. Dr. Cha. Bagge, rector of Syderstone, and perpetual curate of St. Margaret's, with the chapel of St. Nicholas, in King's Lynn, and Barmer, in Norfolk.

18. At York, Mrs. Beaumont, relict of Rich. B. efq. of Whitley-hall, co. York.

Mr. John Morris, formerly a liquor-merchant at Lynn.

19. At his chambers in the college, the Rev. Digby Marth, D. D. fenior fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, profeflor of modern history, register of the Univerfity, and member of the Royal Irish Academy.-Whether we confider the greatnefs of his mind, the ftrength of his talents, or the number of his virtues, we cannot hesitate to pronounce him amongst the first characters of which the univerfity, or perhaps the nation, can boast. Calm, deliberate, and referved; his calmness was fortitude; his deliberation wifdom; his referve modesty. That magnanimity which raifed him above the reach of pation gave to every action of his life decifion and intrepidity;

dity; and whilft he feemed flow in deciding, he was retarded not by dulnefs of conception, but by the range of his fagacity, and the comprehenfion of his views. The aufterity of his deportment, the effect not of pride but of conftitution, was foftened into affability by a native gentleness and benevolence, which could not be difguifed; and through a feverity of manner, perhaps not ill fuited to the ferious dignity of his mind, beamed the mildest effufions of a generous and feeling heart. His affections were not eafily excited; but they were ftrong, fteady, and permanent; and, whilft he fcorned to make professions of regard, his actions proved him a fincere and difinterested friend. Noble and elevated in his fentiments, he has left behind him a character unfullied by a fingle mean or difhonourable act: nor, indeed, was it poffible that a man, the independence of whofe virtue refted upon himfelf, and, far from courting, rather thunned applaufe, could have deviated from the ftrict path which honour and confcience prefcribe. Endowed with fingular powers of understanding, he fought not their difplay. His genius was too proud to stoop to fame, too modeft to hope for it; but the gratitude of that place which has been enriched by his talents, and adored by his virtues, will pay to his memory that tribute of admiration and praife which the difiidence that ever attends real abilities would have prevented him from accepting in his life.

In her 75th year, Ms. Sarah Taylor, of Manchester, one of the people called Quakers, amongst whom she had been a preacher upwards of 50 years.

20. At Carlow, in Ireland, Capt. Mark Kerr, of the 9th regiment of dragoons, fon of the late Rob. K. efq. of Newfield.

22. At Gottingen, the fearned Profeffor MICHAELIS, defervedly celebrated for his literary productions; of whom we hope to receive very ample particulars.

At Cupar, in Fifefhire, in his 89th year, Wm. Millar, efq. of Starr.

23. Mr. John Centlivre, of Founder'scourt, Lothbury, a Swifs merchant.

After a tedious illness, Mr. John Hawtyn, of Holywell, Oxford, watch-maker, and one of the common-council of that city.

At his brother's houfe in Sonthampton-ftr. Bloomsbury, Mr. Jofeph Tootell.

At his houfe in Kildare street, Dublin, at a very advanced age, Geo. Doyle, efq. furgeon, and fenior member of the Royal College of that faculty.

At Durham, greatly and defervedly lamented, Rev. Samuel Dickens, D. D. He had the first prebendal ftall in the cathedral of Durham, was archdeacon of the diocefe, official to the dean and chapter, and held the rectory of Eafington, annexed to the archdeaconry. He was admitted at Chrift Church, Oxford, where he proceeded M. A. 1743, B. D. 1742, D. D. 1753.

25. Cha. Rofs, efq. of Craven-fr. Strand.

In Queen-street, Wolverhampton, aged 82, Mrs. Molineux, relict of Mr. Tho. M.

At Waddington, near Lincoln, aged 88, Mr. Rich. Gad, fen. the oldeft man in that village, and by trade a weaver.

26. At his houfe in Duke-street, Grosvenor-fquare, Mr. Gideon Hewitt, one of the extra mellengers to his Majefty. His death was occafioned by his horte falling with him, on the 24th, in Pall-mall. Mr. H. had been difpatched on the 21st, at night, from the Secretary of State's office, with a refpite for a convict who was to be executed on the 22d, at Salisbury, which duty he performed with fuccefs; and on the 24th was fent, with difpatches to Mr. Dundas, at Wimbledon; on his return from which place he met with his unfortunate accident. Mr. Dundas, upon hearing of the misfortune, with great hunianity fent Mr. John Hunter, with directions to give Mr. Hewitt every poffible afliftance. He was trepanned on the 25th, in the evening; but the concuffion of the brain was too violent for the utmoit human skill to counteract.

At iflington, Mrs. Turpin, widow of Mr. T. bookfeiler, in Holborn.

At M..rgate, fuddenly, while in company with fome friends, with whom he went to pafs the evening, Mr. John Butler.

27. Mr. Gabriel Heath, oilman, at Aldgate, and one of the common-council of that ward (fee vol. LVI. p. 440). He had been long and feverely afflicted, and has left an amiable and affectionate wife (with one child), who was the eldest daughter of Mr. Deputy Humfiys, of Bread-ftreet hill.

At his houfe on Wandfworth-hill, Mr. Robert Harris.

28. At his houfe in Tothill fields, Westm. Mr. Arrow, carpenter to his Majesty.

At St. Margaret's Bank, near Rochester, aged 65, Mrs. Anne Byers, rolict of Mr. Jn. B. many years taylor and draper at Chatham.

29. At Heftercombe, co. Somerset, Warre Bampfylde, efq. in the commillion of the peace, and late colonel of the Somerfet

hire militia.

At Berwick, Major Bickerton, townmajor of that garrifon. He was the elder brother of Admiral Sir Rich. B 'bart.; and fucceeded Major Rogers in 1789.

At Bristol Hotwells, Mifs Fortescue, oldest daughter of the late Right Hon. Janies F. of Ireland, and niece to the E. of Clermont.

30. At Yarlington, in her 19th year, after a lingering illness of more than fixteen months, Mifs Mary-Ann Jackion, fecond daughter of the Rev. Dr. J. rector of that pain, and prebendary of Westminster.

At Mantua, John Gerard d'Arco, prefidont of the Royal Academy there.

31. Michael Ferron, efq. of Whitler's court, Cannon-street.

At South Mimms, John Barwick, efq. Mr. Wm. Wootton, of Ewell, co. Surrey, Lieutenant of the Eaft Middlefex militia.


At Glaffaugh, Lady Dowager Abercromby, of Birkenbog.

On his way to Exeter, whither he was going to be married, Mr. Bulling, a refpectable farmer at Briflington.

At Towtock-houfe, after a very favere illness, which the bore with exemplary refignation, the Lady of Sir Bourchier Wray, bart. only daughter of Sir Robert Palk. At Wakefield, co. York, aged 71, Mr. Samuel Harrison.

At Broome, near Eye, in Suffolk, Mr. J. Hutchinfon, late iteward to E. Cornwallis. At Ferrybridge, co. York, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Lowe.

At Broughton, in Lancashire, aged 104, Mrs. Anne Waters. Six months previous to her death, the broke her arm, which was fet and healed in a very thort time: 150 perfons, according to the cuftom of that country, attended the funeral dinner.

At Tivethall, co, Norfolk, Mr. William Potter, formerly a bricklayer at Difs; the number of whole children, grand-children, and great grand-children, make up that of his years, viz. 67. He was carried to the grave by fix of his own fons.

Lately, Mr. John Humphries, an English merchant at Conftantinople, who had for fome years been entrusted with the direction of the overland difpatches to the Eaft India Company. The charges of the laft difpitches tranfmitted from Conftantinople, on the 22d of April laft, amounted to the fum of 211. 10s. 6d.; which, with the annual flary, makes in the whole 711. 10s. rod. Mr. Barbauld fucceeds Mr. Humphries as agent for the Company; and the mercantile houfe is now carried on under the firm of Barbauld and Co.

At Liege, in Germany, on his travels, aged 19, Sir Francis Gerrard, bart. of Bryan, co. Lancaster.

At Dieppe, in France, on her return from abroad, where she had been for the recovery of her health, the Lady of Wm. Powell, efq. of Ringmer, near Lewes.

At Cork, Lieut. James Smyth, of the royal navy. He ferved in the Rect under Sir Edw. Hawke, at the defeat of Conflans.

Unfortunately drowned at Cork, Lient. Cofby, of the army, nephew and intended heir of Admiral C.

At his houfe in Camden-ftreet, Dublin, Wm. Dunn, efq, an alderman of that city.

At Leith, in an advanced age, Mr. Wm. Burgh, merchant.

Aged 105, Mrs. A. Thomas, of Bayvil, co. Pembroke. She knitted a pair of neat ribbed ftockings with great judgement a few days before her difflution; and retained her faculties to the laft moment of her exi.tence.

Mr. Wm. Cox, many years clerk to Geo. Hogg, el. of Lynn.

At Wellingborough, Mrs. Anderfon, late of Edinburgh.

At Brentwood, co. Eflex, Mrs. Newman, wife of Rev. John N. preacher at the antient chapel there.

Of a decline, aged 38, Mr. Tho. Cogger, mafter of the White Horfe inn at Ripley, Surr.

At Reigate, Surrey, Mrs. Williams, formerly Mrs. J. Wilfon, of Drury-lane theatre.

At his apartments in the royal palace at Kensington, aged 82, John Smith, ef. He had been one of the clerks of the late Beard of Works near 50 years.-in a few days after him, died his only fifter, aged 80. Being both unmarried, they had lived together from their infancy. They were natives of Yorkfhire; and their property dekends to a nephew of the fame name, an eminent builder, in Vine-ftreet, Piccadilly.

In Bury-itreet, St. James's, Mrs. Rayne, wife of Capt. R. in the East India Company's fervice in Bengal.

In an advanced age, Mr. Abraham Fleury, of Mile-end, formerly of Spital-fields, an eminent filk-weaver.

Sept. 1. At Dundee, in the 86th year of his age, and 6th of his miniftry, Rev. Sir Robert Prefton, bart. minister of Cupar, in Fifeshire.

At Marth-gate, Charles Deaves, efq fty years fecretary to the different Matters of the Rois. He was the oldeft law-onicur, Lord Mansfield not excepted; having come into ofice in 1741, when Mr. Juftice Fortefcue, from the Common Pleas, was made Matter of the Roils. The othe, with perquifites, &c. is very confiderable.

At Brumpton, near Scarborough, in his 84th year, Sir George Cayley, bart. upwards of 60 years in the commillion of the peace for the county of York.

At Bufcott, Rev. R. Ready, rector of that place, and of Padmore and Cadniore, Bucks.

4. At Huntingdon, aged 63, much lament

Aged 66, greatly lamented, Mrs. Eliz. Ackin, of Downham, in Norfolk, and dau. of the lat: Kob. Gill, efq. of Upwell, who fonte time fince ferved the office of high-ed by all his friends and acquaintance, Diel fheriff for the county of Cambridge. Hopkins, M. D. F. R. S. His humanity and great abilities as a furgeon, man-midwife, and phyfician, make his death a public lois.

At Milibroke, near Southampton, Mrs. Warren, file to the late Sir John Hobby Mill, bart.

At Dundee, in his 35th year, Mr Thomas


At Pocklington, co. York, in his 78th year, Rev. Rob. Robinson, B. D. fenior fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and rector of Hariwell, in Yorkshire.

At his houfe in York, in his 88th year, Jarrard Strickland, efq.

3. Mr. Barnard, ftationer, in Mitre-comt, Temple.

At his fon-in-law's (John Foulkes, efq. Hart-beet, Bloomsbury, London), th Rev. Mr. Brownlow Toller, of Billugborough, co. Lincoln.

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