Problem-based Immunology

Elsevier España, 2006 - 255 páginas
It's one thing to understand the basic science of immunology. It's another thing to know how that science applies to the realities of patient care. This new resource uses skillfully presented clinical case studies to efficiently demonstrate the practical relevance of immunology knowledge in diagnosing a wide range of challenging conditions. It offers as an ideal way to review the fundamental principles of immunology ... and see them translated into real-world diagnosis and management!

  • Covers each major area of the field - immunization, hypersensitivity, autoimmunity, immunodeficiency disorders, tumor immunology, and transplantation.
  • Provides a concise overview of the basic concepts in each area, followed by 6-10 succinct and well-organized case studies that illustrate the associated clinical applications.
  • Begins each case study with an initial case presentation, complete with full-color clinical photographs, allowing you to put your diagnostic reasoning skills to the test - followed by a list of the key clinical features involved in the case A a one-paragraph discussion of each differential diagnostic possibility A and a summary of the correct diagnosis and treatment approach

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excelente libro los casos clínicos son basados en la evidencia y eso los hace mas interesantes

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casos clinicos!!!


con sudores nocturnos crónicos
Niño de 9 años que sufre una sinusitis
Niño de 9 años que presenta
Embarazada de 25 años a la
de peso
Mujer de 38 años que presenta
Espectro de enfermedades
Mujer de 23 años que ingresa
La citología vaginal de una mujer
Inmunología del rechazo del injerto
y exantema eritematoso
Citocinas y quimiocinas en el sistema
Cuestionario de autoevaluación
Chica de 18 años alérgica que no

Papel de los anticuerpos en el diagnóstico

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