Application of Cathodoluminescence Imaging to the Study of Sedimentary Rocks

Cambridge University Press, 21 sep. 2006
Minerals in sedimentary rocks emit characteristic visible luminescence called cathodoluminescence (CL) when bombarded by high energy electrons. CL emissions can be displayed as colour images in a cathodoluminescence microscope or as high-resolution monochromatic images in a scanning electron microscope. This provides information not available by other techniques on the provenance of the mineral grains in sedimentary rocks, and insights into diagenetic changes. The book, first published in 2006, begins with an easily understood presentation of the fundamental principles of CL imaging. This is followed by a description and discussion of the instruments used in CL imaging, and a detailed account of its applications to the study of sedimentary rocks. The volume is a comprehensive, easily understood description of the applications of cathodoluminescence imaging to the study of sedimentary rocks. It will be an important resource for academic researchers, industry professionals and advanced graduate students in sedimentary geology.

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