The New Tale of a Tub: An Adventure in Verse

W. S. Orr, 1847 - 34 páginas

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Página 3 - THE Orient day was fresh and fair, A breeze sang soft in the ambient air, Men almost wondered to find it there Blowing so near Bengal, Where waters bubble as boiled in a pot, And the gold of the sun spreads melting hot, And there's hardly a breath of wiad to be got At any price at all!
Página 25 - Of the just equilibrium of casks and of kegs, Not bred up in attics, Nor taught mathematics, To work out the problems of Euclid with pegs ! He has plunged with the impetus wild of a lover, And the tub has loomed large, balanced, paused, and turned over! The Tiger at first had a...
Página 8 - They are now at their pic-nic with might and with main. But what do we see in the front of the plain ? A jungle, a thicket of bush, weed, and grass, And in it reposing — eh — no ! not an ass — Not an ass, not an ass, that could not come to pass ; No donkey, no donkey, no donkey at all, But superb in his slumber, a Royal Bengal ! ' Tho' Royal, he wasn'ta king ! No such thing ! He didn't rule lands from the Thames to the Niger, But he did hold a reign...
Página 33 - I'm ready to drop ! Hold ! stay ! I'm fainting away, Laughter I'm certain '11 kill me to-day ; And " Short-and-stout " is bursting his skin, And almost in fits is " Tall-and-thin," And Tiger is free, yet they do not quail, Tho...
Página 26 - s no blunder, The Tiger is under The Tub! My verse need not run To the length of a sonnet, To tell how the Bengalese Both jumped upon it, While the beautiful barrel Keeps acting as bonnet To the Tiger inside, Who no more in his pride Can roam over jungle and plain, But sheltered alike from the sun and the rain, Around its interior his sides deigns to rub With a fearful hub-bub, And longs for his freedom again.

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