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Here goes! here goes!" and he gave a spring;

The gentlemen looking for no such thing,

Might have fallen a prey to the Tiger-king.

But a certain interference,

Which bursts from their most intelligent Tub,
May enable them yet to return to their grub,
On the self-same plain a year hence!
The Tub, tho' empty of roll and ration,

Is full of a certain preservation—

Of which, though it does not follow

In every case of argumentation,

It is full because it is hollow!

For not having a top, and no inside things,
It turns top-heavy when Tiger springs !
And making a kind of a balancing pause,
Keeps holding the animal up by his claws,

In a manner that seems to fret it;

While "Short-and-stout," in a state of doubt,

Keeps on his belly a sharp look-out;

And “Tall-and-thin," with an impudent grin,

Exults in his way,

As much as to say,

I only wish you may get it!

But much as I may respect your agility,

I don't see at present the great probability!


The Tiger has leapt up heart and soul,
It's clear that he means to go the whole
Hog, in his hungry efforts to seize

The two defianceful Bengalese !

But the Tub! the Tub!

Ay, there's the rub!

At present he's balanced atop of the Tub

His fore legs inside,

And the rest of his hide,





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