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London : BRADEURY AND Evans, PRINTERs, white FRIArs.

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DIARY ; FROM 1620 Io 1665 - - - - - - -











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GoDFREY KNELLER . - - - - - • Faox Tisrircr.

WIEw of Wotton, IN SURREY, THE SEAT of John EvelyN To face Page 1.

PoRTRAIT of MARY, wife of John Evelyn . - . Frontispi EcE.
PEDIGREE of THE Evelyn FAMILY . • At the end of the Wolume.

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THIS work has been out of print for many years; and little more is necessary, in presenting to the public an Edition which has been long required, than to indicate such differences as will be found to exist between the present and former publications. The Dedication, Preface, and Introduction, are reprinted from those which appeared in the Quarto Editions of 1818, and in the Octavo Edition of 1827. In compliance with a wish very generally expressed, the spelling of the Diary has been modernized. No other change will be found in the text, except such as a fresh examination of the original manuscript had rendered essential to its correctness and completeness. The Diary of Evelyn does not, in all respects,

strictly fulfil what the term implies. Information is continually found in it (introduced by such expressions as “afterwards,” “since,” “now"), which it could not have contained if written from day to day. Mistakes are also made which the writer must have escaped, if the record had been always entered on the day, and in the place, to which it refers. In the Additional Notes appended to the present Edition particular mention is made of some few of these ; and as a slight, but perfectly satisfactory, evidence that the form in which we have received the work is not that in which it was originally written, it may be worth adding, in this place, that the notice of “Jerusalem Church” (vol. i., p. 32), slipped by accident into the entries which refer to Antwerp, belongs to those of Bruges, where the church, so called from its containing a facsimile of the Holy Sepulchre, is still shown, and the legend told of the citizen whose journeys to the Holy Land enabled him to complete it. The truth appears to be, that Evelyn's Diary, as found among the papers at Wotton, had been copied by the writer from memoranda made at the time of the occurrences noted in it, and had received occasional alterations and additions in the course of transcription. Evelyn has himself told us in what way the book originated. “In imitation of “what I had seen my father do,” he remarks, when speaking of himself in his twelfth year, “I began to “observe matters more punctually, which I did use “ to set down in a blank almanack.” If we suppose

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