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A. M. Hawkins, who gained information of colours, eight pieces of artillery, with on shore, that the cutter had gone to a one general in the service of Saxony, 70 village on an arm of the sea, 35 miles in officers, and 3000 troops, tiad fallen into land, where he immediately proceeded, the hands of the conquerors. The united and ať 8 a. m, on the 2d, she was disco- forces of Gen. Barclay and Prince Bagravered at anchor, together with a schooner tion were in the neighbourhood of Smoand a large ship, which, on the appearance

lensko. Gen. Platoff commanded the of the boats, presented their broadsides, combined advanced guard. Admiral Mar. with springs on their cables. As a strong tin, in bis letter, says, “ In addition to tide set the boats towards them, Lieut. what is mentioned in the General's (Essen) Hawkins made the attack; when, after a letter, I learn that General Tormassow most sanguinary combat, maintained in suddenly left the position wbich he had the most gallant style, the Enemy. struck. occupied for some time at Gitomirz or Zi'They prove to be two Danish armed ves- tomirz, in order to attack a corps of Saxsels, of four and six guns, manned with ons stationed near Kubryn, 24 miles from 24 and 30 men, under the order of Com- Bryex Litowski, and about 130 miles East modore Buderhof, with an American ship of Warsaw, where he defeated the enemy; of 400 tons, their prize. The loss on the who retired towards Mixesk.”] part of the British was considerable: First- [This Gazette likewise announces the Jieut. Syder, R. Marines; Corporal Cur- capture of a Danish vessel of two guns, rick, ditto; Quarter-masters Shimmings, which was cut out from under the guns of Nightingale, and Markbam, with five sea- the battery at Alborg, on the 14th ult. by men, being killed.-Wounded : First-lieut. the boats of the Wrangler and Locust gunM. Hawkius; Second-lieut. T. P. Masters; brigs, under the command of Lieut. PetMr. Fowler, midshipman, all severely; ley and Mr. Curtis, second inaster. The Mr. Larans, Assistant Surgeon, since crew escaped on shore. The boats susdeari. The Enemy had 10 killed and 13 tained no logo.1 wounded, including the Danish Commodore and the Captain of the schooner.--Lieut. [The EXTRAORDINARY GAZETTÉ, published Hawkins speaks in high terms of the officers Sept. 4, has been already given in p. 276.] and seamen employed in this service.]

Admiralty-office, Sept. 5.--Letter from Admiralty-office, Aug. 29.-- Letter from Vice-adm. Sir James Saumarez, bart. and Capt. Broke, of H. M. Shannon. addressed K. B. dated on board his Majesty's ship to Vice Admiral Sawyer.

Victory, in Hawke Road, Aug. 27. H. M. S. Shannon, off New York, July 16. Sir, I herewith inclose a letter I have

SIR,-I have the pleasure to inform you, received from Rear-adm. Martin, dated that the Shannon has this day captured, the 17th inst. on board the Aboukir, off: after a smart chase, the Uuited States Riga, conveying information of the movebrig Nautilus, 16 guns and 106 men, com- ments of the Russian forces to that period ; manded by Capt. Crane, 24 hours out from by which their Lordships will observe, that New York, on a cruize, and had taken no event of importance had taken place nothing. I have, &c. P. B. V. BROKE. since the letter I transmitted from the

Rear-admiral dated the 11th inst. I have Sept. k. (This Gazette contains two let. the honour to be, &c. JAMES SAUMAREZ. ters from Admiral Martin off Riga, dated

Aboukir, of Riga Bay, Aug. 17. Aug. 10 and 11; and one from Gen. Es- Sir, I have to acquaint you that cousen, if antecedent date : they were trans- riers arrived last night from Count Wittmitted by Sir J. Saumarez. Adriral genstein and Gen. Barclay de Tolli, by Martin states, that Capt. Stuart, with a whom we learn that no important affair division of gun-boats, in conjunction with has yet occurred. Count Wittgenstein's another division under a Russian captain, letter is dated the 13th inst. at a small vilhad proceeded up the Boldero river, to lage called Doschoch, about 40 iniles oni co-operate with a body of troops from this side of Polotzk, to which last place be Riga, and the garrison of Dunamunde. had pursued Oudinot, and leaving a strong The object of the expedition was to take advanced post in front of it, in order to the Enemy by surprise; and failing in deceive him, the Count immediately took that, to force them back from Sclock, and a direction with his army towards Druyt. if possible, to penetrate to Mittau. Capt. to meet Macdonald, of whose departure Stuart effected the service entrusted to from this neighbourhood he had received him, and destroyed the bridge of Kalne- early intelligence, Hearing, however, zeen; but it is not staied that the remain- that Marshal Oudinot bad obtained reining objects were accomplished. Gen. Es- forcement of 11,000 men, be halted, and sen, in his letter of the 30th July, com. presently moved forward again in the direcs municates the receipt of intelligence, that tion of Polotzk, and falling in with a small the Coinmander in Chief of the third army French division, he attacked thein, and (Gen. Tormassow) had obtained a victory took 600 prisoners, besides, over the Enemy near Cobrin. Four stand was conjectured that Oudinot had re



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crossed the river, and it was ascertained authority, that they, upon whom the digthat his loss in the late action had been nity of Count of the holy Roman Empire much more severe than was at first re- shall have devolved, or shall devolve, in ported.Gen. Barclay de Toili's letter is virtue of the limitations in the Imperial dated the 10h of August, at Smolensko: it Letters Patent or Diploma granted by speaks only of an attack made by Count Francis the First, Emperor of Germany, Pahlen's cavalry on the Enemy's rear- and bearing date at Vienna, the 20th day guard, which he drove before him, taking of July, 1759, unto the said Horace St. 2 or 300 prisoners and Geveral Sebastia: Paul, may avail themselves of the said vi's carriage, with all his papers. Free honour, assume and use the title thereof quent skirmishes take place, and they are in this country, and bear the armorial represented as invariably favourable to ensigns annexed thereto. And also to the Russians, and every thing in the army order that this concession, and special is going on in a satisfactory way. Several mark of his Majesty's favour, may be smali detachments from this garrison have registered in his Majesty's College of been scouring the country, and have de- Arms. stroyed a magazine and taken some pri-. LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. soners. T. M. MARTIN, Rear-adm. Downing-street, Sept. 10. Major D'Oyly, Admiralty- Office, Sept. 5.--Extract of a aide-de-camp to Maj.-gen. Cooke, baš

Letter from Sir Home Popham to Ad- this morning arrived with dispatches from miral Keith, K. B. dated on board the him, dated Cadiz, Aug. 26, inclosing his Venerable, Bilboa Inlet, Aug. 16. letter to the Earl of Wellington, respecting Yesterday morning at day.dain; Ge- the raising of the Siege of Cadiz. neral Renovlaes attacked the Enemy, and My Lord, Cadiz, Aug. 26. bis dispositions were so judicious that he The Enemy abandoned his positions and drove him out of the town, from whence works opposite to Cadiz and the Island, he retreated on the high road to Zornosa, on the night of the 24th and morning of the and his whole force fell back towards Du- 25th, except the town of Port Santa Maria, rango. The Spaniards lost ten men killed where a body of troops remained till the and 23 wounded: the Enemy certainly lost middle of the day, and then withdrew to more, and had six prisoners taken. Major the Cartugu. He has left a very numeWilliams marched with a strong picquet rous artillery in the several works, and a to examine the country; but as the Enemy large quantity of stores and powder; and continued to retreat, he returned to the town although most of the ordnance bas been of Bilboa in the course of the night. Idirect- rendered useless, he appears to have reed Capt. Malcolm to take a proportion of tired from his position with more precipi. gunpowder, with a party of men, to blow tation than I should have expected. A up the Moro, as we had completely de- considerable body of cavalry was brought stroyed every work at Portugalete and its down previous to the retreat commencing. neighbourhood; but, as Gen. Renovales The towns of Puerta Real and Chiclana preferred doing it himself, I supplied him are now occupied by detachments of Spa. with powder for that purpose.

nish troops, and a party from the 2d Ha

noverian hussars is at the first-mentioned Downing-street, Sept. 7. Extract of a place, to which Col. Lambert had moved Dispatch from Maj.-gen. Cooke, dated from the Portazzo with them, and some Cadiz, Aug. 16.

light troops from this division. G. Cooke. I have just received accounts from EXTRACT. Col. Skerrett and the Spanish Col. Skerrett, dated at Huelva on the 14th; troops under Gen. Cruz, were at Manzathe allied troops landed there on the 12 h. nilla on the 22d, where they remained to 'The Enemy blew up the castle of Niebla, draw the attention of Marshal Soult. The and spiked the guns on that night, and re- Regency has given orders to commence a tired; the place is now occupied by Spanish cut across the Trocadero immediately, by troops."

a considerable number of workmen, so as Whitehall, Sept. 7. The Prince Regent to insulate it. has been pleased, in the name and on the Downing-street, Sepl. 12. Extracts from behalf of his Majesty, to give and grant

Letters from Colonel Sir H. Douglas, unto Horace David Cholwell St. Paul, a dated Castrorontrigo, 22d, and Astorga, Lieutevant-colonel in the Army, of Ewart Aug. 29th. House in the county of Northumberland, Castrorontrigo, Aug. 22.-When the Earl and Willingsworth Hall in the county of of Wellington transferred his bead-quare Stafford ; Henry Heneage St. Paul, Lieu- ters from Mojados to Cuellar, the Gallitenant-colonel commandant of the Nor- cian divisions, then occupying La Nava thumberland regiment of Local Militia; and Pollos, crossed the Douro again, and Charles Maximilian St. Paul, a Captain Gen. Santocildes established his headin the 69th regiment; and Anna Maria quarters in Valladolid. On the 7th inst. St. Paul, children of the late Horace St. Tordesillas capitulated, and the siege of Paul, of Ewart House aforesaid, esquire, Toro was undertaken, but with means Count of the Holy Roman Empire, de- very insufficient. On the 12th the Enemy seased, his Majesty's Roval Licence and

advanced make a


advanced, with about 7000 infantry and the morning of the 14th, the attack com1500 cavalry, from Palencia towards Val- menced with great vigour, and after a ladolid, which was only occupied by one heavy fire of four hours, the Enemy was battalion. Gen. Santocildes retired, taking driven from he bridges of the town, and the road by Torrelobaton towards Villal- from the heights of Beguna and Morro; pando. The Enemy now advanced towards and at nine o'clock they commenced a Toro; and it was ascertained that their precipitate retreat towards Zořnoza, purobjects were to relieve Toro and Zamora, sued by Gen. Renovales se division and the and then to march to Astorga to raise the van guard, headed by Porlier. Had the siege, and, having withdrawn the garrison, troops which were to have attacked the to destroy the works. The Spanish troops Enemy's right, arrived at the appointed were withdrawn from before Toro, which time, the victory would have been most the Enerny immediately abandoned; and complete, and probably Gen. Rouget, with General Santocildes, having collected all the greater part of his troops, would have his force at Belver, on the Rio Seco, com- been cut off from Durango. Their loss on menced his retreat on Benevente, near this occasion far exceeded ours, which was whcih place the Enemy's cavalry came up 20 killed and 50 wonder. It was highly with that of the 6th army (about 400) gratifying to see the steadiness of the and in the affair which followed we sus- newly-raised troops of Gen. Renovales's tained some loss. On the 19th inst. As- division. : Too much praise cannot be betorga surrendered, when the Enemy had stowed on their Chief, in whom they place already reached La Baneza, from which the greatest confidence, and who is indeplace i hey have since retired, on hearing fatigable in his exertions to complete and of the loss of that garrison, which was of organise his division. Since the 15th we such importance as to lead them into these occupied Galdacano and Zornoza, our opérations. I have no doubt, from the advance close to Durango, which point the direction they have taken, that they will Enemy strengthened, having two guns now withdraw the garrison of Zamora, and on the bridge of Yurreia, and occuentirely abandon the line of the Douro. pying several houses in the town: they Astorga was commanded by a General of have also an encampment on the left Brigade, was defended by a Lieut..col. of of the town, on the heights of Santa Luengineers, and the garrison was composed cia and Betano. On the night of the of two battalions of the 23d and one of the 20th we received intelligence that the 1st infantry of the linemin all 1200 ef. Enemy were moving to attack us, and that fectives, at the time of the surrender. a columi had marched to Orduna, the

Astorga, Aug. 29.---The Enemy retired high road from which to Bilbao joins the from La Baneza, on hearing of the fall of road froin Zornoza to' Bilbao, about a mile Astorga, and took the direction of Za. from the latter town. Gen. Mendizabet mora : they evacuated the latter place on determined to fall back, and wait the the morning of the 27th, retiring by Toro Enemy on the left bank of the river, in towards Valladolid. The Gallician army nearly the same position as that occupied has again moved forward, and now occu- by Gen. Renovales on the 14th inst. pies cantonments on the Esla, in the towns On the night of the 21st the Enemy adand villages near Villamanai.

vanced from Durango in three columns, Extracts of Letters from Lieut.-colonel two by Zornoza, the other by Villaro, with

W. P. Carrol, dated Zornoza, Aug. 24. a view of possessing themselves of the

Zornoxa, Aug. 24. I have the hononr heights that led from Arrigorriaga, and to acquaint you, that on the 13th inst, flanked those of Bolueta, which was the Gen. Rouget, with a force of nearly 3000 right and the key of our position. Renomen, advanced from Durango to attack vales's division occupied from the heights Bilbao. Gen. Renovales took up a position of Bolueta to those of Oliviaga, which supon the left bank of the river, having his ported our left, covering the bridges of right on the heights of Bolueta and Ola St. Anton, the wooden bridge, and the largan, defending the new bridge of Bo- bridge of boats. At day-break on the lueta ; his reserve at Castrejana. As soon morning of the 22d, Gen. Mendizabel, as the Enemy's force was ascertained, Gen. with part of the vanguard, proceeded to Renovales for med bis plan of attack. Part attack this columu, directing that the diof the vanguard and Campillo's regiment vision of Theria should meet us at Arrigorwere to pass the river at Portugalete, riaga. Dispositions were made, which and proceed in the heights of Santo Do- seemed to ensure the destruction of this mingo, 10 attack the Enemy's righi at day. columil. The Enemy, on fining that we break on the 14h, whilst Gen. Porlier, were in possession of the bridge of Arriwith the vanguard, aitacked ihe Enerny, gorriaga and roads leading to Bilbao, who were in possession of the iwo bridges changed their direction, and by a most in the town, and the troops at the bridge of rapid march, favoured by the thickness of Bolueta and the heights of Ollargan, were the woods, effected their junction with the to attack the E: einy's left, which was second coluinn, which was destined to strongly posted on the begiits of Be

simuitaneous attack upon the gona and El Morro, At three o'clock on bridge of Bolueta. Gen. Mendizabel,

with the vanguard, and Longa's division, 2,500 to 3000 men to Durango, to reinarrived in time to resist the Enemy's at. force Rouget, and that they purpose matack. Their principal efforts were to force king another attack upon Bilbao. I am the bridge of Bolueta, which was defended returning to join Gen. Mendizabel. The in the most gallant manner, the Enemy troops are in the highest spirits. suffering considerable loss without being Admiralty-office, Sept. 12. — Extraets of able to gain a foot of ground: their efforts Letters from the Captains of his Maon the left of our line proved equally un. jesty's ships Acasta, Colibri, and Emusuccessful. Gen. Renovales, at the head lous, transmitted by Vice-adm. Sawyer, of his brave peasant soldiers, met their Commander in Chief of his Majesty's attack at every point. 'The Enemy at- ships and vessels at Halifax. tempted, in vain, to force the two bridges His Majesty's Ship Acasta, at Sea, July 24 of the town, and that of boats. Night I beg to acquaint you, that his Majes. consing on, the Enemy retired to his posi- ty's ship Acasta, under my command, tion on the heights of Santo Domingo, El fell in with and captured, this day, in Morro, and Begona. Arrangements were Jat. 44. 15 N and long. 62. 30 W. after a made for a combined attack upon the short chase, the American privateer-brig Enemy's positiou ; but finding that he had, Curlew, pierced for 20 guns, bui having upon being attacked by Renovales, who only 16 on board, with a complement of crossed the river in front of the heights 172 men. of Bunderas, early in the night, com- H. M. S. Colibri, Cape Sable bearing menced his retreat, no time was lost in

West 12 leagues, July 26. pursuing him; and notwithstanding the I beg leave to acquaint you, that on great advantage he had in point of time, Suoday, at eight a. m. we descried two from the rapidity with which the division ships to the Northward, and a schooner to of Iberia marched, we came up with him the S. E. the former apparently steering a near the town of Zornoza, and attacked course for Halifax; hauled up in chase of his rear with such vigour, that his retreat the schooner; at noon exchanged numbers became a confused and disorderly flight; with bis Majesty's schooner Bream ; wore insomuch that they did not avail them- in chase of the ships to the Northward, selves, as they might have done, of seve- wbich we found had hauled up for us, the ral strong positions which the road from headmost evidently a man of war with an Zornoza to Durango presents. At one of American ensign and pendant flying; she the strongest of these positions they made soon tacked and made sail from us, with a an effort to stand, but the gallantry of the bark, her prize: we continued closing Commandant-general Longa, who at the with her, and a quarter before three o'clock head of his troops led the attack, anima- we came alongside, and the action became ting them by his example, and charged general, and at three they called for the Enemy with a few cavalry and a small quarter; brought to, and took possession body of infantry, obliged him to abandon of the American ship-privateer Catherine, this position, and fly for safety to the from Boston, out eight days, and had town of Durango. The Euemy's loss has taken nothing but the said bark. She is been very considerable: we have taken a beautiful and well equipped ship, some horses and prisoners. As yet I am pierced for 16 guns, mounting 14 long unable to give you a detail of this victory, six-pounders, and a complement of 88 as my attention was occupied on men, commanded by Francis A. Burnright, and in the pursuit of the Enemy ham. She had one man kilied, and one with the division of Iberia. The General, wounded. Her men ran below, which acin Chief has not as yet received the details counts for their suffering so small a loss. from the commanders of divisions. This H. M's sloop Emulous, at Sea, July 31. "victory has been highly 'creditable to the His Majesty's sloop under my command Spanish army. The advantages which fell in with, yesterday evening, the Amewill result, and the confidence it inspires rican privateer-brig Gossamer, of 14 carin this newly-raised army, will, I have no riage guns, with 100 men, and after a doubt, produce the very best effects. The short chase came up with and captured Enemy's force appears to have been from her. She left Boston on the 24th inst. had 5 to 6000. We understand, from prison- made one capture, the ship Mary Anne, of ers and deserters, that Rouget, Duver- Greenock, from Jamaica, bound to Quebec. nette, and another General, lately from France, commanded in this action. Downing-street, Sept. 14.--A Dispatch, On bourd H. M.'s Venerable, off Portuga- of which the following is an Extract, has lette, Aug. 26.

been this day received from the MarI have the honour to acquaint your quis of Wellington, dated Madrid, Lordship, that we have just received in

Aug. 18. formation that Caffarelli, who is much Joseph Buonaparte retired from Ocana exasperated at the failure and defeat of on the 16th inst. and his army are in Rouget, has marched a force of from march towards Valencia. The Enemy have


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abandoned Toledo, which has been taken Emulous, Capt. Mulcaster; and Curlew possession of by a party of the Guerillas brig, of 16 guns and 172 men, captured of El Medico. Since the capture of the by the Acasta, Capt. Kerr. The other Retiro, the garrison of Guadalaxara, con- American vessels are the Active, Fair sisting of 700 men, has surrendered to Trader, Argus, Friendship, Intention, the Empecinado by capitulation, on nearly Morning Star, Polly, Madison, Olive, the same terms as those which I granted Spence, Polly (2), Buckskin, Dolphin, to the garrison of the Retiro. By reports Regulator, Dolphin (2), Lewis, Pythafrom Major-gen. Clinton, I learn that a goras, and Bunker's Hill schooners, Ace part of the remains of the army of tress and Gleaner sloops, and CommoPortugal had moved forward from the dore Barry, a revenue cutter. All these neighbourhood of Burgos, and some of vessels mounted from one to six guns, their detachments were understood to be in and carried from 25 to 72 men. Valladolid on the 14th inst. Gen. Santo. cildes having withdrawn the troops of the SUPPLEMENT to the LONDON GAZETTE, Army of Gallicia which occupied that Sept. 22.-Downing-sti eet, Sept. 23. The town. Some of their detachments were following dispatch has been this day rea likewise on the right of the Pisuerga. I ceived from Major-general Cooke, dated had expected they would make this move- Cadiz, Aug. 30. ment as soon as I should get the troops to- My Lord,

Cadiz, Aug. 30. gether, when I undertook the march upon Since my letter of yesterday's date, reMadrid.

porting the entry into Seville of the allied By accounts from Sir R. Hill of the 12th corps under Gen. La Cruz and Col. Skerit appears, that Gen. Drouet had drawn rett; I have received a dispatch from the in his right from La Guarena, but he still latter, of which I transmit a copy herewith, held Hornacbos.

and a return of the killed and wounded of By accounts from Cadiz to the 6th inst, the British detachment. I have, &c. it appears, that Gen. Villatte had returned

G. Cooke, Maj.-gen. to the blockade. Gen. Ballasteros had Sir,

Seville, Aug. 28. taken 300 prisoners at Ossuna; and by I have the honour to report the movethe reports of the position of the troops, ments of the detachment under my orders it appears that the road to Gibraltar is since the date of my last. The result of again open to him.

which, the capture of the city of Seville by Admiralty-office, Sept. 15. Extract of a assault, defended by eight French batta.

Letter from Capt. Bremer, of the Ber- lions, and two regiments of dragoons, enmuda, dated off Boulogne, the 11th trenched, will I trust be considered as bo. inst. to Admiral Foley.

nourable to the allied arms as serviceable I have the honour to inform you, that to the cause of Spain. On the 24th inst. this morning at day-light, I saw a lugger Gen. Cruz Mourgeon, commanding the in the North West, having French colours Spanish troops, and myself, judged it expeflying, chased by the Dwarf cutter and dient to make a forward movement on Pioneer schooner, the latter vessel far Seville: for this purpose it was adviseable astern. At 10 o'clock the lugger made an to force the Enemy's corps of observation ineffectual attempt to cross the Bermuda's of 350 cavalry and 200 infantry at St. bow, and did not surrender till he had Lucar la Mayor, I marched from Manzareceived several broadsides of grape from nilla with 800 troops, composed of the 1st this vessel, The utmost gallantry was reg. of guards, the 87th, and the Portudisplayed by every officer and man em- guese reg. under Brig.-gen. Downie, acployed in the boats of the Dwarf and Pio- companied by 600 Spanish troops. The neer; and the animated zeal and laborious Spanish column attacked on the right, and exertions of Lieut. Gordon and those who the British and Portuguese on the left. remained on board the cutter, exceeds all The French were driven through the streets praise. --The prize is the privateer Le Bon with precipitation, leaving some killed, Genie, of Boulogne, having on board 16 wounded, and prisoners behind them. We guns (four only mounted) and 60 men; took post at San Lucar, without the loss she sailed from Boulogne last night, and of a man. On the 26th inst. Gen. Cruz had not made any captures. — The Enemy and myself having judged that it would be made a desperate resistance, and his loss attended with the most beneficial effects, has been severe, there being three killed, both on the public opinion and in saving and 16 wounded, most of them severely. the city from being plundered, if the French

could be precipitated in their retreat from Sept. 22. This Gazette contains a list Seville; the allied troops, in consequence, of twenty-four American privateers taken marçbed for this purpose, and arrived at and destroyed on the Halifax Station. The the heights of Castillejos de la Cuesta, inprincipal are the Catharine ship of 14 mediately above Seville, on the morning guns and 88 men, captured by the Co- of the 27th, at six o'clock.

The Spanish Jebri, Capt. Thompson ; Gossamer brig, troops formed our advance. The French 14 guns and 100 men,'captured by the advance was driven in; the cavalry re

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