The Parliamentary Register: Or an Impartial Report of the Debates that Have Occured in the Two Houses of Parliament, Volumen 1


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Página 1 - T?hat Mr. Speaker do iflue his warrant to the clerk of the Crown, to make out a new writ for electing of a
Página 43 - be wanting on his part to contribute to the accomplishment of that great objeft, with a view to which he has already offered fuch confiderable facrifices on his part, and which is now retarded only by the exorbitant
Página 29 - without the reftitution of all the dominions, territories, &c. which may have belonged to either of them before the war. That the date of this ftipulation was previous to their annexing the Auftrian Netherlands to France; and the notoriety of this ought, at the very moment when they had
Página 8 - can we know what the Dutch may have ceded to France, or whether France may not have an oath in heaven never to give up the territories ceded to her by Holland ? Who can know but her treaty with Spain contains fome fecret article guaranteeing to the latter the
Página 11 - good faith ; had fuffered no impediment to prevent their profecuting it with earneftnefs and fincerity; they had now only to lament its abrupt termination ; and to renew in the face of Europe their
Página 25 - and to the general fafety of Europe. This arrangement to be negociated with his Imperial Majefty, as conftitutional head of the Empire, either by the intervention of the King, or immediately as his , Imperial Majefty {hall prefer. 3. The evacuation of Italy by the French troops, with an engagement not to interfere
Página 1 - to report to the Houfe j and he read the report in his place, and afterwards delivered it in at the table
Página 8 - degree of damage upon the coaft of Newfoundland* but they had alfo reafon to believe that they had now retired from that quarter. The two refolutions were then put and carried; and the Houfe being refumed, the report was ordered to be received on Monday.

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