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32. AINSWORTH (WILLIAM HARRISON). Mervyn Clitheroe. Illustrated by Hablot K. Browne. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, crimson levant morocco, gilt back, dentelle borders, gilt top, UNCUT, by Bedford. Lond. 1858

33. AINSWORTH (WILLIAM HARRISON). Ballads: Romantic, Fantastic, and Humorous. Illustrations by Gilbert. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, cloth, uncut (worn).

Lond. Routledge, 1855

34. AÏSSÉ (MADEMOISELLE). Lettres de Mademoiselle Aïssé a Madame Calandrini. Cinquième édition, revue et annotée par M. J. Ravenel avec une Notice par M. Sainte-Beuve. 12mo, full green crushed levant morocco, gilt back, wide inside gilt borders gilt over uncut edges, by Hardy. Paris: Gerdès [et] Lecou, 1846 *Thick paper copy, EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 47 portraits, of which 8 are original drawings.


35. ALAMANNI (LUIGI). La Coltivatione. FIRST EDIRuled throughout with red ink. With the scarce leaves containing the dedication to "Madama la Dalphina” and the privilege. 4to, full brown crushed levant morocco, a semis of gilt trefoil on the sides, gilt centre and corner ornaments, gilt edges, by Bedford.

Parigi: Ruberto Stephano, 1546

36. ALARCON (PEDRO ANTONIO DE). Diario de un Festigo de la Guerra de Africa. Frontispiece, with the steel engraved portrait of the author, and numerous illustrations. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, full red morocco, gilt edges.

Madrid: Gaspar y Roiz, 1859

37. ALBERTI (LEON BATTISTA). Architettura tradotta in lingua Fiorentina da Cosimo Bartoli. Title within a woodcut border, and architectural woodcuts. LARGE PAPER. 4to, contemporary Venetian binding in brown morocco, gilt interlaced geometrical borders on the sides, the central panels entirely covered with rich arabesque designs, gilt edges. Venetia: F. Franceschi, 1565

38. ALBERTI (L. B.). Hecatomphile, de vulgaire italien tourné en langaige francoys. Les fleurs de poesie francoyse. FIRST FRENCH EDITION. Ruled throughout with red ink. 8vo, brown levant morocco, gilt wreaths on the sides, gilt edges, by Trautz-Bauzonnet.

Paris: en la boutique de Galliot du Pré, 1534

39. ALBERTINUS (FRANCISCUS). Opusculum de Mirabilibus Novæ et veteris Urbis Romæ, etc. Title-page in red and black in woodcut border, large cut of the Virgin on verso, and another cut at the end of the volume. 4to, old calf, blind tooled, red edges. In Basilæorum Urbe, 1519

40. ALBUMASAR. De magnis coniunctionibus annorum revolutionibus: ac eorum profectionibus: octo continens tractatus. Gothic letter. Large woodcut on title and numerous woodcuts of the constellations and signs of the zodiac in text. 4to, red levant morocco, richly gilt tooled borders on the sides, gilt back, doublure of morocco, gilt borders, gilt top, other edges entirely uncut, in a case, by The Club Bindery.

Venetiis: mandato et expensis Melchioris Sessa per Jacobo Pentium de Leucho, 1515.

41. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Ad D. Chonradum Peutingerum Augustanum, Iurisconsultum Emblematum liber. Title within a woodcut border and 104 curious emblematic woodcuts ascribed to Hans Weyditz. Small 8vo, green morocco, gilt back, gilt edges.

Augustae Vindelicorum, per Heynricum Steynerum die 28. Februarij Anno M.D.XXXI.

*The earliest edition. First Edition, it being conceded that no edition was issued at Milan in 1522. Green, No. 2.

Emblematum liber.

42. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Title within a woodcut border and 98 curious emblematic woodcuts ascribed to Hans Weyditz. Augustae Vindelicorum, per Heynricum Steynerum die 6. Aprilis, 1531. Libellvs, de Ponderibus et Mensuris. Item. Budæi quædam de eadem re, adhuc non uisa. Item. Philippi Melanchthonis, de iisdem, ad Germanorum usum sententia, etc. 2 folding plates, with diagrams. Haganoæ, Johan-Secerius, 1531. In one vol. small 8vo, maroon levant morocco, gilt edges, by Brany.

The first work is the second of two editions of the Emblemata published in 1531. It appeared April 6, five weeks after the First Edition. Green, No. 3.

43. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Emblematum libellus. 116 emblematic woodcuts. FIRST PARIS EDITION. 8vo, brown levant morocco, gilt edges, by Trautz-Bauzonnet. Green, No. 7. Parisiis: Christianus Wechelus, 1534

44. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Livret des Emblèmes mis en rime Françoyse [par Jehan le Fevre] & prefenté a monseigneur Ladmiral de France. FIRST FRENCH EDITION. 113 woodcuts emblems from the Latin edition printed in the same year by Wechel, and ascribed to Jollat 8vo, maroon levant morocco gilt, gilt edges, by David. Green, No. 10. Paris: en la maison de Chrestien W, 1536.echel


45. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Emblematvm libellvs. emblematic woodcuts. 8vo, red levant morocco, gilt tooled interlaced borders on the sides, doublé with blue morocco, gilt borders, gilt edges, by Lortic. Green, No. 25.

Lugduni: Jacobus Modernus, 1543

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46. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Emblematum libellus, nuper in lucem editus. 84 emblematic woodcuts. 8vo, green levant morocco, anchor on the sides, gilt edges, by Capé. RARE. Green, No. 28. Venetiis: apud Aldi filios, 1546

47. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Emblematvm libri duo. 113 emblematic cuts ascribed to "le Petit Bernard." 16mo, maroon levant morocco, gilt side ornaments, gilt edges, by Hardy. Green, No. 29. From the Gonse library.

Lugduni: apud J. Tornæsium et G. Gazeium, 1547

48. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Emblemata. Each page within an ornamental woodcut border, some with the initials "P. V.," and 139 emblematic woodcuts. 8vo, blind tooled borders and gilt centre ornaments on the sides, gilt edges, by Lortic. Unknown to Green.

Lugduni: apud Mathiam Bonhomme, 1548

49. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Les Emblemes de nouueau translatez en François vers pour vers. 151 emblematic woodcuts. 8vo, red levant morocco, gilt ornaments on back and sides, gilt edges, by Capé. Green, No. 39.

Lyon: Chez Guill. Rouille, 1549

50. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Emblemata postremo ac ultimo ab ipso authore recognita. 134 emblematic woodcuts. 8vo, brown levant morocco, gilt sides in compartments, gilt back doublé with THE ORIGINAL CALF COVERS BEARING THE ARMS OF QUEEN ELIZABETH, gilt edges, by Rivière. Green, No. 77.

Francofurti ad Moenum: apud Georgium Coruinum sumptibus S. Feyerabend et S. Huteri, 1567

51. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Omnia Emblemata: Cvm commentariis, quibus Emblematum omnium aperta origine, mens auctoris explicatur, & obscura omnia dubiáque illustrantur: Per Claudium Minoem Divionensem. 210 emblematic woodcuts. 8vo, green levant morocco, the sides gilt tooled in compartments, gilt back, gilt edges, by David. Green, No 93.

Antuerpiæ: ex officina Christophori Plantini, 1577

52. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Omnia Emblemata, cum commentariis, quibus Emblematum aperta origine mens auctoris explicatur, & obscura omnia, dubiáque illustrantur. Adiectæ ad calcem Notæ posteriores. Per Clavd. Minoem Jurisc. 211 emblematic woodcuts. 8vo, Spanish calf, gilt back, gilt edges. Green, No. 115.

Parisiis: F. Gueffier, 1589

53. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Omnia emblemata cum commentariis, quibus emblematum detecta origine, dubia Omnia, et obscura illustrantur. Adiectæ nouæ appendices Per Claud. Minoem Iuriscon. Architectural title engraved On copper by J. de Weert, with medallion portrait by Alciati in the upper part and 211 emblematic woodcuts. 8vo, maroon 1 evant morocco, gilt panelled sides, gilt back and edges, by Bertrand. Green, No. 129. Parisiis, 1602

54. ALCIATI (ANDREA). Declaracion Magistral sobre 1 as emblemas de Andres Alciato con todas las Historias, Antiquedades, Moralidad, y Doctrina tocante a las buenas ostumbres. Por Diego Lopez. 210 emblems engraved on Copper and on wood. 4to, brown levant morocco gilt, gilt edges. Green, No. 142. Najera, 1615

55. ALEXANDER MAGNUS. L'Histoire du Noble and tres-vaillant Roy Alexandre le grand, iadis Roy & Seigneur de tout le monde. 9 woodcuts. 4to, red levant orocco, gilt edges, by Trautz-Bauzonnet.

Paris Par Nicolas Bonfons [ca. 1580]

56. ALEXANDER (SIR WILLIAM, EARL OF STIRLING). Recreations with the Muses. By William, Earl Of Stirline. Portrait by Marshall. Folio, light brown leVant morocco, doublure of green morocco, gilt edges, by The Club Bindery. (A very slight repair to the bottom blank margin of portrait.)

London: Printed by Tho. Harper, 1637

*First Edition. Extremely rare with the portrait. Usually considered Marshall's masterpiece. It is said to have been engraved for presentation by the Earl to his friends and then destroyed. The above-a tall copy with some of the edges uncut-was formerly in the libraries of the Earl of Westmoreland and Thomas Jolley.

57. ALEXANDER (SIR WILLIAM, EARL OF STIRLING). vrora. Containing the first fancies of the author's youth, Villiam Alexander of Menstrie. Small 4to, brown levant orocco gilt, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London: Printed by Richard Field for Edward Blount,


* First Edition. Very rare, not having been reprinted in the collected poems 1637.

58. ALEYN (CHARLES). The Historie Of That Wise and Fortunate Prince, Henrie of that Name the Seventh, King of England. With that famed Battaile, fought between the sayd King Henry and Richard the third named Crookbacke, upon Redmoore near Bosworth. In a Poem. Portrait by Wm. Marshall. 12mo blue levant morocco gilt, gilt edges, by Ruban.

London: Printed by Tho. Cotes for William Cooke, 1638

59. ALLOT (ROBERT). Wits Theater of the Little World. Woodcut device on title, with the rare Errata leaf. 16mo, red morocco gilt, gilt edges, by The Club Bindery. Printed by I. R. for N. L. 1599

* Probably the first edition. Dedicated to John Bodenham and printed for Nicholas Ling the Stationer. Herbert mentions an edition of 1598, but this is probably an error. There is little doubt that Allot, and not Bodenham, was the editor, for a copy of this edition in the British Museum contains an epistle in which Allot dedicates to Bodenham this collection of the flowers of antiquities and histories."

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60. ALLOT (ROBERT-Editor).

Englands Parnassus: Or The Choysest Flowers of our Moderne Poets, with their Poeticall comparisons. Descriptions of Bewties, Personages, Castles, Pallaces, Mountaines, Groues, Seas, Springs, Riuers, &c. 12mo, A6-A8 misplaced by the binder. Orange levant morocco, back and sides covered with a floral design and studded with small dots, inside borders of the same character, with a panel of green levant, silk guards, gilt edges, in an orange levant morocco case, by Rivière. Imprinted at London for N[icholas] L[ing] C[uthbert] B[urby] and T[homas] H[ayes], 1600.

* FIRST EDITION, with the two preliminary blank leaves. Edmund Malone's copy, with his autograph and manuscript corrections throughout; also four pages of verse "writ extempore," signed and dated "John Ward, 1673," and a manuscript index.

Valuable for its quotations from Shakespeare and his predecessors in English poetry, many of whom are known only by the quotations and references in this volume It is possible that the John Ward who was the former owner may have been the Vicar of Stratford, who left a manuscript diary of the years 1648-1679, containing a mention of Shakespeare and his two daughters, and who is the sole authority for the statement that the dramatist died from the effects of a merry making with Drayton and Ben Jonson,

61. [ALLSTREE (RICHARD).] The Government of the Tongue, by the Author of The Whole Duty of Man, the fifth impression, engraved frontispiece, At the Theatre in Oxford, 1667; also The Ladies Calling (by the same author), the fourth impression, engraved frontispiece, At the Theatre in Oxford, 1676. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo, contemporarary English black morocco, covered with a rich design of fruit and flowers in gold and silver, gilt edges. [Oxford, 1667-76]


62. [ALLSTREE (RICHARD).] The Art of ContentBy the Author of The Whole Duty of Man, &c. Engraved frontispiece and title vignette of the Sheldonian Theatre. 8vo, contemporary English black morocco, back and sides covered with Gascon tooling in compartments. At the Theatre in Oxford, 1675

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