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The Library of
Robert Hoe


1. ABELARD AND HELOÏSE. Lettres mises en vers

françois. Seconde édition revue, corrigée et
angmentée, par M. de Beauchamps. 12mo, old French red
morocco, gilt borders on the sides, with THE ARMS OF JEAN-
of both covers, gilt edges.
Paris, 1721

2. ABÉLARD AND HELOÏSE. Lettres d'Héloïse et
d'Abailard. Édition ornée de huit Figures gravées par les
meilleurs Artistes de Paris, d'après les dessins et sous la
direction de Moreau le jeune. PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS.
LARGE PAPER. 3 vols. 4to, red levant morocco, back and
sides handsomely tooled in panels, gilt over marbled edges,
by Hardy-Mennil.
Paris: [1796 v.s.]

* EXTRA ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 48 proof plates in
two and three states by Eisen, Marillier, and others.

half maroon morocco, gilt back and top, uncut, by Smith.
Paris, 1863

4. ABOUT (EDMOND). ... Les Mariages de Province.
FIRST EDITION. 8vo, half maroon morocco, gilt back, gilt
top, uncut.
Paris, 1868

5. ABOUT (EDMOND). Le Roi des Montagnes. Dessins
de Charles Delort gravés par Mongin. Royal 8vo, red mo-
rocco, gilt fillets, gilt top, uncut, original covers bound in,
by The Club Bindery.
Paris, 1883

* One of 20 copies printed on thick India paper, with the
portrait and other etchings in two states, proofs before and
after letters.

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Les Mariages de Paris. 12mo,
original paper wrappers, uncut edges. In a case. Paris, 1887
* Limited to 115 copies on India paper, with 52 woodcuts in the
text, engraved by Huyot after Piguet, with duplicate proof
impressions without the text.

7. ACHARISIO (ALBERT). Vocabolario, Grammatica,
et Orthographia de la Lingva Volgare, con ispositioni di
molti Ivoghi di Dante, del Petrarca, et del Boccaccio. 4to,
contemporary Spanish binding in red morocco, gilt borders
on the sides, THE ARMS OF GUZMAN Y CARAFFA on the
centre of front cover and a device accompanied by the
motto "
Revoluta fœcundant" on the back cover, gilt back
and edges (a few leaves slightly stained and name on title).
Cento, in casa dell' autore, 1543

8. ACHILLES TATIUS. Eroticon sive de Clitophontis
& Leucippes amoribus libri VIII ex editione Claudii
Salmasii græce et latine. Engraved title, with leaf of
Errata. 12mo, old French red morocco, triple gold line
on the sides, gilt tooled centre ornaments and gilt tooled
back in the manner of Le Gascon, gilt edges.

Lugd. Batavor.: apud Franciscum Hegerum, 1640

9. ACOSTA (JOSEPHUS). De Natura Novi Orbis libri
duo, et de Promulgatione Evangelii apud Barbaros, sive,
de procuranda Indorum salute libri sex. 8vo, full red
levant morocco gilt, gilt edges, by Petit.

Salmanticæ, apud Guillelmum Foquel, 1589

TION IN SPANISH (1590). It was afterwards translated into nearly
all the languages of Europe, and incorporated in the ninth part
of De Bry's Grand Voyages.

10. ACOSTA (JOSEPHUS). The Natvrall and Morall
Historie of the East and West Indies. Intreating of the
remarkeable things of Heaven, of the Elements, Mettalls,
Plants and Beasts which are proper to that Country: To-
gether with the Manners, Ceremonies, Lawes, Governe-
ments, and Warres of the Indians. Written in Spanish by
Ioseph Acosta, and translated into English by E. G[rim-
stone]. Small 4to, mottled calf, gilt edges, by W. Pratt.

London: Printed by Val: Sims for Edward Blount and
William Aspley, 1604.

11. ADAM (L. S.). Collection de sculptures antiques
grecques et romaines, trouvées a Rome dans les ruines
des Palais de Neron, et de Marius. Engraved titles and 62
plates of ancient Roman and Greek bas-reliefs, statues,
busts, etc., engraved by Le Mire, Tardieu, Fessard and
others, after the designs of Adam. 4to, old French green
morocco gilt, gilt edges, with THE ARMS OF HENRI, MAR-

Paris, 1755

12. ADAM BELL, Clim of the Clough, and William of Cloudesle. Woodcut on title. Small 4to, red niger morocco, tooled in gold after an old English pattern, lower edges uncut, by The Club Bindery.

London: Printed by A. M. for W. Thackeray [n. d.]

* Probably printed about the latter half of the Seventeenth Century.

13. ADDISON (JOSEPH). Cato. A Tragedy. As it is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by Her Majesty's Servants. FIRST EDITION. 4to, full mottled calf, gilt top, other edges entirely uncut, by Rivière.

London: J. Tonson, 1713

14. ADDISON (JOSEPH). Poems on Several Occasions. With a Dissertation upon the Roman Poets. Portrait and plate. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, red levant, gilt edges, by the Club Bindery. London, 1719 *The Dissertation has a separate title and pagination and is dated 1718.

The Works of the Right A new edition, with Notes by Bishop of Worcester. 6 vols. morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, London: Cadell, 1811

15. ADDISON (JOSEPH). Honorable Joseph Addison. Richard Hurd, D.D., Lord royal 8vo, half red levant uncut, by Bedford

* LARGE PAPER COPY. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of fifty plates, including twenty-six portraits of the author, and engravings after the designs of Stothard, Smirke, Westall, Corbould, etc., many in two states and nearly all proofs, either on India paper, or before letters.

16. ADVICE TO A LADY. (A Poem of 5 pages.) Printer's ornament on title. 8vo, full morocco, with some uncut leaves. London: Printed for Lawton Gilliver, 1733

17. ÆGIDIUS ROMANUS. Le mirouer exéplaire et tresfructueuse instruction selon la copillation de Gilles de Rōme tres excellent docteur Du regime & gouuernemēt des Roys Princes et grandz seigneurs qui sont chef colomne & vraiz pilliers de la chose publicque & de toutes monarchies. Printed in gothic characters. With 4 woodcuts, including one of the author presenting his book to the King. FIRST FRENCH EDITION. 4to, old French citron morocco, THE ARMS OF MADAME DE POMPADOUR stamped in gold on the centre of both covers, gilt edges (one heading slightly shaved). [Paris] Par Guillaume Eustace, 1517

18. ÆGINETA (PAULUS). La Chirurgie de Paulus Ægineta. Nouuellement traduicte de Grec en Francoys [par maistre Pierre Tolet]. Small 8vo, red levant morocco, gilt back, gilt edges, by Trautz-Bauzonnet.

Lyon: Estienne Dolet, 1542

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19. ÆSCHYLUS. Tragœdiæ sex, græce. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, old calf gilt, vellum linings and fly-leaves.

Venetiis: in ædibus Aldi et Andreæ soceri, 1518

20. ESOP. Fabulæ latine Rinucio interprete. Gothic character. 51 unnumbered leaves with signatures (a-c8, d4, e-f8, g7; 27 lines to the page. Fol 1 blank; fol. 2r: Vita Esopi fabulatoris clarissimi e greco latina per | Rinucium facta ad Reuerendissimu3 patrem dnm | Antonium tituli sancti Chrysogoni presbiterum | Cardinalem. Et primo prohemium. Fol. 57 v., line 25: Impressu3 Mediolani ad īpēsas Philippi Lauagnie | Ciuis Mediolanēsis. i479. die. 26. mēsis Junij. 4to, blue levant morocco, gilt and blind tooled and inside borders, gilt edges.

Mediolani: Philipus de Lavagna, 1479


21. ESOP. Vita, & Fabellæ Æsopi cum interpretatione latina; Gabriæ fabellæ tres & quadraginta ex trimetris iambis, præter. ultimam ex Scazonte, cum latina interpretatiõe; etc. (græce et latine). Folio, full olive straightgrained morocco extra, the aldine anchor on the sides, doublure of olive morocco, gilt inside borders, gilt edges, by Fairbairn and Armstrong. Venetiis: apud Aldum, 1505 The FIRST ALDINE EDITION, formerly in possession of Sir Mark Sykes and Mr. Beckford.

22. ESOP. Vita et fabellæ Esopi cum Aldi manutii interpretatione latina e regione. Gabriæ fabellæ tres & quadraginta, ex trimetris iambis, præter ultimam ex scazonte cum latina interpretatione. Title within an architectural woodcut border. 4to, blue levant morocco, panelled sides, gilt centre ornaments and fleurons in corners, gilt inside borders and edges, by Chambolle-Duru.

Lovanii: apud Theodoricum Martinum Alustensem, 1517

23. ESOP. Fabellæ aliquot Esopicæ, in usum puerorvm selectæ. 37 curious woodcuts. 16mo, red levant morocco gilt, gilt edges, by Trautz-Bauzonnet. From the Yemeniz library. Antverpiæ: Christophorus Plantin, 1566

24. ESOP. Fabularum Esopicarum collectio, quotquot Græce reperiuntur, Accedit Interpretatio Latina. Title vignette by Burg. LARGE PAPER. 8vo, green straight-grain morocco, blind tooled sides, gilt corner ornaments, gilt tooled back, brown morocco doublure, with Morante's Arms on sides, richly tooled inner borders.

Oxoniæ: E Typographeo Clarendoniano, 1718

25. ÆSOP. Fables with his Life: in English, French & Latin. The English by Tho. Philipott Esq.; The French and Latin by Rob. Codrington M. A. Illustrated with 112 Sculptures by Francis Barlow. Folio, brown morocco, gilt back and sides, gilt edges, by Clarke and Bedford. London: Printed by William Godbid, 1665

*Large Paper copy of the First Edition. The greater part of the impressions of this edition was burned in the London fire.

26. ESOP. Select Fables of Esop, and other Fabulists. In Three Books. Vignette on title and numerous plates. Small Svo, crimson levant morocco, panelled sides with corner ornaments, gilt tooled back, dentelle borders, gilt over uncut edges, by The Club Bindery.

Birmingham: Printed by John Baskerville, 1761

27. ESOP. Les Fables d'Esope Phrigien, avec celles de Philelphe. Traduction nouvelle. 117 engravings on copper, by I. Raymond. 2 vols. 12mo, orange levant morocco, gilt back, gilt edges, by David. Paris, 1703

28. ÆSOP. Esope en Belle Humeur, ou dernière traduction, et augmentation de ses Fables en prose, et en vers [par J. Bruslé]. Nouvelle edition divisée en deux Tomes, augmentée de quelques Fables. With frontispiece and 165 copperplate vignettes by Herrewijn, brilliant impressions. Small 8vo, 2 vols. in 1, red levant morocco, gilt back and top, uncut, by Hardy. Brusselle, 1700

29. AFFICHES. Les Affiches Étrangères illustrées par MM. M. Bauwens, T. Hayashi, La Fórgue, Meier-Graefe, J. Pennell. Ouvrage orné de 62 lithographies en couleurs et de cent cinquante reproductions en noir et en couleurs. Limited Edition on papier vélin. 4to, red levant morocco, filleted back and side panels, with conventional ornaments, gilt over uncut edges, with the original covers, by The Club Bindery. Paris, 1897

30. AGLIONBY (WILLIAM). Painting Illustrated in Three Diallogues. Containing some Choice Observations upon the Art. Together with the Lives of the Most Eminent Painters, from Cimabue to the time of Raphael and Michael Angelo. FIRST EDITION. 4to, old English black morocco, gilt panels, gilt edges.

Lond.: Printed by John Gain for the Author, 1685

31. AINSWORTH (WILLIAM HARRISON). Rookwood: A Romance. FIRST EDITION. FIRST EDITION. 3 vols. post 8vo, calf, gilt backs and tops, uncut, by Rivière. Lond. Bentley, 1834

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