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Yea and nay votes—Continued

Food and Agriculture Act of 196"—

tSee HR. 12391)—

Passage of------.--__.----------
Conference report agreed to. _ ....... -.

Foreign Aid and Related Agencies Appropriations
Act. 1963—lst! H.R.13175.)

Committee amendments to make increases in
money figures approved by House for various
phases of economic assistance_--- ......... --

Committee amendment to restrict aid to coun-
tries which permit their vessels to trade with
Cuba unless President decides that withhold-
ing of such aid would be contrary to the na-
tional interests ................ -- _ ....... --

Committee amendment to bar assistance to any
Communist country unless the President re-
ports to congressional committees ........ --

Amendment providing for publication in Federal
Register of President's reasons for allowing
aid to be sent to Communist countries ..... --

Amendment on deoblitzation-reobliization au-
thority . - . . . .- _ - -. --.-.---.-...----------

Amendment to reduce by $150 million funds for
military assistancm. . ----_ _. ........... --

Amendment to reduce by $200 million funds for
development loans, economic assistance. .--

Amendment to increase by $2 million funds for
migration and refugee assistance.-_--------

Amendment to reduce by $125 million figures for
Development Loan Fund . ------_.,--__ -- -

Passage of.------------.--_----.-.. ........ --

Foreign Assistance Act of 1962—1 Sec 8. 2996.)

Modified substitute amendment to bar aid to
any country known to be dominated by com-
munism or Marxism ..................... -.

Amendment providing that no grant or loan
shall be made to are; country for highway
reconstruction or maintenance when US.
funds were used for its construction ....... -.

Modified amendment providing that the bar
against aid to Communist-dominated coun-
tries shall not be deemed to prohibit ship-
ment of foods thereto under Public Law 480.
if 11) recipient country is not participating
directly or indirectly in any program for
Communist world conquest. t2) recipient
country is not controlled by any country pro-
motini: Communist world conquest, (3) fur-
nishing of such aid is in the interest of 0.8.
national security, and (4) President notifies
Congress of intention to furnish such assist-
ance _-__-.--____- . , _.------__-__--_-_-,_._

Amendment barring aid to any country which
exports arms or strategic materials to any
country dominated by U.S.SR ............ _-

Passage of ................................. --

Motion to postpone consideration of the confer-
ence report until Aug. 1. 1962 .............. -_

Conference report agreed to ................ -_

Foreign bank deposits. interest on time deposits
of—tSee HR. 12080.)
Passage of-_--_____. . _-_--_---_-------_-- ___
Honey bees. importation of—(See HR. 8050. KB.
12154: also Sugar Act of 1948. in/ra.)

Amendment. as substitute for amendment. to
eliminate country-by-country quotas for sugar
imports to all countries outside the Western
Hemisphere. except Nationalist China ___ - -

Independent Omces Appropriations. 1963—‘See
H R. 12711.)

Amendment tin nature of a substitute for com-
mittee amendment) relative to expenses for
civil defense research .................... -_













' Yea and nay votes—Continued

Independent Offices Appropriations. 1963-

Amendments to reduce by 85 million funds for
medical and prosthetic research. and by $3
million funds for construction of hospital and
domiciliary facilities. Veterans‘ Administra-
tion ..................................... --

Amendments to reduce by $511) million funds
for research. development. and operation: and
by 853.46 million funds for construction of fa-
cilities. NASA ............................ --

Motion to recommit the bill to Committee on
Appropriations with instructions to reduce ap-
propriation therein ...................... --

Passage ...... ___ .......................... -_

Internal Revenue Code of 1954. amending—(See
HR. 1011?.)

Amendment to add language temporarily ex-
tending unemployment compensation legula-
tion--- ............... --_ ................ --

Literacy test—(See Voting. literacy test. infra.)

Medicare—(See Public Welfare Amendments.

Merchant Marine Act. 1936. amending—tsee 8.

Amendment to repeal the 6-percent differential
allowed in awarding contracts to west coast
shipping companies ................. -------

Motion to adjourn .......................... --
Military academies-(See If R 7913.)

Amendment relating to the method of selection

of qualified candidates ......~ . ----------

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
appropriations authorization—‘See HR.

Amendment to require maximum practical use
of formal advertising bids in awarding con-

Amendment to establish a Space Program “an-
power Commission ....................... --

National Fisheries Center and Aquarium in the
District of Columbia. authorize—‘See HRv

Motion to recommit the bill to Committee on

Public Works .......................... _-

Passage of ............ - -
Norman. James lst—(See \‘oting. literacy test in
voting. infra.)
Order. question of—

Legialative provision not subject to amendment
by substitute language proposing an amend-
ment to the Constitution of the United
States: point of order submitted to the Sen-
ate and laid on table ................... --

Motion to consider bill (11.8. 11040) not in order
because no opportunity afiorded for motion
to amend or correct Journal when question
of presence of quonim raised; sustained;
appealed ............... --- ............ --

Appeal laid on table .................... --..

Quorum. questioning of presence of. dilatory and

_- .- I c _ w I n u - ----------------------

.n. -.--....-.-v-











[blocks in formation]

Yea and nay votes—Continued

Postal Service and Federal Employees Salary Act
of 1962—-

Amendment giving the President discretionary
power respecting mailed foreign Communist
political propaganda _____________________ __

Amendment to eliminate part I of the bill deal-
ing with postal rates _____________________ __

Amendment to retain present first-class and air-
mail letter and postal card rates __________ __

Amendment to make the salary rates in the bill
comparable as near as may be to rates paid by
State, county, and municipal governments___

Amendment to place certain legislative em-
ployees on same salary basis as employees of
the executive branch of the Government_____

Amendment respecting promptness of delivery
of U.S. mail under reciprocal international
agreement _______________________________ __

Passage of ________________________________ __

Postponed ___________________________________ __

Public Welfare Amendments of 1962—(See H.R.

Amendment (as a substitute for modified
amendment to provide medicare for aged un-
der social security), similar to S. 937, the only
significant chance being a lowering of the de-
ductible feature applicable to one of the three
options therein __________________________ __

Modified amendment (as a substitute for modi-
fied amendment to provide medicare for aged
under social security) to substitute health
insurance protection supplement for title II of
medicare amendment ____________________ __

Motion to table amendment, as amended and
modified to provide medicare for aged under
social security ___________________________ __

Public Works Appropriation Act, 1963—(See H.R.

Amendment to reduce from $500 million to $300
million funds in title IV for public works
acceleration _____________________________ _ _

Amendment to reduce by $750,000 funds for con-
struction and rehabilitation, Department of
the Interior _____________________________ __

Passage of _________________________________ __

Public Works-—(See Standby, infra.)

Quincy Columbia Basin Irrigation District, ap-
proval of amendatory repayment contract—
(See H.R. 11164.)

Amendment to bar for 10 years delivery of water
for production of any basic agricultural prod-
uct in newly irrigated lands in the project if
total supply thereof for marketing or in which
bulk of crop would be marketed is in excess of
the normal supply _______________________ __

Ready Reserve, order to active duty—(See S.J.
Res. 224.)

Passage of _________________________________ __

Renegotiation Act, extending—( See H.R. 12061.)

Amendment relating to nonstatutory profit limi-
tations __________________________________ __

Amendment relating to application of standard
commercial article exemptions to leases ____ __

Revenue Act of 1962—(See H.R. 10650.)

Amendment to eliminate language that would
grant a 7- to 8-percent tax credit to seg-
ments of business for investment in new ma-
chinery and equipment __________________ __

Amendment to permit deduction of certain en-
tertainment expenses associated with the ac-
tive conduct of the taxpayer's business in
addition to those directly related thereto____


















Yea and nay votes—Continued
Revenue Act of 1962—

Amendment to eliminate House language that
would withhold tax on interest and dividends
at the source, and to substitute provision
that would require reporting of interest and
dividends of $10 or more _________________ __

Motion to table amendment (to committee
amendment) to repeal present requirement
for withholding of income tax on wages at
the source ______________________________ __

Amendment to give relief to Twin Cities Street
Railway Co. for losses sustained when conver-
sion was made to buses ___________________ _ _

Amendment (in nature of a substitute for sec-
tion 12) relative to controlled foreign corpo-
rations __________________________________ __

Amendments respecting investment tax credit on
public utilities ___________________________ __

Amendment to allow 3 percent investment credit
instead of 7 percent for property used in fur-
nishing or selling gas by pipeline as a public
utility ___________________________________ __

Amendment (to amendment to bar deductions
for appearances with respect to legislation,
later rejected) to eliminate language that
would allow deductions of business expenses
in direct connection with communication of
information between taxpayer and an em-
ployee or stockholder with respect to legisla-
tion of direct interest to the taxpayer ______ -_

Amendment (as amended) to eliminate section
allowing deductions for business expenses in
connection with appearances with respect to
legislation ________________________________ __

Motion to table amendment to allow tax de-
ductions for self-employed for purpose of set-
ting up their own voluntary private pension
plans ___________________________________ __

Amendment on controlled foreign corporations_

Amendment on withholding of income tax at
source on interest and dividends __________ __

Motion to table amendment reducing overall
limitation on individual income taxes and
depletion allowances with respect to oil and
gas wells ________________________________ __

Modified amendment to allow a U.S. citizen who
has been a bona fide resident of a foreign
country for at least 1 taxable year a maximum
exemption of $6,000 per year on income from
foreign sources __________________________ __

Amendment to reduce oil and gas depletion al-
lowance in certain instances depending on
gross income therefrom __________________ __

Passage of ________________________________ __

Conference report agreed to ________________ __

Second Supplemental Appropriations Act, 1962-—
(See H.R.11038.)

Amendment to eliminate language providing for
$15 million for participation in the New York
World's Fair ____________________________ __

Self-Employed Individuals Tax Retirement Act of
1962—(See H.R. 10.)
Passage of ________________________________ --
Conference report agreed to ________________ __
Senate Rule XXII—(See Cloture, supra; Voting,
literacy test, infra.)
Standby Public Works Act of 1962—(See S. 2965.)

Amendment to strike from the bill the language
respecting interim financing of the program-

Amendment authorizing appropriations of $750
million until expended ___________________ __


















Yea and nay votes—Continued 918° ' Yes and nay votes—Continued M
Standby Public Works Act of 1962— Trade Expansion Act of 1962—

Amendment authorizing appropriations of 8750 j Amendment to limit operation of the legislation
million to be expended after June 30, 1963 ‘ to 3 years rather than 5 years............... 589
for standby public works ................. -_ 285 i Amendment respecting provisions requiring

Motion to table motion to reconsider adoption President to transmit to Congress a copy of
of this amendment_. .. ............... -_ 285 ‘ each trade agreement entered into. with

Amendment providing that the public works au- statement of his reasons therefor ......... -- 589
thorized after June 30. 1963. may not be initi- Passage of ................................ -- 590
ated unless unemployment rate reaches 6 per- United Nations bond purchase—18x8. 2768)
cent of the civilian labor force (rather than 5 | Amendment barring most types of aid under
percent as in above amendment) .......... -_ 285 Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 to any nation

Amendment in nature of a substitute for the bill more than 1 year in arrears in payment of
as modified by amendments already adopted- 286 any UN. assessment .. ................ ---- 191

Amendment in nature of a substitute for the Substitute amendment .................. -_ 192
bill as modified by amendments already Amendment to eliminate language providing
adopted . _ . . _ . -- --_ . ............ -- 288 for matching dollar for dollar of purchases

Amendment to exclude from the “triggering" agreed to be made but not executed ....... -- 192
formula any unemployment caused by strikes 288 Amendment to limit the amount of money to

Passage of--- ..---.-.------------------------ 288 be loaned the UN. to 825 million plus an

Amendment to correct errors in House amend- equal amount to half of the sum of loans
ment____-_._. ...-.--_-_-_____-_-_- 561 made by other nations ................. -- 192

Motion to agree to the House amendments---" 562 Substitute amendment ................. ___ 193

Social security—(See Public Welfare Amend- Passage of ............................... -- 193
ments. supra.) Voting,literacy tests—See 8 275071! R 1361 )

Stock distribution pursuant to orders enforcing Motion to table appeal from ruling of Vice Presi~
the antitrust laws. relating to—(See HR. dent referring to Committee on the Judiciary,
8847.) 8. 2750 ................................. -, 53

Motion to recommit the bill to the Committee Motion to invoke cloture on amendment as a
on Finance with instructions. _. .......... __ 40 substitute for the language of a private bill

Amendment providing that the amount and (the substitute being identical with language
basis of a distribution of divested stock re- of a bill to bar literacy tests in Federal elec-
ceived by a corporation shall be the fair mar- tionsl—a two-thirds affirmative vote of those
ket value of such stock- - -- _ . _ _---------___ 42 voting is necessary for invoking cloture-_ __- 239

Sugar Act of 1948-4804: }-1_R_ 12154; flgo Honey MOUOfi 10 table substitute amendment lbOt‘t- _ _ 240
bers-Supra) Motion to invoke cloture on amendment as a

Amendment providing that minimum wages in substitute for the language of a private bill-_ 244
Fair Labor standard“ AC‘ be paid '0 sugar Adoption of motion to take up HR 10788 re~
mm ------------------------------ -- 33" turns this bill to the calendar to which mm

PM” or ----------~------------- 338 had been Oflcred and debated, but never

Conkn'mc "port -—---~---_---------------- 357 adopted an amendment as a sutmtitute for

Taxes and taxation. poll—'Sce Alexander Hamil- we 1mm‘. uwm' _____________________ __ 2“
ton. supra.) _'
'Irade Expansion Act of 1962—‘(See an. 11970.) warn???” A“ °' "N" ‘mndm8“ “R

Amendment to restrict the Presidents tarifl- Amendment to provide {or we 0! Gem,“ Arm
cutting powers by restoring to the bill the peril “m & yum Corp “Men property, ___________ m

*1 point provision 0’ existing la“ '''' """"' 585 \vt'llart' and Pension P1311; Disclosure Act Ame-11d-
otion to table motion to reconsider vote by men“ of IMG_6008 25°01“! 81,73)
which senate rejected pom pom‘ amendment" 586 Amendment rbviding that.exem ti n.0f lans

Amendment to authorize the establishment of r I 21 be p o p
a legislative branch committee which. upon 0 "mm mm mummu‘ “clude

plans covering not more than 100 participants

disapproval of any raising. lowering. or impo- ,
sition of new tariff may recommend congres- and mmmaun“ pm‘mon that “mm m
. ' ‘ _ Secretary of Labor to require publication of
sional action for final decision thereon ___ 58) annual reports 0’ plans Coven“ 10“ mm 100

Amendment to eliminate pmvtsion for financial parnflpanm as
assistance to firms and workers adversely af- """"""""""""""" "
fccttd the log1slauon __________________ _-
Amendment the Bdmlnlfiu‘luon Of the

Amendment to um“ payments to dmplnwd provisions of the bill under Securities and h-
workers to amounts they would receive under than“ Common nth" ‘hm s'xr'm o
regular State unemployment compensation labor"- > > - - - - - - - - ~ - - - - - ~ - - - - - - - - -- 36
programs _________________________________ __ 588 Withdrawal of order for _______________ ,__,___, :59

Amendment providing that trade agreement Yve- Mm Doris Wai Kiwi—‘See s. 3604.)
shall not be entered into for articles carrying Yee, Mrs Sun (also known as Mrs. Tom Goodyoui
duty on July 1, 1962. of not more than 5 per- and her children, Male liar Yee. Shee Bell
cent ad valorem ............ -_- .......... -_ 588 ‘fee. and Male Jean Yea-(Bee HR. 5317.)

Amendment providing that the Tariff Commis- Yee. Tung Gay—iSee S. 3469.)
sion in making industry determinations shall yen. D“ William gig-‘3&- 3 3940,)

We ""0Count 06181!) economic factors in “cldmu floor ‘or ummlmom conuntuuqunnnu “1
addition to those listed in the bill-_----_---- 589 Y M Y

Amendment providing that every trade agree- m‘ W ‘Yu;: Chmm) n" m8"“

ment shall be designed to maintain or expand ‘ Och—'88' ‘835"

1957 volume of exports of agricultural com- Yook- "Om wan—‘Sm 5- 3739-)

modities and to limit imports of competitive Younes. Dr. Mamdouh S.-<8ee S. 3545.)

agricultural commodities to not more than Young American Medals for bravery and senice for

1957 volume ........................ ------- 589 1960. award. report ..................... -- 924

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