Genesis 1-2-3

Xulon Press, 2007 - 208 páginas
Since I have been studying the Bible I have had a desire to prove to the Jewish people and the rest of the world that Jesus is the Anointed One. No other person fulfills the interwoven complexities of the living Word of God. When I first started to study Genesis I only had an inward intuition that there was more to the scriptures about creation than I was being taught. Much of what I was taught in time was filtered, stretched, and shaken; some of what I believed to be true was thrown on the discarded pile of unscriptural religious knowledge. Kenneth Hagin used this story to prove a spiritual point. Watching cows graze in a field, he noticed occasionally one would get a stick in his mouth along with all the tender grass. The cow would simply spit out the sticks and eat the good stuff. I have eaten of the good stuff and grazed on the Word of God in Genesis chapters 1-2-3. I have spit out my share of sticks. Sometimes it is tough to "Spit out the stick," when one is comfortable with what one believes. Christians tend to be close-minded from the mere thought of digging a little deeper. Intellects have conquered the territory of creation and have represented the Christian believers to be something from the dark ages of illiteracy. I hope that one reads this book with the intent to eat the hay and spit out the sticks of disagreement, knowing that my heartfelt desire is to bring fresh insight to a dead and dying world so that Holy Spirit will prune the vines of your minds and all that read will go forth with boldness and bring forth more fruit for the Kingdom of God. In doing this all of mankind will surely know that Jesus is Lord!

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and Earth
Three Individual Segments of the Sixth
Setting the Framework and Explaining
The Day of Disobedience
The Angel Lucifers Pride
The Promise Hidden from
God Makes Provision for This World
Jesus Is the Anointed One Christ
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