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keeping the Sabbath holy, this were enough, that God has commanded it. He has a right thus to command. We are his creatures. He has made us. He has

given us all our powers. Our time is his. He has a right, therefore, to direct in what manner we shall spend it.

"But the command is reasonable. We are able to observe it. Indeed, there is nothing difficult about it. Besides, God has kindly given us six days in which to labor for ourselves, and do the business of life; to provide for our temporal wants. He requires only one day in seven especially and exclusively devoted to himself. We should indeed, on other days serve and please him-we should do all things for his glory'-but one day, he has set apart for himself exclusively.

"And, besides, my children, it is for our interest to spend the Sabbath, as God requires. Our worldly good demands it. We ourselves need to rest from laborious toil. We should become too worldly for our earthly good-too avaricious-too fond of pleasure and amusement, without some check-some pause. The Sabbath breaks in upon our worldly schemes, and pursuits. On that day, we change our thoughts

(or ought to)-we change our dress-we go to the house of God-all tends to refresh us-to inspire us with new vigor-to prepare us to fulfil, with nore pleasure and profit, the common duties of the week.

"And besides our worldly interests, our souls need such a day. Yes, without such a day, it is to be feared, that our eternal ruin would be almost certain. That day invites us to think of God and of our duty to Him-of death, how soon we must die-of judgment, when we must give our account-of heaven, and what we must do to reach that holy and happy place-of hell, and how we may avoid its misery and despair.

"The Sabbath reminds us that we are sinnerscondemned sinners-lost sinners-eternally lost, if we repent not-if we make not Christ our friend.

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"In short, my children, it is of all the days in the week, the very best-full of blessing to all who observe it, as God has enjoined.

"The motives to observe it are more, than I can spend time to name-more powerful, than I have language to express.

"God himself has set us an example. He accomplished the work of creation in six days, and rested

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bath to keep it holy—I observed it not—I ab0 1 2002
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ridiculed serious things-I was ashamed of Jesu now, alas!

In this lone land of deep despair,
No Sabbath's heavenly light shall rise;

No God regard my bitter prayer,
Nor Savior call me to the skies!

"Do you ask me how the Sabbath is to be kept? God tells you himself! Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.'

(or ought to)—we labor more than is necessary. It is house of God-alút, may we be idle? Far from this. with new vigor-we should be fervent in spirit, servpleasure and proserving him by worshiping him

"And besides raying unto him-reading and medisuch a day. Yord-visting his house of prayerfeared, that our-forming resolutions to do better than That day invite preparing to die in peace—preparing to Him-of deathy song, which is sung in heaven above when we must tinue to be sung forever.

we must do ta blessed, and delightful day the Sabhell, and how, now my children, that we are expecting "The Shorrow, let us unite in praying to God that condemned prepared for it. Should we live to see we repent

"In s'

week, t' In holy duties, let the day,

In holy pleasures, pass away;

serve i




How sweet a Sabbath thus to spend,
In hope of one that ne'er shall end !—"

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