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ence, 382


Renovation. A Prayer for the Love of our A Prayer for Renovation, 59 Neighbour, 81

For the Renewal of our Minds.

See Conversion, 381

A Prayer for universal Obedi- A Prayer for true Religion, 509

See Christianity.

A Prayer for making acceptable A Profession of Repentance,
Offerings to God, 106

362-A Prayer for the EfOrdination.

fects of Repentance, 116. A Prayer for the Canditates for -For Repentance and ParOrdination, 446-For the Or. don, 288 dainers and the Ordained, 392


A Prayer for Charity in RePardon.

proving, 277 A Prayer for Pardon upon our

Resurrection. Confession, 380 — For For. A Profession of our Faith in the giveness of our Sins, 369

Resurrection, 177-- ThanksSt. Paul.

giving for Christ's ResurrecA. Prayer for true Thankful- tion, 150–Prayers for the ness for his Conversion, 115 blessed Effects of Christ's Re. Persecution.

surrection, 149–For a blessed A Prayer for the Church under

Resurrection to Eternal Life, Persecution, 39—For Support

177 under Sufferings for Religion, Thanksgiving for the Advan

Revelation. 69-For Grace to suffer as a good Christian, 39-For the tages of Revelation, 232.Duties we owe to those that

See Scripture. are persecuted, 331


A Prayer for a right Use of A Prayer for our Persecutors, 71

the holy Sacrament, 483 Perseverance.

Saints. A Thanksgiving for the Perseverance of good Men, 350

Prayers for the Imitation of the

Saints, 11, 198, ibid 349. Piety.

See Example.
A Prayer for true Piety, 340


Prayers for the right Use of the Prayers for the Acceptance of

holy Scriptures, 187, 438—A our Prayers, 187, 482

Thanksgiving for the Gospel, Priests.-See Clergy.

330.-See Revelation. Priesthood.

Sin. Thankfulness for the Benefit of A Prayer for the Deliverance the Priesthood, 447

from the Power of Sin, 97– Protection.

For the Forgiveness of our Prayers for it, 288, 323

Sins, 369

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Sincerity. A Prayer for Sincerity towards God, 304 - Towards Man, 305

Soul. A Prayer for the right Use of the Faculties of the Soul, 164 - For the Care of our Souls, 165-For the Health of our Minds, 330

Holy Spirit. Prayers for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, 216, ibid. 231For the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, 104-For the Comfort of the Holy Ghost, 204-For the Assistance of the Holy Spirit, 124 - Thanksgiving for the Descent of the Holy Ghost, 218, 231

Stedfastness. Prayers for Stedfastness in Christianity, 81, 186

Suffering A Thanksgiving for Christ's Sufferings, 407 - A Prayer for Grace to suffer as a good Christian, 39

Submission. A Prayer for Submission to God's Will, 91

Temptation. A Prayer for Rescue from Temptation, 32-For Power and Strength to resist Temptation, 115, 289

A general Thanksgiving, 20

Time. A Prayer for the right Use of it, 98

Tongue. A Prayer for the Government of it, 324

Trinity. A Prayer for stedfast Faith in the Holy Trinity, 256-Praise and Thanksgiving to the Holy Trinity, ibid, 257

Truth. A Prayer for the Church's Perseverance in it, 80— Thanksgiving for the Knowledge of the Truth, 124

A Prayer for it, 340

Zeal. A Prayer for true Christian Zeal, 340_For the right Exercise of Zeal, 341-For the Government of Zeal, 298.

This Table may be of Use to direct devout People to Prayers for particular Graces, &c. in their Retirements at Noon, or any other time of the Day; as also on Days of Thanksgiving, or of Fasting and Humiliation.


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