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Splendour of his celestial Body, still made more glorious and majestic by the Authority which his! Father hath committed to him of Universal Judge: Glorious in his Retinue, being accompanied with Thousands of holy Angels, who shall attend not only to make up the Pomp of his Appearance, but as Ministers of his Justice; and Glorious, lastly, in that bright Throne of Glory, from whence he shall dispense Life and Death to all the World.

Q. What may we learn from the Certainty of a future General Judgment?

A. To govern our Lives with that Care and Consideration, and with that due Regard to the Measures of our Duty, that we may be able to give up our Accounts with Joy, and not with Grief. To keep that strict Watch over ourselves by frequent Examination, that our Demeanour, in this State of Probation and Trial, may obtain the Favour and Acceptance of our Judge at his dreadful Tribunal. To restrain ourselves from committing the least Sin, because there is none so inconsiderable as to be overlooked at that general Audit. Not to encourage ourselves by the greatest Secrecy to the Breach of any of God's holy Laws, because all our Actions shall be then exposed to public View, and known by the whole World, to our eternal Infamy and Reproach. Not to be dejected by the Slanders and Calumnies of bad Men, because our Integrity shall then be cleared by him who cannot err in Judgment. To improve all those Talents the Providence of God hath intrusted us with, because we are but Stewards, and must give an Account of them. To be sincere in all our Words and Actions; because in that Day the Secrets of all Hearts shall be disclosed. To avoid all rash judging of others, because he that judgeth another, shall not escape the Judgment of God. To abound in such Works, as we know will particularly distinguish Men at that Day, as feeding the Hungry, clothing the Naked, &c. because our Labour shall not be in

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main in the Lord. And yet after the most careful ad industrious Performance of our Duty, to be humble and jealous over our own Conduct, because though we know Nothing by ourselves, we are not 1 Cor. ir. thereby justified, for he that judgeth us is the Lord.

Q. What should we learn from the Uncertainty of the Time when we shall be judged ?

A. Immediately to reconcile ourselves to God by a sincere and hearty Repentance, that the terrible Day of God's Wrath may not find us unprepared: To be always upon our Guard, that we may make a daily Progress towards Christian Perfection, and constantly defend ourselves against the Attacks of our spiritual Enemies: To be frequent in all Acts of Piety and Devotion, that when we are summoned to appear, we may, if possible, be found employed in religious Exercises : To beg God's Grace that the Day of Judgment may not overtake us unawares, but that, by a patient Continuance in well-doing we may wait for Glory, Honour, and Immortality.

THE PRAYERS. ALMIGHTY God, give me Grace, that I may For Precast away the Works of Darkness, and put upon paration me the Armour of Light, now in the Time of this mortal Life, in which thy Son Jesus Christ came to visit us in great Humility ;) that in the last Day, when he shall come again in his glorious Majesty to judge both the Quick and Dead, I may rise to the Life immortal, through him

who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, now and ever. Amen.

II. O LORD Jesus Christ, who at thy first Coming for the didst send thy Messenger to prepare thy Way be success of fore thee; grant that the Ministers and Stewards Ministers. of thy Mysteries may likewise so prepare and make ready thy Way, by turning the Hearts of the Disobedient to the wisdom of the Just, that at thy

for Judgment.

For Rescile from Temptation.

For Preparation

second Coming to judge the World, we may be
found an acceptable People in thy Sight, who livest
and reignest with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
ever one God, World without End. Amen.

O LORD, raise



pray thee, thy Power, and come among us, and with great Might succour me; that whereas through my Sins and Wickednesses I am sore let and hindered in running the Race that is set before me, thy bountiful Grace and Mercy may speedily help and deliver me, through the Satisfaction of thy Son our Lord, to whom, with thee and the Holy Ghost, be Honour and Glory, World without End. Amen.

IV. Bp. Kenn. I BELIEVE, O blessed Jesus, that from thy

Throne at God's right Hand, where thou now for Judg. sittest, thou wilt come again to judge the World,

attended with thy holy Angels. I believe, O thou adorable Judge, that all Mankind shall be summoned before thy awful Tribunal : all the Dead who shall be waked out of their Graves, when the Angel shall blow the last Trump: And all that are then Quick and Alive, shall then appear before thee: That I and all the World shall give a strict Account of all our Thoughts, Words, and Actions : that the Books will then be opened; that out of those dreadful Registers we shall be judged; that Satan and our own Consciences will be our Accusers. Olet the last Trump be ever sounding in my Ears, that I may be ever mindful of my great Accounts; and that I may neither speak, nor do, nor think any Thing that may wound my own Conscience or provoke thy Anger, or make me tremble at the awful Day. I know, O Lord, that Love only shall then endure that terrible Test, that Love only shall be acquitted, that Love only shall be eternally blest: and therefore I will ever praise and love thee. Glory be to thee, O thou beloved Son of God, to whom


the Father has committed all Judgment. How can they that love thee, O Jesu, ever despond, though their Love in this Life is always imperfect, when at last they shall have Love for their Judge, Love that hath felt and will compassionate all their Infirmities? and therefore all Love, all Glory be to thee. Amen.

Q. WHAT Festival doth the Church celebrate this

A. That of the Apostle St. Andrew.
Q. Of what Parentage and Country was he?

A. He was born at Bethsaida, a City of Galilee, John i. 44. standing upon the Banks of the Lake of Genesareth, Son to Jonas, a Fisherman of that Town, and Brother to Simon Peter. It is not decided by the Ancients, whether he was the elder or younger; the major part think St. Andrew to have been the younger.

Q. How came our Saviour to chuse his Disciples out of Galilee?

d. Because it was the chief Scene of our Saviour's Ministry ; a Circumstance noted by all the Evangelists; and St. Peter also stamps it with this Character in his Sermon to Cornelius, the Word Acts x. 37. which began from Galilee. Our Saviour was both Luke i. 26. conceived and brought up at Nazareth, a City of iv. 13, 23. Galilee; he began his solemn Publication of the John ii. !1. Gospel at Capernaum, the Metropolis of Galilee ; 2. he preached all round the Region of Galilee; he Mat

. xvi. began bis Miracles at Cana, in Galilee ; he was transfigured at Mount Tabor, a Mount of Galilee; our Saviour's ordinary Residence was in Galilee; and he appointed his Disciples to come to see him in Galilee, when he was risen from the Dead.

Q. Was our Saviour's vouchsafing his principal Abode to the Province of Galilee any Testimony of his being the Messiah ?


Mat. xvii.


XV. 29.

John i. 40.

A. The Prophecy of Isaiah, ix. 1, 2, 3, plainly

relateth to this Matter : and to this purpose it is Mat. iv. quoted' by St. Matthew, when our Saviour made

Capernaum the Seat of his Preaching. The Land of Galilee, or of Zebulun and Nepthali

, had the Misfortune to be first in that Calamity which befel Kings, their Nation by the Assyrians; by occasion of

which Calamity then newly happened, Isaiah comforteth them with this Prophecy, that in Recompence of that Misery they suffered above the Rest of their Brethren, they should have the first and chiefest Share of the Presence and Conversation of the Messiah that was to come.

Q. How was St. Andrew awakened to expect the Messiah?

A. By being a Disciple of John the Baptist, who trained up his Proselytes under the Discipline of Repentance, which prepared them to entertain the Doctrine of the Messiah; whose Approach he told them was near at hand, representing to them the Dignity of his Person, and the Importance of the Design he was come upon.

Q. How came St. Andrew acquainted with our Saviour?

A. Being with John the Baptist one day as Jesus pàssed by, and hearing him say, that he was the , Lamb of God that taketh away the Sins of the World, he follows our Saviour upon this Testimony, to the Place of his Abode, hearing his Instructions, and improving his Faith by conferring with him ; upon which Account by several of the Ancients he is styled the first-called Disciple, though in a strict Sense he was not so; for though he was the first of the Disciples that came to Christ, yet he was not called till afterwards.

Q. What was the first Effect of his Faith in the Messiah?

A. He went to his Brother Simon, and imparted

to him the joyful News, that he had found the DeVer. 41. sire of the World, and their long-expected Happiness,

the Christ who was promised by the Prophets; and

Ver. 36.47.

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