Quarterly List of New Books, Volúmenes 18-20

The Library, 1911

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Página 67 - An Act to provide for the establishment of Federal reserve banks, to furnish an elastic currency, to afford means of rediscounting commercial paper, to establish a more effective supervision of banking in the United States, and for other purposes.
Página 13 - The origin and growth of the American Constitution; an historical treatise in which the documentary evidence as to the making of the entirely new plan of federal government embodied in the existing Constitution of the United States is, for the first time, set forth as a complete and consistent whole.
Página 71 - Submarine engineering of today; a popular account of the methods by which sunken ships are raised, docks built, rocks blasted away, tunnels excavated, and many other feats of engineering beneath the surface of the water...
Página 109 - PRACTICAL TANNING. A Handbook of Modern Processes, Receipts, and Suggestions for the Treatment of Hides, Skins, and Pelts of every Description. By LA FLEMMING, American Tanner. 472 pages.
Página 44 - Marketing and Manufacture By HERBERT MYRICK. A practical handbook on the most approved methods in growing, harvesting, curing and selling hops, and on the use and manufacture of hops. The result...
Página 9 - Their structures, changes, and life-histories, with special reference to American forms. Being an application of the "Doctrine of descent" to the study of Butterflies, with an appendix of practical instructions.
Página 77 - Bergson's resources in the way of erudition are remarkable, and in the way of expression they are simply phenomenal. ... If anything can make hard things easy to follow it is a style like Bergson's. It is a miracle and he a real magician. Open Bergson and new horizons open on every page you read. It tells of reality itself instead of reiterating what dusty-minded professors have written about what other previous...
Página 1 - MP, and CYRIL RANSOME, MA Crown 8vo., 6s. ANNUAL REGISTER (THE). A Review of Public Events at Home and Abroad, for the year 1892. 8vo. , 18s. Volumes of the ANNUAL REGISTER for the years 1863-1891 can still be had.
Página 7 - WORK AND WAGES : in continuation of Lord Brassey's ' Work and Wages ' and ' Foreign Work and English Wages '. Vol.
Página 11 - Report of the Director of the Mint upon the Production of the Precious Metals in the United States during the Calendar Year, 1905.

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