The Life of Robert, Lord Clive: Collected from the Family Papers Communicated by the Earl of Powis, Volumen 3

J. Murray, 1836
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Página 106 - Donations ; and to that we must add, that we think the vast Fortunes acquired in the Inland Trade have been obtained by a Scene of the most tyrannic and oppressive Conduct, that ever was known in any Age or Country...
Página 346 - After rendering my country the service which I think I may, without any degree of vanity, claim the merit of, and after having nearly exhausted a life full of employment for the public welfare and the particular benefit of the East India Company, I little thought that such transactions would have agitated the minds of my countrymen in proceedings like the present, tending to deprive me not only of my property, and the fortune which I have fairly acquired, but of that which I hold more dear to me...
Página 358 - ... rupees, were of the value, in English money, of 234,000^. ; and that, in so doing, the said Robert Lord Clive abused the power with which he was intrusted, to the evil example of the servants of the public, and to the dishonour and detriment of the State.
Página 113 - The Great will interfere in your appointments, and noblemen will perpetually solicit you to provide for the younger branches of their families.
Página 275 - Commons for leave to bring in a bill " for the better regulation of the affairs of the East India Company and of their servants in India, and for the due administration of justice in Bengal.
Página 100 - It was not expedient, however, to draw the reins too tight. It was not expedient that the Company's servants should pass from affluence to beggary. It was necessary that some emoluments should accrue to the servants in general, and more especially to those in superior stations, who were to assist in carrying on the measures of government. The salary of a councillor is, I think, scarcely three hundred pounds per annum : and it is well known that he cannot live in that country for less than three thousand...
Página 355 - But to be called upon, after sixteen years have elapsed, to account for my conduct in this manner, and, after an uninterrupted enjoyment of my property, to be questioned, and considered as obtaining it unwarrantably, is hard indeed ! and a treatment I should not think the British Senate capable of.
Página 286 - ... not contemptible members of society, and if in all their dealings between man and man their conduct is strictly honourable, if, in short, there has not yet been one character found amongst them sufficiently flagitious for Mr Foote to exhibit on the theatre in the Haymarket, may we not...
Página 330 - That all acquisitions made under the influence of a military force, or by treaty with foreign Princes, do of right belong to the State.
Página 282 - To another charge that his establishment of a monopoly of salt, betel-nut, and tobacco had caused the late famine, he replied : " How a monopoly of salt, betelnut, and tobacco, in the years of 1765 and 1766, could occasion a want of rain and scarcity of rice in the year 1770 is past my comprehension. I confess I cannot answer that part of this article; and as to the other commodities, as they have not been specified, I cannot say anything to them.

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