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Página 39 - The north temperate zone lies between the tropic of Cancer and the arctic circle ; and the south temperate zone between the tropic of Capricorn and the antarctic circle.
Página 79 - Then to all the places just under the western side of the horizon, the sun is rising ; to those...
Página 25 - All places between the equator and the north pole are in north latitude, and all places between the equator and the south pole are in south latitude. The latitude is greater, as the place is farther from the equator and nearer the poles.
Página 48 - Bring the place at which the hour is given to the meridian, and set the index to the given hour...
Página 77 - An eclipse of the sun is caused by the interposition of the moon between the earth and...
Página 107 - The right ascension of the sun, or a star, is that degree of the equinoctial which rises with the sun, or a star, in a right sphere, and is reckoned from the equinoctial point Aries eastward round the globe.
Página 58 - Rectify the globe for the latitude of the place ; bring the sun's place to the meridian, and set the index to 12...
Página 23 - LATITUDE are circles drawn parallel to the equator. THE LATITUDE of a place is its distance north or south from the equator, reckoned in degrees on the meridian passing through that place.
Página 99 - ... from it, and the remainder will be the time of high water in the afternoon of the given day.* TIDES.
Página 54 - Elevate the pole so many degrees above the horizon as are equal to the latitude of the given place ; find the sun's place in the ecliptic, and bring it to the eastern semicircle of the horizon ; the number of degrees from the sun's place to the east point of the horizon will be the rising amplitude ; bring the sun's place to the western semicircle of the horizon, and the...

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