Spink & Son's Monthly Numismatic Circular, Volúmenes 35-36


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Página 401 - The emperor (says he) wears on his head either a diadem, or a crown of gold, decorated with precious stones of inestimable value. These ornaments, and his purple garments, are reserved for his sacred person alone ; and his robes of silk are embroidered with the figures of golden dragons. His throne is of massy gold.
Página 187 - A Manual of Gold and Silver Coins of all Nations struck within the past century, showing their history and legal basis, and their actual weight, fineness and value, chiefly from original and recent assays...
Página 401 - ... of their shield is encircled with smaller bosses which represent the shape of the human eye. The two mules that draw the chariot of the monarch are perfectly white and shining all over with gold. The chariot itself, of pure and solid gold, attracts the admiration of the spectators who...
Página 391 - There is a good deal of variation in the size of the stars, the letters and the figures ; also in the shape of the monogram.
Página 129 - Souvenirs numismatiques de la Révolution de 1848. — Recueil complet des médailles, monnaies et jetons qui ont paru en France depuis le 22 février jusqu'au 20 décembre 1848.
Página 197 - ... them, which they were anxious that there should be ; they should apply to the Missionary Society to get silver pieces of different value coined for them in England, which the missionaries would take for their allowance from the Society, having Griqua-town marked on them. It is probable that, if this were adopted, in a short time they would circulate among all the nations round about, and be a great convenience.
Página 129 - Coins of Ancient Lycia before the Reign of Alexander; with an Essay on the Relative Dates of the Lycian Monuments in the British Museum (1855).
Página 337 - Catalogue d'une collection de médailles des rois et des villes de l'ancienne Grèce en vente à l'amiable avec les prix fixés à chaque numéro.
Página 131 - GREED'S labour lost. A novel. By the author of " Recommended to mercy," &c. [Mrs HOUSTOUN.] In threevolumes. Second edition. London : 1875. Octavo.* GREEK (the) and Roman history illustrated by coins and medals. Representing their religions, rites, manners, customs, games, feasts, arts and sciences. Together with a succinct account of their emperors, consuls, cities, colonies and families.
Página 129 - Tables of English Silver and Gold Coins: First published by Martin Folkes Esq., and now Re-printed, with Plates and Explanations, by the Society of Antiquaries, London, MDCCLXIII.

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