Sex Diet: A Guidebook to a Healthy Libido

AuthorHouse, 5 sept 2012 - 162 páginas
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Sex Diet is a new take on nutrition and healthy eating. Stress, fatigue, tiredness, and low sexual energy are all symptoms of twenty-first-century life. Sex Diet can help! The author of Midnight Moscow now takes us into the world of food, sensuality, libido, and nutrition. With explanations, recipes, and more, we explore the relationship between healthy food and sexuality. Each chapter includes a thorough analysis of the vitamin and nutritional value of the foods, recipes for their preparation, and their libidinal effects. You get over 100 aphrodisiac recipes, ideas for vegetarian meals and sexy memorable dishes. The book also explores the connections among libido, exercise, attitude, and good sleep. Sex Diet provides ideas for kinky sex games and explains why holistic approach is better than synthetic drugs for libido boost. The research shows how lifestyle changes can help develop a healthy body and spirit, a strong relationship with ones partner, and an exciting sex life.

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Sobre el autor (2012)

Aleksandra Orlova is a resident of Moscow who travels extensively around the world. The author has a successful career in business, is actively involved in charity work, admires classics and art, and is very familiar with the ‘new’ Russia. Orlova is a PhD student, a connoisseur of wines and foods, and the author of the erotic novel, Midnight Moscow (2008), and a book of poetry, Sunrise for the Soul (2006).

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