The House-keeper's Pocket-book: And Compleat Family Cook. Containing Above Seven Hundred Curious and Uncommon Receipts ... Concluding with Many Excellent Prescriptions ... Extracted from the Writings of the Most Eminent Physicians

R. Ware, 1739 - 263 páginas

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Página 258 - ... be dipped all over, but not stay in (with his head above water) longer than half a minute, if the water be very cold; after this he must go in three times a week for a fortnight longer.
Página 252 - ... of old Malaga sack, with the yolk of a new-laid egg, and as much flour of...
Página 252 - Seafon proves, three or four Times a Day, or oftener, if the Fits of Coughing come frequently, till well, which will be in two or three Days ; but it wHl prefently abate the Violence of the Diftemper.
Página 139 - Gather them when dry, full grown, and not ripe ; pick them one by one, put them into glafs bottles that are very clean and dry, and cork them clofe with new corks ; then put a kettle of water on the...
Página 135 - Cherries. Gather your Cherries of a bright Red, not too ripe ; weigh them, and to every Pound of Cherries put three quarters of a Pound of double-refin'd Sugar beat very fine ; ftone. your Cherries, and ftrew fome Sugar over them as you ftone them, to keep their Colour ; take the reft of your Sugar, and near half a Pint of...
Página 88 - ... sugar, a little salt and grated bread. Lay the marrow in your pye, and the yolks of twelve hard eggs cut in halves, a handful of chesnuts boiled and blanched, and some candied orange-peel in slices.
Página 112 - tis boiled; then take the Yolks of eight Eggs, and four of the Whites; beat them very well with fome Sack...
Página 193 - Put them into a stein that has a tap in it, and to every eight pounds of fruit put a gallon of water. Boil the water, skim it, and pour it scalding hot on your fruit.
Página 113 - ... and pour it in and bake it. You may add a quarter of a pound of currants, for change. If you boil the rice and milk, and then ftir in the fugar, you may bake it before the fire, or ¡и a tin oven.

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