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In prefacing the fourth volume of our miscellany with a few remarks, we feel more than usually the anomaly inseparable from such a document. Its real character is a finale, though its assigned station is that of an introduction : and its object must rather be to speak of the volume that is to follow, than of the one to which it is attached. Of the six numbers last published, we can only say that we are under the usual obligation to our literary contributors, and our friendly supporters; to each and all of whom we tender most grateful acknowledgments: while of the volumes which are, by divine permission, to succeed, we have somewhat more particular to mention.

Previous to the first starting of the Christian Lady's Magazine, two years since, the publishers made known by advertisement that its contents would be chieily contributed by some esteemed authoresses, whose names afforded a guarantee for the value of that assistance which they have rendered to it. Circumstances, not necessary to particularize, have led the parties more immediately interested in the magazine, to enter upon a new arrangement, whereby the Editor takes upon herself a more exclusive responsibility than before. A change will, of course, ensue by the omission of those regular contributions which have hitherto appeared ; and all the ladies who were announced as combining to carry on the periodical are released from any future obligation to assist in it. At the same time the Editor, under feelings of the liveliest gratitude to her beloved sisters in the work, is enabled to assure its readers that the alteration takes place under most amicable, and most affectionate feelings on both sides : she bas the assurance of their continued prayers, and is not left without a prospect of an occasional memento of their good-will towards her undertaking, although it is due to them to state, that from every description of responsibility they stand most fully absolved. Alike with the Publishers, and with the literary assistants, she enjoys the rich privilege of that fellowship in the gospel of Christ by which all things are done, not only without murmurings or disputings, but also in the perfect bond of unity, peace, and love.

It may be demanded, in wbat manner is the work now to be supported? We reply that several eminent Christians, clergymen and others, have promised frequent assistance ; that a character less uniform, perhaps, and more miscellaneous will be assumed, by the constant variety of hands thus brought into co-operation. The opening chapter of each number having, as far as the Editor can learn, been favoured with the approval of the majority of readers, some. thing similar will still be furnished, by the same hand; the closing article, under a different title, likewise maintaining its place. A valued friend, who enjoyed for some years, during her girlhood, the familiar correspondence of the revered Hannalı More, has most kindly placed in the Editor's hands

those hitherto unpublished letters, which will appear in sequence. A few pages of each number will be devoted to an exposure of the present system and deep workings of Popery in this country : and occasional notices will be given of the existence and progress of such works of Christian mercy as may most feelingly commend themselves to the hearts of pious women. It is in contemplation to give occasional extracts from books of sterling value, which may not be so generally within reach of all our readers. It is also the conductor's desire and expectation to introduce a portion of scientific remark. The assistance of friends who may be disposed to contribute their aid, is respectfully and affectionately requested by the Editor, as a matter of personal kindness; always, of course, subject to such judgment as she may be enabled to exercise, as to their insertion.

Under these regulations, and with humble dependence on the divine blessing, the series for 1836 will commence. May all the readers of our Magazine be stirred up to pray for that blessing; and may their prayers be abundantly answered in an accession of profitable entertainment to themselves and to their families !

December, 1835.

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