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The following lines she wrote with charcoal on a window-shutter, while under severe restraint at Woodstock :—

Oh Fortune! how thy restless wavering state
Has fraught with cares my troubled wit;

Witness this present prison, whither fate
Has borne me, and the joys I quit.

Thou causedst the guilty to be loosed

From bonds, wherein are innocent's inclosed;

Causing the guiltless to be strait reserved,

And freeing those that death had well-deserved;

liut by her envy nothing can be wrought,

So God send to my foes all they have thought.

Elizabeth, Prisoner.


The succeeding Stanzas, from the Ashmolcan Museum, signed " Eliza Regina, upon Mount Zeurs departure," may serve to show the state of Elizabeth's heart, and the strength of her passions at fifty-two, when, it is supposed, she entertained "an uncontrolable passion, which carried her very absurd lengths," for the Duke of Anjou, between whom and herself a treaty of marriage had been nearly concluded.

Civil And Military History Of Great Britain.

I grieve, yet dare not shew my discontent;
I love, and yet am forced to seem to hate; ,

1 dote, I dote, but dare not say I ever meant;

I seem stark mute, but inwardly do prate.
I am, and not,—I freeze, and am yet burned;
Since from myself my otherself I turned.

My care is like my shadow in the sun,

Follows me flying; flies when I pursue it;

Stands, and lies by me; does what I have done; This too familiar care doth make me rue it.

No means I find to rid him from my breast,

Till by the end of things it be supprest.

Some gentler passion steals into my mind,
(For I am soft and made of melting snow J;

Or be more cruel, love, or be more kind;
Let me, or float or sink, be high or low.

Or let me live with some more sweet content,

Or die, and so forget what love e'er meant.

She published a Comment on Plato : several Translations from Greek to Latin; part of Sallust into English; and many devotional Tracts, Letters, &c.




From the Accession of James I. to the Restoration,


James I.—Gunpowder Treason.Charles I.—Civil Wars, and Martyrdom of the King.The Commonwealth.Protec torate of Oliver Cromwell.Richard Cromwell.Restoration and Accession of Charles II.



Born at Edinburgh Castle, Juno 19th. Crowned King of Scotland, 1557—of England, July 25th, 1603. Married Ann, Daughter of Frederic II. King of Denmark and Norway, by Sophia of Mecklenburgh; by whom he had issue, Henry, Prince of Wales, a most accomplished Prince, who died, unmarried, Nov. 6th, 1612; Robert, died young; Charles, who succeeded to the crown of Great Britain; Elizabeth, married February 14th, 1613, to Frederick V. Elector Palatine, and afterwards King of Bohemia; from whom are descended the family now on the Throne, their Daughter Sophia having given birth to George I.; Margaret, born in Scotland; and Mary and Sophia, born in England, died infants. James reigned Tweuty-two Years. Died of a tertian ague, March 27th, 1625, in the 50th Year of his age, and was buried at Westminster.

Principal Events.

Sir Walter Raleigh's conspiracy, and execution fourteen Years after his sentence; in which interval lis had been entrusted with the post of Admiral and General of an expedition. Peace with Spain. Gunpowder Treason—a plot to blow up the King and Parliament with thirty-six barrels of powder. Sir Thomas Ovcrbury poisoned. The great Lord Bacon disgraced for peculation. The House of Commons, on account of the King's partiality to his favorites, Carr and Villiers, endeavour to abridge the Royal Prcrogaiive. The New River, Thames, York Buildings, and Chelsea, Water-Works established.

Eminent Persons.

Henry, Prince of Wales. Carr, Earl of Somerset. Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. Lord Chancellor Bacon. William


Shakespeare. Sir Walter Raleigh* Sir Hugh Middleton.
Lord Chancellor Maitland. W. A. Earl of Sterling. Sir M.
Kerr, Earl of Ancram. J. Hamilton, Earl of Haddington.
James, Duke of Hamilton. Henry Carey, Lord Falkland.
G. Calvert, Lord Baltimore. Robert Carey, Earl of Mon-
mouth. Sir M. Cecil, Earl of Salisbury. Henry Howard,
Earl of Northampton. Lord Chancellor Ellesmere. Sir
Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke. G. Carew, Earl of Totness.
W. Herbert, Earl of Pembroke. Sir Dudley Carleton, Vis-
count Dorchester. E. Cecil, Viscount Wimbledon, &c. &c


Clement VIII. 1592. Leo XI. 1605. Paul III. 1605. Gregory XV. 1621. Urban VIII. 1623.


Of Germany.—Rodolphus II. 1576. Matthias I. 1612. Ferdinand II. 1619.

Of the Turks.—Achmet 1.1603, Mnstapha I.1617. Osmau I. 1618. Mustapha I. restored, 1622. Amurath IV. 1623.


Of France.—Henry IV. 1589. Louis XIII. 1610.
Of Spainl

and V Philip III. 1597. Philip IV. 1621. Portugal. J

Of Denmark.—Christian IV. 1588.

Of Sweden.—Sigismund, 1592. Charles IX. 1606. Gustavus II. 1611,


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