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If any grieved, it was an undertaker,

Who at her funeral did sigh and sob,

Not for the Queen whose breath did then forsake her,

But, for a brother tradesman got the job.

Sweet Shakespeare tells us that a rose

"By any other name" would charm the nose:

But Bonner's memory, I fear,

By no means e'er will charm the ear;

His name avails not tho' he turn it

To more appropriate Bishop Burnet;

Or should the badness of the pun amaze,

To make it worse let's call him Bishop Blaze.



Born, A. D. 1333. Crowned, 1588. Died, unmarried, March 24th, 1503. Buried at Westminster.

Principal Events.

The Protestant Religion established, and the Queen declared head of the Church. The Spanish Armada destroyed. Mary, Queen of Scots, beheaded. The first East-India Company established, by a grant to the Earl of Cumberland and 215 Knights, Aldermen, and Merchants. The first Treaty of Commerce with Russia; and the Turkey Company established, The Earl of Essex executed. St. Paul's Cathedral much injured by fire. A Plague in London, of which 10,675 persons died, Virginia discovered.

Eminent Persons.

Shakespeare. Sir Philip Sidney. Sir Walter Raleigh. Sir Francis Drake. Lord Howard, of Effingham. Cecil, Lord Burleigh. Robert Devreaux, Earl of Essex. Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. Sir Martin Frobisher. Sir John Hawkins, &c. &c. &c.



Paul IV. 1555. Pius IV. 1559. Pius V. 1565. Gregory

XIII. 1572. Sextus V. 1585. Urban VII. 1590. Gregory

XIV. 1590. Innocent IX. 1591. Clement VIII. 1592.

Emperert. Emperors.

Of Germany,—Ferdinand I. 1558. Maximilian II. 1564. Rodolphus II. 1576,

Of the Turks.—Solimon II. 1520. Selim II. 1566. Amurath III. 1574. Mahomet III. 1595.


Of France.—Henry II. 1547. Francis II. 1559. Charles
IX. 1560. Henry III. 1574. Henry IV. 1589.
Of Spain.—Philip II. 1555.
Of Portugal—Sebastian, 1557. Henry, 1578.
Union of Spain 3r Portugal.—Philip II. 1580. Philip III. 1597.
OfDenmark.—Frederic II. 1559. Christian IV. 1588.
Of Sweden.—EricX. 1556. John III. 1569. Sigismuml, 1592.
Sovereigns of Scotland.—Mary, 1542. James VI. 1507.

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"A virgin Queen the regal sceptre sway erf,

"And fate itself her sov'reign pow'r obeyed,

"The wise Eliza, whose directing hand

"Had the great scale of Europe at command;

"And ruled a people that alike disdain,

"Or freedom's ease, or slav'ry's iron chain."


"0 the golden days of good Queen Bess."

Collins's Evening Brush.

"C'antate Domino, Canticum novum."

Chaunted by mitred Sycophants of the former Reign four times in fourteen years.

Sir J. Harington.

"Juno potens sceptris et mentis acumine Pallas,
"Et roseo Veneris fulget in ore decor;
"Adfuit Elizabeth —Juno perculsa refugit,
"Obstupuit Pallas, erubuitque Venus.

Poetry Of The Times.

Imitated. Fide J. P. Andrews:

"Tho' Juno boast her power, tbo' Pallas shine

"In wit; tho' Venus vaunt her charms divine;—

"Behold Eliza comes—shamed Juno fled,

"For envy Venus blush'd, and Pallas hung her head.'*

"The Spanish Armada

"Set out to invade a, "Quite sure, if they ever came nigh laud,

"They cou'd'nt do less

"Than hang up Queeu Bess, "And take their full swing in the Island."

"Thest "These proud puff'd up cakes

"Thought to make ducks and drakes "Of our wealth, but they scarcely cou'd spy land

"Ere our Drake had the luck

"To make their pride duck, "And stoop to the lads of the Island."

T. Dibdis's Songs.

Who made the land with joy abound,
And bade the merry bells ring round,
While thousands shout to see her crowned?


Who liv'd the heroine of her time,

And gain'd a name, with which to chime,

Perhaps you'll find a better rhyme

Than I, sir?

Who lov'd Lord Essex 'bove his Peers,
And cut his head off, (tho' with tears),
Of which, alive, she box'd the ears,

O fie, sir.*

F 2 Who

• When her Majesty was moved, she swore heartily, and was by no means sparing of her blows;—the history of the chastisements bestowed by her hand, from the first recorded when entering the Tower to certain death as she thought, she dashed her conductors offered cloak from her; to the last bitter shake she bestowed on the malicious Nottingham, including her menacing


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