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Reader, mistake not what my warmth express'd,

Tumult I hate, licentiousness detest;

Yet sure that nation which so much deliglits

In Magna Charta, and the Bill of Rights;

Who taught by sad experience Charles and James,

That Law and Freedom are no empty names;

Ought to have risen with the purest zeal,

And made unfeeling Superstition feel;

Driven Bigotry to native holes and caves,

Prevented Martyrs from untimely graves;

And thundered in the crosier'd butcher's ear,

That Mary and her Philip both might hear,

Britons Are Free, And Never Will nii Slaves!

When Edward's death left Mary England's Queen,

Jane Grey, unfortunate, (and less to blame Than they who, tempted by Ambition's shene,

O'erruled her to assume the regal name); For their default who taught her to aspire, Fell victim with her husband* and his sire.f


* The Lord Guildford Dudley.

t The Duke of Northumberland was beheaded on Tower-hill, with Palmer and Gates, his associates. "The executioner," writes

a French

Spanish Prince Philip wrote our Queen a letter,
Saying he wish'd for such a wife,
Swearing he lov'd her more than life:

Not mentioning he loved—the English crown

much better. When landed on our coast, we're told, He drew his sword with action bold; NorsheathM it, even when Southampton's Mayor At meeting knelt, and made an humble prayer, That Philip wou'd assume the township's keys, Who, without speaking, stood at ease; Like a tired soldier after a review, As if our condescension was his due. Ah ! little did the great Eliza think,

(Who then was peeping thro' some cloister'd chink),

How, at a future time, she'd give a banging

To that same Philip, who so proud,

Stood sword in hand among the crowd,

And heard with nonchalance the Mayor's haranging.

a French Priest, "wore a white apron, and little children gathered up the blood which fell through the slits of the scaffold."

Voyages De Perlin.Vide Akdhews.

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Ah! little thought Iberia's nation,

How Britain's wou'd, in days now come,

Oppose of Spain's worst foe the usurpation, And list their patriots with an English drum.

What British feelings were at Philif's coming, By way of respite from my own humdrumming, I'll give in couplets written at the time;

By which you'll know,

That years ago,
Politic reasons were express'd in rhyme.


Verses on the Marriage of Philip and Mary*


The devil, that old enemy to mankind,
Strives to prevent, tho' to it God's inclined,
That Mary, England's Queen, should join het

To Spanish Philip, in hymeneal bands.
Against the match, with the dark prince of night,
The helpless Scots and timrous French unite,

* Vide Fox's Book of Martyrs.

With these hell's prelates join Caiaplias' race;
Eight married fathers, void of heavenly grace,
John Dudley, Wyatt, and rebellious Kent',
With Gray conspired the marriage to prevent.
But that the nuptials should performed be,
CiESAR and Flanders vow'd, and Italy,
Catholic bishops, and with these comply
Five holy fathers, for their sanctity
In fetters bound ; the senate of the nation,
And all true Catholics in ev'ry station;
Lords, Commons, learned, ignorant, and we,
'Cause God himself doth thereunto agree.
When Philip and Queen Mary shall be joined,
Their blood its wonted course shall run refined.




That Mary should to Spanish Philip wed,
And England's glory be extirpated;
The devil wills, jointly with him agree
All Flanders, Italy, and Germany.-


Caiai*has' race, the mitred company
Of popish bishops,—five for impiety
In prison cast.—But God's extended arm
Kindly supports us, and averts the harm,
He nills the match, gives England liberty.
With him the warlike Scots and French agree,
Eight married in the Lord; and Dudley, you
Foreboding dismal things, the marriage view,
The sanate nills.—Brave Wyatt doth espoue,
With pious zeal, his country's injured cause;
With him Grey and the Kentish folks comply,
Either to gain their liberty or die!
Then say, what profits will the Spanish King,
Having wedded Mary, to the English bring?

Altho' I am not tired of my task,

Yet you may be of reading, - then take breath;

And suffer me with due respect to ask,

Wou'd'nt you rather quit this reign,

Of credit lost and tyrant gain, To read the golden days of great Elizabeth.

It may be first as well to say,

That Mary chanced to die one day ;*

* Mary wrote and published several devout Pieces and Letters.

Catalogue Of Royal Authors.

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