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WARWICK's black envy SOMERSET enthrals, And, mourned by many, the Protector falls ; Now, with Northumbria's coronet elate, WARWICK, unconscious of approaching fate, Rules the young monarch.-EDWARD's early

doom, Changes his crown already for a tomb. Christchurch, Bartholomew, and Bridewell bear A liberal witness of his fostering care ;* Religion too began to own reform, When the bright prospect, black’ning to a storm, With EDWARD vanish'd quite ;t-and Mary

Mary, a blemish to the regal name,
Heir to her father's vice, without one jot
Of good, she came to cast a dark red blot
On British story ne'er to be forgot.

* The King compleated the endowments of these IIospitals a few days before his death, with £600 per Annum from t.e Savoy.

HOLIACSII ED. + Edward was an Au: hor; Nolingshed says he write a most elegant Ccmedy, called the Whore of Babylon; of which, as of several other of his productions, llorace Walpole avers, “All the subjects were religious, all the conduct farcical.”

CATALOGUE OF ROYAL AUTHORS. The cost of his Household was, the first year, £49,187; the second, £46,902; the third, £46,100; the fourth, £ 100,378; the fifth, 162,863; the sixth, 265,923.





Born, A. D. 1515. Accession, 1553. Married Philip II. of Spain, at Winchester, 1554 Reigned Five Years, Four Months, and Eleven Days. Dięd November 17th, 155&. Buried at Westminster.

PRINCIPAL Eyeșts. Marriage of the Queen with Philip of Spain, who drew his sword on landing; which arrogant action' was variously interpreted. Suppression of the reformed religion, and a persecution of its professors, unexampled since that of the Christians in the reign of Dioclesian, the Roman Emperor: in addition to many executions and oppressions on the score of opinions in this reign, there were burnt alive-one Archbishop; five Bishops; twenty-one Clergymen ; eight Gentlemen; eighty-four Artificers; one hundred Husbandmen, Servants, and Labourers; twenty-six Wives; twenty Widows; nine Maidens; two Boys; and two Infants ; besides many who perished by imprisonment. Rebellion and execution of Thomas Wyatt. Executions of Lord Guildford Dudley, Lady Jane Grey, the Dukes of Northumberland and Suffolk. The Great Harry, a ship of a thousand tons, burnt at Woolwich by the negligence of the mariners. Several dearths, and one succeeded by such a year of plenty, that Wheat fell from £2...13s...4d. per quarter, to 5s. Calais taken from the English, who have never since had possessions in France.

Eminent Persons. Archbishop Cranmer; Bishops Hooper, Ridley, Latimer, Ferrer, Rogers, and Saunders, Taylor, and many others of the

Clergy Clergy who suffered for their religion. Cardinal Pole, Bishops Gardiner, Bonner, Thirlby, &c. wbo were fiery supporters of the Papal power. Lord Stafford.


Popes. Julius III. 1550. Marcellus II. 1555. Paul IV. 1555.

Of Germany.-Charles V. 1519.
Of the Turks.-Soliman II. 1520.

Kings and Queen.
Of France.—Henry II. 1547.
Of Spain.-Philip II. 1555.
Of Portugal.—John III. 1521.
Of Denmark.-Frederic II. 1559.
Of Sweden.—Gustavus Vasa, 1522,
Of Scotland.-Mary, 1542.



“ But she, I ween, was not that virgin mild “ The Poet wooes along sequestered grove."


“For, tho' sometimes each dreary pause between,

“ Dejected pity by her side,

“ Her soul-subduing voice applied, “ Yet still she kept her wild unaltered mien.”


“ Sum Marie, male grata patri, male grata marito,..

“ Cælo invisa, meæ pestis atrox patriæ ; “ Nulla aberat labes, nisi quod fuit addita custos “ Fida pudicitiæ, forma maligna mez.”


As the Mimosa from ungentle hand,

Recoiling, closes quick its trembling leaves : So shrinks the muse to sing her native land

Sway'd by remorseless bigotry.-It grieves My inmost heart to read a inind so fell, Found room in any British form to dwell ; And more it irks me still to think, A sex which forms the intermediate link 'Twixt men and angels, e'er shou'd own The blood-stain'd animal, whose throne, For six disgraceful and polluted years, Saw Superstition's fires, unquench'd by Virtue's tears.


Black shades of BONNER, GARDINER, arise !
Lo! where above your narrow, murd'rous

pride, Spirits ætherial soar, whose worth you dared

despise ; See white-rob'd LATIMER, by CRANMER's side, HOOPER and Ridley, leading martyrs blest, Who feel, (could angels ever feel distrest,) Sorrow that this our much-lov'd parent earth, To souls so very mean as your's gave birth.

How sensitive are we of latter times?
How senseless they in such an age of crimes ?
We start to tumult at a patriot word,
And draw, and dare, for liberty, the sword.
They, for their God, saw dearest friends expire,
And trembling crouch'd around the impious fire ;
Had modern souls illum'd their coward clay,
And turn'd their firelight into reason's day,
Goodness the flame of guilt had never fed, )
But injured innocence, by justice led,
llad hurl’d each brand on the oppressor's head.)
The wolf, shecp clad, by vengeance brought to

Ilad found a gibbet where he placed a stake.


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