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" Foster'd she was with milke of Irishe brest, “ Her sire an Earl; the dame of Prince's blood. “ From tender yeres in Britaine she doth rest, : “ With Kinges childe, where she tasteth costly

foode, “ Honsdon did first present her to mine yien, “ Bright is her hewe, and Geraldine* she hight ; “ Hampton me taught to wishe her first for mine, " And Windsor, alas ! doth chase me from her

sight; “ Her beauty of kinde, her virtue from above, “ Happy is he that can obtain her love.t

Warton calls this little Ode of Lord Surry's, exquisite.

“ The soote seasoun that bud and bloom forth

brings, “With grene hath clad the hill and eke the vale; “ The nightingale, with feathers new she sings,

« The turtle to her mate hath told her tale.

* She was Daughter of Lord Kildare.
f Ile never gained her, she married the Earl of Lincoln.

" Somer

“ Somer is come, for every spray now springs;

“The hart has hung his old hed on the pale ; “ The buck, in brake, his winter coate he flings;

“ The fishes flete with new repayred scale.

“ The adder all her slough away she flings,

- The swallow swift pursueth the flies smale ; “ The busy bee, her honey now she mings, *

“ Winter is worne,t that was the flower's bale. I

* Mingles.

† Past.

I Bane.





Born, A. D. 1536. Proclaimed, January 31st, 1547. Crowned at Westminster, February 20th, 1548. Reigned Six Years. Died, unmarried, July 6th, 1553. Buried at Westminster.

PRINCIPAL Events. The Reformed Religion encouraged. Kets' Rebellion suppressed by Warwick. The Scotch defeated at Musselborough, Lord Seymour, and the Protector Somerset, beheaded. Christ's Hospital, St. Thomas's, and Bridewell, founded. A President and Council appointed for the government of Wales The Swcating Sickness began at Shrewsbury, and was very fatal throughout England. The Woollen Trade taken from the monopoly of a Company of German Merchants, and made general. The Bishopric of Westminster suppressed. The Psalms versified by Sternhold and Hopkins. Two Witnesses made necessary to the attainder or condemnation of persons accused of Treason.

EMINENT PERSONS. Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury. Heath and Day, Bishops of Worcester and Chichester. Lord Seymour. Dukes of Somerset and Northumberland. Guildford, Lord Dudley. Lady Jane Grey.


Paul I!I. 1534 Julius III. 1550


Of Germany (and King of Spain ).-Charles V. 1547.
Of the Turks.-Soliman II. 1520.

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“ Men perish in advance, as if the sun
“ Should set 'ere noon!
“ To man, why, Stepdame Nature, so severe,
“ Why thrown aside thy master-piece half wrought ?”


" The King discovered great towardness and all honest

qualities; he should be taken as a singular gift of God; he read Cato, Vives and Æsop, and conned very pleasantly.”

Doctor Cox, (Tutor to Edward VI.)

“Senes, juvenis convictu, factus suin melior; ac, sobrietater,

temperantiam, verecundiam, linguæ moderationem, modes. tiam, pudicitiam, integritatem, quam, juvenis a sene discere debuerat, a juvene Senex didici.”


PROTECTOR SOMERSET the power maintained
Of Sov'reign, when at first young EDWARD

reigned ;
The Scots, defeated on their native plains,*
Of Pinkey House in sweetly plaintive strains,
Still sing and celebrate with patriot pride,
Their valiant chiefs who fought, and, fighting, died.

* The war with the Scotch was intended to enforce a match between Edward and the young Queen Mary. On this occasion the Earl of Huntley said to Somerset, that “ he disliked not the match, but hated the manner of wooing.”


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