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A D. PAgE.

Birth of the Princess Royal 1766 ... -232

His Majesty's Sister, Caroline, married to the

King of Denmark ibid.

Successes of Lord Clive ibid.

Death of His Majesty's Brother, the Duke of

York 233

Birth of the Duke of Kent 1767 ..ibid.

General Paoli seeks asylum in England ibid.

The Jesuits suppressed ibid.

The Irish Parliaments made octennial ibid.

More riots for Mr. Wilkes 1768 .. 234

Death of Allen iu St. George's Fields ibid.

Birth of the Princess Augusta ibid.

Lord North's Administration 1769 ..ibid.

Hyder Ally opposes the British in India ibid.

Sir Fletcher Norton chosen Speaker 235

Princess Elizabeth born 1770 ..ibid.

Plymouth Docks set on Fire ibid.

The Lord Mayor and an Alderman committed

to the Tower ibid.

The Duke of Cumberland born .... 1771 ..ibid.

Death of the Poet Gray 836

The Commons assert their privilege against the

Lords -with respect to Money Bills .. 1772 ..ibid.

Duke of Sussex born 1773 .. 236

Disputes with America encrease 1774 ..ibid.

Birth of the Duke of Cambridge ibid.

Captain Furneaux returns from a Voyage

round the World ibid.

Battle of Bunker's Hill 1775 .. 237

Rise of General Washington ibid.

War wjth France, &c. 1776 .. 238

Birth of the Princess Mary ibid.

Death of Hume, the Historian ibid.

John the Painter burns the Dock Yard at

Portsmouth 1777 .. 239

Princess A. D. PAGE.

Princess Sophia born 1777 ... 239

Death of the Earl of Chatham .... 1778 ..ibid.

Camp at Coxheath ibid.

Admiral Keppcll distinguished ibid.

Paul Jones ibid.

Death of Captain Cooke 1779 .. 240

Prince Octavius born ibid.

Tremendous riots in London 1780 ..ibid.

Admiral Parker victorious 241

Rodney defeats Langara 242

Prince Alfred born ibid.

Wolfran Cornwall chosen Speaker ibid.

Fifty-five Indiamen lost to the French ibid.

War with Holland 1781 .. 243

Amount of the National Debt ibid.

The French take and are beaten out of Jersey ibid.

Death of Major Pierson ibid.

Hyder Ally successful against the English 245

Lord North resigns 1782 ...ibid.

Death of the Marquis of Rockingham ibid.

America declared independent 1783 ... 246

Rodney victorious over Degrasse ibid.

Exploits of Elliot, Hood, Hughes, Barrington,

Digby, Howe, &c. &c, ibid.

Termination of the War , ibid.

Death of Prince Alfred 248

A monument erected by the City to Lord

Chatham ibid.

The Coalition ibid.

Birth of the Princess Amelia ibid.

Death of Prince Octavius ibid.

Election contests for Westminster ... 1784 ... 249

Handel's commemoration ibid.

Palmer's Post-Office improvements ibid.

Death of Dr. Johnson ibid,

Trial of Warren Hastings 1785 ... 250

The A. Di PAGE.

The Shop Tax 1785 ... 250

Commercial Treaty with France and Spain ... 1786 ...ibid.

Margaret Nicholson attempts the life of His

Majesty ibid.

The King's Sister, Amelia, dies 1787 ... 251

The Revolution in France commences ibid.

Lord George Gordon turns Jew 1788 ... 252

Death of the Earl of Mansfield ibid.

Indisposition of the Sovereign ibid.

Loyal Patriotism ofThurlow 1789 ...ibid.

The King's recovery ibid.

Fox and Burke disagree on the French Revolution 1790 ... ibid.

Addington chosen Speaker ibid

A stone thrown at his Majesty by John Frith ibid.

Deaths of Dr. Franklin, and Howard the Philanthropist 254

Tippoo Saib makes War against the British in

India 1791 ... 254

Marriage of His Royal Highness the Duke of

York with the Princess Royal of Prussia 255

Resolutions passed in the House of Commons

for the abolition of the Slave Trade .. 1792 ... 256

Payne's Rights of Man disseminated 257

Tippoo Saib defeated by Lord Cornwallis, gives his Sons up as hostages for the performance of a Treaty of Peace 259

War between France and Great Britain ... 1793 ... 260

The French Fleet beaten by Lord Howe ... 1794 ... ibid.

Marriage of His Royal Highness the Prince

of Walt s 1795 ... 261

War with Holland ,...262

Rise of Bonaparte , ibid.

Batavia, &c. surrender to the British ... 1796 ...ibid.

The French re nlsed at Bantry Bay 263

Lord A.D. PAGE.

Lord Malinesbnry sent to Paris to treat of

Peace, but does not succeed 1796 ... 263

Maroon War in Jamaica ibid.

Princess Charlotte of Wales born ibid.

Guineas withheld by the Bank 1797 ... ibid.

Lord St. Vincent's victory over the Spanish

Fleet ibid.

Lord Duncan's victory over the Dutch off

Camperdown 264

Royal Procession to St. Paul's ibid.

Mutiny at the Nore ibid.

Lord.Malmesbury again sent, unsuccessfully,

to treat of Peace at Lisle 265

Deaths of Mr. Wilkes and the King of Prussia ibid.

Troubles in Ireland 1798 .. ibid.

The French land, and surrender, at Killala Bay 266

Lord Nelson defeats the French Fleet iu

Aboukir Bay ... 266

Sir Sidney Smith defeats Bonaparte at Acre.. 1799 .. 268

Conquest of Mysore, and fall of Tippoo Saib 269

His Majesty narrowly escapes Assassination at a Review, ami, on the Evening of the same

day, at Drury-lane Theatre 1800 .. 270

Union with Ireland 271

Capture of Malta 272

Battle of Alexandria, and death of Abercrombie 1801 ..ibid.

Bombardment of Copenhagen 274

Peace with Russia ibid.

The Addington Administration 275

Peace with France 1802 ..ibid.

War with France 1803 .. ibid.

The British detained as Prisoners in France 276

Despard and his Associates executed 277

Murder of Lord Killwarden by the mob in

Dublin ibid.

Capture of many French settlements ibid.

Victories A. D. PAGE.

Victories in India by Marquis Wellesley 1803 .. 277

Mr Pitt resumes the Ministry 1804 378

St Domingo self-erected to an Empire ibid.

Captain Sir Nicholas Dance defeats Admiral

Linois ibid.

Sir Robert Calder takes two Spanish Ships of

the line 1S05 .. 279

Grand Victory off Trafalgar ibid.

Death of Nelson 281

Nelson's Funeral 282

Sir R. Strachan captures the remainder of the

French Fleet 285

Loss of the Abergavenny East Indiaraan .... ibid.

Death of Marquis Cornwallis ibid.

Death of William Pitt 1806 .. ibid.

Administration of the Talents 286

Death of Charles Fox 287

Battle of Maida ibid.

Perceval Administration 1807 .. ibid.

Second Bombardment of Copenhagen 288

The Cape of Good Hope surrenders to the

British ibid.

Admiral Duckworth takes three line of Battle

Ships, and destroys two 299

Buenos Ayrcs retaken by the Spaniards ibid.

Admiral Sir J. Duckworth forces the passage

of the Dardanelles, but is afterwards obliged

to retire ibid.

The Slave Trade ceases ibid.

The Count de Lisle (King of France), and the

Duchess of Brunswick, land in England ibid.

The King of Spain lured by the French to

Bayonne 1808 .. ibid.

Spain and Portugal commence their glorious

struggle for liberty •• 2!)0


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