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Rochester, Clarendon, Cowley, Shaftesbury.

Butler 133

The Dutch Admirals Van Tromp and De Ruyter

successfully opposed by Sandwich and Rupert 134

Dryden flourished ibid.

The dreadful plague 1663 ... 135

The fire of London 1666 ... ibid.

Extracts from a journal of the plague 137

Extract from the London Gazette of 1665;

describing the fire of London 140

Another account 142

James II. 1685 ... 144

Pertinacity & cruel punishment of TitusOates ibid. ... 147

Unfortunate rebellion of Monmouth 141

Consequent cruelties of Jeffries, Kirk,&c. 149

Dispensation from the laws expected by the

King • 1686 ... 151

Episcopalians and leading nobility apply to the

Prince of Orange 1687 ... 153

William of Nassau sails for England 1688 ... 154

King James abdicates the throne ibid.

Is hospitably received at St. Germain's by

Louis XIV. 155


William and Mary 1689 ... 157

Battle of the Boy ne 1690...

Death of Schomberg 166

War with France 169

Death of Queen Mary 170

Warlike merit of Kiug William 170

His death 1701 ... 171


Anne 1701 ... 172

Victories of the great Unke of Marlborough 175

Union A.B. PACE.

Union with Scotland 1707 ... 177

Sir George Byng defeats a French fleet having

the Pretender on board 1708 ... 178

Death of Prince George of Denmark ibid.

War with France - 1709 ... ibid.

The life of Harley, afterwards Earl of Oxford,

attempted at the council table, by Guiscard 1710 ... ibid.

The Duke of Marlborough disgraced 1711 ... 179

Peace of Utrecht 1712 ...ibid.

Death of the Queen 1714 ...ibid.



Georgk I. 1714 ... 182

Oxford, Bolingbroke, Ormond, and Stafford,

impeached 1715 ... 183

Habeas Corpus act suspended ibid.

Rebellion in favour of the Pretender 185

He returns to Paris 1716 ... ibid.

Septennial Parliaments first enacted 186

A lunatic fires at the Prince of Wales in Drury

Lane Theatre ibid.

A war with Sweden prevented by the mediation

of the Duke of Orleans 1717 ... 188

Disputes between the King and Parliament

about supplies —.... ibid.

The quadruple alliance 1718 ... 188

Sir George Byng defeats the Spanish fleet off

Messina ibid.

Peace with Spain 1719 ... ibid.

The celebrated South Sea bubble 1720 ... ibid.

Lord Macclesfield found guilty of peculation 1725 ... ibid. The Swedes, Danes and Russians beaten by

Admirals Wager, Hosier, and Jennings 189

Death A. D. PAGE.

Death of King George I. 1727 ... 189

George H. 1728 ... 190

Siege of Gibraltar • 198

Onslow chosen Speaker 1728 ..ibid.

The Duke of Parma patronises the Pretender ibid.

Death of the King's brother, Ernest 193

The Prince of Wales comes to reside in England 1729 ...ibid.

The King visits his German dominions ibid.

Disputes between the King of Prussia and the

States of Hanover 1730. ..ibid.

Peace with Spain ibid.

Repeal of the salt tax ibid.

Renewal of the East India Company's Charter .... ibid.

The Craftsman published 1731 ... 194

Treaty of Vienna 1732 .,. ibid.

Sutton, Grant, Birch, Bond, and other peculators punished ibid.

The Excise established 1733 ..ibid.

Sir Robert Walpole assaulted by the populace 196

The Princess Anne married to the Prince of

Orange 1734 ...ibid.

Inoculation introduced . 169

Treaty of peace and commerce with Russia

and Denmark 1735 ...ibid.

The King goes to Hanover ibid.

Grand debates on the national debt 1736 ... 197

The Prince of Wales married ibid.

Captain Porteous hanged by the mob in

Edinburgh 1737 ...ibid.

Theodore, King of Corsica, dies in London ibid.

Death of Queen Caroline

Disputes with Spain 1738... ibid.

King George the Third born June the 4th 199




Porta Bcllo taken by Admiral Vernon .... 1738 ... 199

The Thames frozen over 1739 ... 200

The Princess Mary marries Prince Frederic

of Hesse 1740 ...ibid.

War with France, Spain, and Holland ibid.

Much civil dissension occasioned by the war 1741 ... ibid.

Garrick first appeared on the stage 201

Sir Robert Walpolc resigns 1742 ... ibid.

The Earl of Stair distinguised hmself abroad
The Carteret, or broad-bottomed administration

Battle of Dettingen 1743 ... ibid.

Naval victories 1744 ... 202

Admiral Anson returns from a voyage round

the world 204

The Pelham Ministry ibid.

Rebellion in Scotland 1745 ... ibid.

B;UtleofCulloden 205

Changes in the Ministry • 1746...ibid.

Naval Victories 1747...ibid.

Peace with France, &c. 1748 ... 206

Riots at Oxford, Litchfield, Bristol, &c. ... 1749...ibid.

Nova Scotia discovered .. ibid.

Several Earthquakes 1750 ...ibid.

Death of the Prince of Wales, father to his

present Majesty 1751 ...

Death of Lord Bolingbroke 1752 ... 207

of Sir Hans Sloane 1753 ...ibid.

of the Minister Pelham 1754 ...ibid.

Gallant exploits of Lord Clive in India ibid.

War with France 1755 ...ibid.

Dreadful earthquake at Lisbon ibid.

Rise of the illustrious names of Pitt and Fox 1756 ... 208

Death of Admiral Byng >• 1757 ...ibid.

Tragedy of the Black Hole at Calcutta 209

Many naval victories 175S ... ibid.

Institution A. D. PAGE.

Institution of the Magdalen 1758 .-211

His present Majesty of age 1759 ... 217

Death of his Majesty's aunt and sister ibid.

of Handel • ibid.

The Marquis of Gianby distinguished ibid.

Death of King George the Second • ibid.

George III. crowned 1760 ... 219

Marries the Princess Charlotte of Mecklen

burgh Strelitz 1761 ... 225

The French family compact 226

Belleisle taken from the French «t ibid.

Sir John Cust chosen Speaker of the House of

. Commons 1762 ... 227

Victories of Admiral P.ococke and the Earl of

Albermarle •» • • ibid.

Manilla taken by Admiral Cornish and General

, Draper • ••» ••••••ibid.

Birth of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales ibid.

The Cock-Lane Ghost 228

A general peace t 1763 ...ibid.

Wilkes and Liberty ibid.

The Duke of York born ibid.

The English massacred in India by Cossim

Ally Cawn .. 1764 ... 230

The Duke of Brunswick marries his Majesty's

. sister ......... i ^ ibid.

Death of Churchill and Hogarth ibid.

The stamp act generates disputes with America 1755 ... 231

The Rockingham administration ibid.

The Isle of Man bought by the crown • • • ibid.

Birth of the Duke of Clarence • ...... ibid.

Death of the Old Pretender ,. ibid.

Troubles in America , 1766 ...ibid.

Grafton Administration ibid.

A Famine in England, occasioned by too great

an exportation of Com , . 232

X 2 Birth

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