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Preceded, challenged grateful reverence;
But when, in costume unadorned, yet neat,
The warriors of the main, with downcast eye
And carriage unassuming, pass’d along,
What British youth, whate’er his noble rank,
Whate'er the splendid fortunes he might own,
But (were he truly British) wou'd have given
All, in exchange, to have been one of those
Who, side by side with Nelson, had appal'd,
Each in himself a lion, those proud souls
Who had most rashly dared to threat the soil
Which gave such feeling and such valour birth!
Not one of this bold train who meekly pass’d,
But for some merit in the day of days
Had been distinguished. Dare the SACRED

Which from his northern perils help'd escort
The high-prais'd EMPEROR of Gaul, assume
A parallel with these ?—But hold, my muse !
Let no commixture sully the great name
Which, tamely treated as it is, demands
From its intrinsic grandeur, pure applause.
“ Peace to the heroes' souls! their bodies die,
" Their fares shall ever live in memory!”



The gallant Strachan, in their forced reteat,
Captured the poor remains of Gallia’s fleet.*
Our ABERGA'NY, to the sea a prize,
Still on the rocky shore of Portland lies.
Austria to France submits, from Presburg's

Peace is proclaimed between the adverse powers.
This year we lose the Brother of our King it
This year another loss we grieve to sing,
CORNWALLIS great and good, on Indian soil,
Closes a life of patriotic toil.
And scarce another year its course began, 1806.
’Ere Pitt, illustrious, unequalled man !
Pitt, Napoleon's eyesore, scourge of Gaul,
Pitt, victim of his virtues, doom'd to fall,
From libel-stain'd malignity retired,
Sigh’d for his much-lov'd country, and expired!
“ Statesman, yet friend to truth,” thy spirit now
From blissful realms beholds opposers bow

* Sir Richard Strachan, with an equal force, captured one 80 and three 74 gun French ships, which had escaped from the battle of Trafalgar. The Abergavenny Indiaman foundered off Portland this year.

† His Royal Highness the late Duke of Gloucester.


To thy true patriotic policy,
Source of each heart inspiring victory; ..
That, conquering Wellington! for wakened

And LUSITANIA, it is thine to gain
The persevering plans to Pitt we owe,
Which since have laid Gaul's schemes of con-

quest low. Pitt's fire of opposition to a chief, Whose grasping rage for conquest pass'd belief, Spreading through frozen regions of the North, Have driven that merciless invader forth, Who, when in height of power we saw him sit, No Briton flatter'd but the foes of Pitt!

Now all the Talents (great applause!)

Come in ;-then, past a doubt,
The nation's saved !! Not yet, because

The Talents all-go out.
Thus Fortune's fickle will disposes
Of ministerial beds of roses.

Was't not enough to see, by fate's fell blow, CORNWALLIS, Nelson, Pitt, at once laid low;



But our remaining stay, our senate's pride,
Fox, shou'd so soon in death be placed beside
The man, who equally his country's friend,
By diff'rent means pursued the same good end.
Par Fratrum nobile, tho' long opposed,
Yet each his lite with highest honours closed;
Each, when subsided popular acclaim,
Will rank in Britain's love with equal fame:
Each now looks down from worlds beyond the

On that lov'd country each aspir'd to save;
And, were return permitted, hand in hand,
Wou'd Union's blessings point to Briton's land.

Fox had succeeded to the Statesman's throne, Which Pitt's demise made vacant; when his

own Open'd the country's wounds-Tierney and

GREY, Holland, and SiDMOUTH, bore co-equal sway.





Popham, and BAIRD, and DUCKWORTH tell the

foe More tales like those we told them long ago. *

* The Cape of Good Hope surrendered to General Baird and Sir Home Popham; Admiral Duckworth captured three line of battle ships, and destroyed two others, wear St. Domingo.


Defective PRUSSIA, most unlike a Prince
To England acted;-once that's ever since,
The step she has regretted, which may prove
The moral consequence of Gallia's love.

Melville's acquittal ; and, (we ought to thank
A deed which brought a million to the Bank).
The capture of Buenos Ayres, tells
That British spirit still in Britain dwells.
From Maida's plains another laurel springs,
('Twas wormwood to the Emperor of Kings),
The chosen of th' imperial squadrons meet
The British bayonet-their swift retreat
Proclaims beyond the pow'r of words,
That Gallic threats are sharper than their swords.
SICILIA welcomes STEWART and his band,
As saviours of an innovated land.




Perceval takes the reins, and next we speak
Of what the Leopard and the Chesapeake
Produced to satisfy the fell desire
Of those who wou'd promote dissensions ire.
AMÉRICA, may mutual sense of right
Our present boken friendship re-unite! . .


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