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Provided master, and my dame,
Were pleased in turn to do the same;
While citizens, Dick, Poll, and Bobby,

In Gallic costume, sans culotte,
I'reambulate park, street, and lobby,

By lady's robe bedeck’d, and lord's best coat.

Eastward the Muse now points the view, to where
The son of Hyder leads his Rajah-poots,
From Ganges' banks, and arms the native tribes
Of Hindoo warriors, to poise the spear .
Against CORNWALLIS; vain the effort, vain
The tiger hunting monarch's wrath, opposed
To British firmness.--Tippoo's hostage sons,
With store of tributary spoil, confess
The triumph of our arms; victorious flies
The banner of St. George, and low the Crescent

Nor to Hindostan is the war confined, 1793.
France revolutionzed, her King bereft
Of life by felon hands ; her people drunk

• Tippoo Saib was reduced to cede one half his dominions, to pay three crores and thirty lacks of rupees, to give up all prisoners and yield his two eldest sons as hostages for the perform mance of the treaty. R 2


With anarchy's red cup,----fell discord shakes
Her venom locks, the pois’nous drops imbue
The shore, the ocean, and their influence spreads
To the Batavian coast, and hence, the Scheldt
Infecting Britain with a plea for strife,
The spirit of dissension burns, nor years
Have quench'd the flame terrific, which extends
From busy Thames to where Lutetia's towers
Reflect their lofty honors in the Seine.
On land, unmoved, do Gallia's sons maintain
The varied fate of warfare ;-on the sea
The British trident still asserts it's right

1794. Of empire. ---Mark! what thundering peals an

Howe and the glories of the first of June !
Six captured loating castles, two destroy'd,
The shatter'd remnants of invading prows
Put to disgraceful Alight, proclaim what boys
Of native oak constructed hearts, can do
Against determined foes. The British fleet
Scarce injured in the contest, proudly bore
Her prizes safely to our grateful shore.


The new philosophy essays on land*
The nation to divide, but honest John,
True to himself, spurns ev'ry base attempt
To cheat him of his rights, in specious name
Of Liberty ; and give, in lieu of thee
Thou lovely goddess ever "fair and free !"
A drab, whose blood-stain'd pike and bonnet

Mark'd her the mother red-cap of a mob.

The saffron vested god, to England's heir 1795.

Leads CAROLINE Of Brunswick, pomp and state

Upon the royal nuptials wait,
And joy's loud acclamations rend the air.t

France conquers peace with Spain, both nations

join :: Their pow’rs on land and ocean, to combine

* The disciples of the new philosophy at length were noticed by the law, many convicted of sedition and some acquitted of high treasoti ;--the mob at Birmingham taking offence at á party of philosophers who were commemmorating the “glorious" French revolution, proceeded to most dreadful outrages, and after the law had been shamefully violated in the name of church and king, many of the rioters expiated their fully with their lives. .H. R. H. the Prince Regent was married on the 8th of April, to his cousin the Princess Catoline of Brunswick.;

Against Against Old England, who nor courts, nor shuns The war's continuance, but sends her sons, HOTHAM, CORNWALLIS, Bridrort, o'er the

main, Her long asserted title to maintain.*

Under French influence, too, the sordid Dutch,
Whose cause we had befriended, far too much !
Declared against us ; yet we stem the tide,
And still our gallant ships victorious ride.
About this time in reputation rose,
The most implacable of England's foes,
NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, whose frequent threat
Of our destruction (unaccomplished yet);
Whatever may have caus'd said threat's prevention,
Calls on our gratitude for its intention.
Batavian settlements, Batavian fleets, ť
Surrender to the British-France, too, meets

· 1796.

* Pondicherry, Chandenagore and Mahie were taken from the French, whose settlements in the West Indies were also captured by Sir C. Grey and Sir John Jervis; we likewise took Martinico and St. Lucie.

† Nearly the whole of the Dutch settlements surrendered to the British arms, and in the month of October, nine sail of Dutch ships, three of the line, five frigates, and sloops, which had entered Saldanha Bay with a view to attack the Cape of Good Hope, yielded, without firing a shot, to Admiral Sir Keith Elphinstone.

A check


A check from Irish lads, in Bantry Bay,
Whence Gallic chieftains bravely--ran away.
With peaceful offers MALMESBURY is sent
To Paris, and returns just as he went.
Jamaica feels the scourge of civil jar,
'Till British valour terminates the war. *
Hope of the House of Brunswick, England's care,
The birth of CHARLOTTE glads the Royal pair.

A caution, meant to save from future harm, Involves the nation in no small alarm, 1797. Which spreads with lightnings speed from rank

to rank, When guineas ceas'd to issue from the Bank ; External and internal enemies Have subsequently prov'd the measure wise,

Now Continental freedom loses hope,
And BONAPARTE triumphs o'er the Pope.
At sea two proud achievements gild the page,
Each unsurpass'd in any clime or age ;
First Jervis, long to be remember'd name !
Against JBERIA wins immortal fame ;

. * This was called the Marzon War; the Maroons were descendants of the Spanish slaves, who refused to submit when the English first took possession of the island ;-twenty battles terminated in their entire submission.


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