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Who found among the patriots brave,
A soldier's honor'd, glorious, grave.

Success still hovers o'er the navy,
And (all the pains we can to save ye),
We very willingly excuse,
Too close attendance on the Muse,
Who means her duty to discharge in
Enumeration, "as per margin.*"

Per contra, we must now relate,

Nor Arbutiinot, ('tis battles fate,)

Nor Graves, nor Hotham, each as brave

As any he that stems the wave,

Had such good fortune in their fighting, , 1

As those of whom we've just been writing-!


* Rodney, in conjunction with General Vaughan, took the important Dutch settlement of St. Eustatia, with the islands of St. Martin and Saba; a Dutch frigate, 5 sloops of war, and 150 sail of merchantmen;—a Dutch 60 gun ship, and SO sail of merchantmen were taken by Captain Reynold-.—Rodney afterwards took Demerara, Issiquebo, and St. Bartholomew;—Admiral Darby relieved Gibraltar;—Admiral Parker defeated the Dutch, under Zoutman, in a great battle off the Dogger Bank;—and Admiral Kempenfelt beat a French squadron, from which he took 19 sail of transports ;:nd merchantmen laden with ordnance and naval stores.

t Vice Admiral Arbuthnot engaged the French fleet under Monsieur de Ternay, off Virginia, the action was indecisive, and


Mars too, in India, made a sally,

Under the flag of Hyder Ally;

Who, join'd by Fortune, murrain fetch her!

Defeated Baillie and bold Fletcher.*

In seventeen hundred eighty-two, 1782.

The Parliament found much to do;

Each party t'other undermining,

Which ended in Lord North's resigning:

Him scarcely Rockingham in pow'r replaced,

With " royal honors guarded round and graced,"

When Death, who sometimes sides with opposition,

Made room for a new state physician.
FOX now resigns; and, lo! where sit
In council, Sheluurxp, Townshend, Pitt;
The former ministry began

the British squadron much damaged —Commodore Hotham, while convoying the St. F.ustatia fleet, was intercepted by M. la Motte Piquet, with seven sail of the line, who captured twenty-one of the merchantmen; and the British fleet under Admiral Graves had an unsuccessful engagement with the French (commanded by M. Du Barias) in the Bay of Chesapeake.

* Hyder Ally in vaded the province of Arcot, surprised a detachment of British who were inarching to its relief, under Colonels Baillie and Fletcher, killed and took 508 of the British including a great number of officers, and 3300 of the native troops in our service.


The work of reconciliation, The latter well pursued the plan,

And met successful termination. The curseof human slaughter 'gins to cease, 1?83.

Old England and America shake hands; All Continental Europe bows to peace, While commerce promises encrease, ,

Where war late drain'd so many luckless lands.

Rodney, to gild the wars conclusion,
(Hear critic to thy great confusion,
We cannot let a poor pun pass,)

Made the foe once more cry peccavi,

And to the dashing Gallic navy
Gave, as it were, a Coup De Grasse.*
Whate'er of such a joke the sin,
I still say " let those laugh who win!"

* On the memorable 12thof August, Rodaey beat Degrasse,and took him in the Ville de Paris, with 3 other line of battle ships and

sank one .Seven days afterwards, Sir Samuel Hood took two more

ships of" the line, in which glorious action Captain Blair of the Anson, and Lord Robert Manners who commanded the Resolution, were killed.—About the same time Admiral Barrington took the Pegase of 74 guns, the Actionnaire of 64, and 10 sail of transports. Admiral Howe relieved Gibraltar which Elliot had most nobly defended, and the Spanish batteries were destroyed by the brave Sir Roger Curtis.

Next, to omit it were not good,
The honor'd, valiant name of Hood;
"And ever as that day returns,

** The Muse hei tale shall tell,
"And sing her sorrow o'er the urns

"Of those who bravely fell;

"And weave immortal wreaths of fame,

"O'er Blair, and Manners' deathless name,"

To list of heroes add we now

Brave Digby, Barking-ton, and Howe;

Nor must bold Curtis be forgot,

Of whom it was the envied lot,

To deal his indignation hot

On Spanish prows, and with disgrace

To drive them from Gibraltar's base;

Where matchless Elliot cheers his datrrftless band,

Firm as the rock on which the wairriors stand.*
Hughes and SuprnEfN with each a fleet
In action indecisive meet,

* Our losses at the close of the waTTCere, (he island of Minorca, taken by the Spaniards; St Eustatius, anil VI. Martin's, taken by the French,-*—the Ville de Paris. Glorieux, Hector, Centaur, and ltamillies, foundered at sea ;^the melancholy catastrophe of. Admiral Kempenfelt in the Royal George, is in the sad recoK lection of many.


Coote pays off Hyder, in hard blows,
A score, of which the reader knows.

From wars warm toil allow us breath,

To mourn Prince Alfred's early death ;*

And civic gratitude to praise,

Which bids art's fav'rite vot'ries raise

A monument of veneration,

To Chatham, glory of the nation!

Peace, disapproved by Parliament,

It's makers out of office sent;

Pitt yields to Fox and North who stay

In Coalition scarce a day;

The state wheel turns, and fate thinks fit

Again to smile on William Pitt.

It is not our intent to follow

Each turn of Tn and Out view hollow;

But sometimes in our quiet ride,

Glance en passant at either side.

Strange Meteors fright old men and wives, Amelia's birth delights our King and Queen;

* Prince Alfred died in 178;.


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