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Now weavers riot about silks, * .?' :.*??
And, ecce iterum! Mr. WILKES" ??. ...!
Committed is in Banco Regis,
(More latin!) which the mob besieges;. :
And Aller, guiltless of the strife,
To party fury yields his life.*
In London Pleasure takes the rein, :
To welcome here the royal Dane; ..
Nor less to greet with heart-felt mirth,
The day that gave Augusta birth.f . : !! !!
Again we're plunged in strange convulsion, 1769.
By Wilkes' election and expulsion ; '.
Chatham and SHELBURNE's resignation,
Make room for North's administration.
The Eastern native chieftains rally .
Against our pow'r round Hyder ALLY; ,
When, sad to tell, VANSITTART, SCRAFTox, l'ORN,

Who to our aid in India meant to sail, -, ITÀ

Encounter on the seas so dread a gale, ii That down the vessel sank with ev'ry soul on


* The monument of young Allen in Newington church-yard, which is also a monument of party spirit, relates the tragic end of this young man, who was followed into a cow-house by one of the guards and shot, during a rict for Wilkes in St. George's Fields. + The Princess Augusta Sophia was born November the 8th.


American disputes encrease, 1 . is
And far remove all hope of peace; .....

At home the Commons meet, and chuse . Sir FLETCHER Norton Speaker ; who, in

As History informs the Muse, Gave them no cause their choice to rue...? Another Princess blest the royal pair, 1 In whose delight their people truly share; ELIZA, thy oft prov'd domestic worth, Credits the public joy which graced thy birth. Our docks at Plymouth set on fire, Proclaim how hot our foemen's ire;. And a hush'd up fracas with Spain, : Gives ground to look for war again. ' The cause of WILKES, with fresh commotion, Makes London like a troubled ocean ; One side against the other pitted, A Mayor and Alderman committed ;* Which party heats cause great regret, Eðils not much diminish'd yet. The Queen again presents her lord a Prince, 1771. ERNEST, the King's fifth son, and since

* Brass Crosby and Alderman Oliver, were committed to the Tower.


Created Duke of CUMBERLAND ;-to say
The Muse laments the death of GRAY,
Were all superfluous-when genius dies

of enemies ! . Death proves the bitterest of enemies !


The Commons well their rights defended 1772.

Against the Upper House, they scout All inoney bills by Lords amended,

And, practically, kick 'em out.* Our royal parent's mother finds that bourne From whence, 'tis truly said, there's no return; Augustus, to our list of Princes adding, 1773. Sets all our loyal lads and lasses madding. ADERICA again essays to gain Her freedom, nor, at length, essays in vain;..

1775. Congress assembles first, we're bid remeinber Upon the fifth (of all days,) in November, A VOLPHUS FRED'Rick to the royal tree Adds a new branch ; Furneaux, in happy Returns from compassing the world by sea, i


* The Commoni asserted their exclusive privilege of having, all Money Bills either rejected, or passed without amendment by the other House; two Money Bills, returned by the Lords with amendments, were flung over the table by the Speaker, and kick'd out of the llouse by the Meribers.


And brings OMIAH from his native clime. Much of debate, hot rancour, and ill will,

Precedes a war from which there's no retreating; America maintains the contest still, With various issues :--but at Bunker's Hill,

From British bands COLUMBIA gets a beating. Now WASHINGTON, true patriot ! arose, Shield of his country, terror of his foes ; Second CINCINNATUS, yet greater far, The first with savage nations urg'd the war. But WASHINGTON, a rude untutor'd host

· Against the chosen sons of Britain led; Against a band, their country's pride and boast, · With names like Howe and CLINTON at their

head. No farther here the struggle let us trace,

Enough to say, by WASHINGTON defended, COLUMBIA gain’d her point, and with good grace

We own'd her free, and thus the contest ended.* 'Twas then the patriot warrior began Prove how the hero rose above the man ;

* It was not till the year 1783 that Great Britain, at the general pacification, acknowledged the independence of America.


No regal recompence, no iron crown, ..:43

No wrested rule bedecks his brow or hand, &

Proud to resign as to assume command ; *..73 Chief of the Free, with freedom he lays down,

A sacred trust confided by the land...... This is true greatness !! In his hall of state

What conqueror, tho' lord of half the earth Inspires that awe, to which the cottage gater?

Of WASHINGTON for ages must give birth? Oh, Guerdon rich! what royalty above, The glorious empire of a People's Love!! What else cou'd George's sceptre have sustain'd, Through times, as "out of joint,” as Histry

knows ? Yet midst this “ age of reason,” GEORGE has

gain’d, Respect, not e’en witheld him from his foes. ;

... in

This strife of brothers caused the war again 1776,
To rage between Britannia, France, and Spain;
With joy we next announce, the theme to vary,
The Birth propitious of our Princess MARY; .
And tho' our verse may ill the task assume,
Yet HISTORY must weep the death of HUME.


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