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The people's right he much befriended,

And for that cause,
He gain’d-much trouble, some applause,
And there the matter ended, *

So we behold in modern day,

The people's champions, foes to power,

Who write, and fight, and court the Tower; While Johnny Bull, their pains to pay, Gives 'em a popular huzza,

And thinks of something else in half an hour.

A second time the QUEEN, to England's joy, Presents her royal consort with a boy ; FREDERICK, may thou and the succeeding line Of Brunswick long the royal stem entwine: While that, unbending as it's nation's oak, Shall scorn the pressure of a foreign yoke,

* The ingenious Mr. Luffman, in his Elements of History and Chronology, observes, “ Before we part with Mr. Wilkes, it must be allowed, that whether he acted from principle or resentment, he was a means of strengthening the just liberties of the people, by the noble stand he made against Gentral Warrants, a remnant of the Star Chamber of Charles the First, and for which the British nation ought ever to be grateful.” It is, however, to be observed, that the patriotism of this gentleman terminated in (or was rewarded by) a place for life.


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Our Eastern commerce which we've seen to

thrive, Under the guidance of unequalld Clive, From Cossim Ally Cawn a check receives, Which Clive's good arm and genius soon re

trieves ; And Cossim mourns the British blood he shed, When turban’d chiefs, by basest treach’ry led, The halls of Patna with foul murder stain'd, And lost their honor, ne'er to be regain'd.*

The sov'reign's sister gives her royal hand
To Brunswick's Duke:- to his paternal land
He bears the fair, and from this union springs
The hope, perspective, of a race of Kings. .:

Churchill and Hogarth, much we grieve to

The awful debt of nature pay;
Even genius, oft to poverty a brother,
Pays that when haply he can pay no other,

* Cossim took up arms against the English, and, having taken several prisoners at Patna, he caused forty officers and gentlemen of the East India Company, besides others of inferior rank, to be massacred; but in the end he was defeated.?


The stamp act proves the germ of ills to come,
Which force COLUMBIA to defend her home ;
Into a foe translated many a friend,
And in American enlargement end.
Changes are made, in hopes to serve the nation,
And lo! a Rockingham administration
To take the helm of government began,
And bought of ATHOL's Duke the Isle of Man.

From George and CHARLOTTE's union springing,
A third son sets the bells a ringing ;
And WILLIAM Henry glads the royal pair,.;
Whose union proves as fortunate as rare. ' ...'
Events most opposite succeed each other,
Rejoicing in a son the sovereign mourns a brother,*
And to the ruthless tyrant death,
The Old Pretender yields his breath.

The men of Boston with such force oppose 1766.

The Stamp Act that repeal takes place ; The Ministers resign, and now arose

The GRAFTON Government::-to aid his grace,

. * Prince Frederick William died this year, as did al.o the Chevalier de St. George, commonly styled the Old Pretender; the Dauphin of France, and the Emperor of Germany.


Camden and Charley Townshend came,
And Chatham, high in honorable fame.

Our merchants, vastly fond of exportation,

The want of other states to aid, Sent so much corn from out the nation

That we were almost famish'd by the trade ; And folks who didn't chuse to starve in quiet, (One don't know how to blame them,) made a

riot. Merchants ! 'ere thus again for pelf ye roam, “Remember, charity begins at home.??

Michaelmas-day a Princess Royal gave us,

Now Queen of WIRTEMBERG ; so made

By one to whom King-making is a trade, From which, on England's shore, kind fortune

save us ! King George's sister, CAROLINE, is seen The bride of CHRISTIAN and Denmark's Queen.

In India, war with savage fury roars, ?Till Cliye again goes out and peace restores ;*


* Sujah Dowlah espoused the cause of Cossim, the deposed Nabob of Bengal; and such was the neglect of tlGovernment


At Monaco's Italian state,
EDWARD of YORK submits to fate. *

A fourth son to the King is sent, 1767.
Edward, since 'titled Duke of Kent ;
Paoli seeks asylum on our shore;
The Jesuits' Order falls to rise no more;
And, (what strange medley of historic lore !)

The Irish Parliaments, which erst extended,

'Till each incipient reign was ended, Are now decreed octennial and no more. King George resumes King William's grant of lands

1768. To Portland's Duke:- this case relief demands, Andą Bill pass'd, for common weal, This old law maxim to repeal,

(Law latin always puts me iu a worrit,)

Nullum temp!us Regi occurrit;
Which means, in spite of time, the throne
May legally reclaim it's own.


there, that notwithstanding the victories of General Carnac, it was thought necessary to send out Lord Clive, who, upon his arriva', restored the peace of the country, by a treaty of alliance with the Mogul Emperor.

* Ilis Majesty's brother, the Duke of York, died of a fever, at the Palace of t':e Prince of Monaco.


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