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Troiii his Accession, to the Regency of His Royal Highnest .. * .... the Prince of Wales.

George III. born June 4th, 1738; proclaimed King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, October 25th, 1760; married September 8th, 1761, to the Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburgh Strelitz, who was born May 19th, 1744; both crowned September 22d, 1761,—Their issue:

1. George Augustus Frederic, Prince of Wales, Prince Regent of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, K. G. born August 12th, 1762; married April 8th, 1795, to the Princess Caroline of Brunswick Wolfenbuttle; has issue, one Princess, Charlotte Augusta, born January 7th, 1796.

2. Frederic, Duke of York, born August 16th, 1763; elected Bishop of Osnaburgh, February 27th, 1764, K.G. and K.B.; married September 29th, 1761, to Fredeiica Charlotte Ulrica Catherine, eldest daughter of the late King of Prussia,

3. William Henry, Duke of Clarence, horn August 21, 1765, K G. and K. T. 4. Charlotte Augusta Matilda, Princess Royal of England, born September 29, 1766, married-1797, to the Duke of Wirtemberg, proclaimed King and Queen of Wirtemberg,I806. 5. Edward, Duke of Kent,born November 2, 1767, K. G. arid K. P. 6, Princess Augusta Sophia, born November 8, 1768. 7. Princess Elizabeth, born May 22, 1770. 8. Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, born June '5, 1771; K. G. 9. Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, born January 27,1773, K. G, 10. Adolphus Frederick, Duke of Cambridge, bpni February 24, 1774. K. G. 11. Princess Mary, born April 25, 1776. 12. Princess Sophia, boin November 3, 1777. 13. Pri'nee Octayios, born February 23, 17%' died May 3,1783. 14. Prince Alfred, born September 22, 1780; died August 29, 1783. 15 Rrmcctis Amelia, bom August 8, 1783; died October, 1810.

PRINCIFAt Principal Events.

Resignation of Mr. Pitt, who is created Earl of Chatham. War declared against Spain. The Havatmah taken. Pea.ce with France. AVilkes and the North Briton. The Bank pay XX,100,060 for a renewal of their charter. Troubles in America. Rockingham a&miiistration. Stamp act repealed. Popular tumults, on acoount of Mr.Wilkes. The Lord Mayor (Brass Crosby) and Alderman Oliver sent to the Tower. Marriage and East India bills passed. America resists the right of Government to tax her; a civil war commences there, which ended, after a struggle of eight years, in the independence of the Colonies, under the title of the United States of America. Death of the great Lord Chatham. Great riot in London, began through the influence of a sociery called the Protestant Association, of which Lord George Gordon was president; this tumult, which came little short of a rebellion, is at length subdued. many of the rioters executed, and Lor4 George Gordon tried for high treason and acquitted. War having previously commenced, great successes are obtained against the fleets of France and Spain, by Sir Hyde Parker, and more particularly by Admiral Sir George Rodney. Relief of Gibraltar. Five East and fifty West Indiamen taken by the French. War with Holland. Tremendous sea fight between the fleets of Sir Hyde Parker and Admiral Zoutman, in which neithsr side gain much advantage. Rodney beats De G'rasss in the West Indies. India Bill. Resignation of Mr. Fox. Slielburne administration. William Pitt, yonngest son of the Earl of Chatham, is made Chancellor of the Exchequer. A general peace between Great Birtain, America, France and Spain. Struggles for Parlimentary Reform. The King's life attempted by Margaret Nicholson, a maniac. Illness and recovery of his Majesty, who goes in public procession to St. Paul's to return thanks. Revolution in France. War with that country and Spain. Rebellion in Ireland. Grand victories. ovei:.the French and Spanish navies, achieved by Admirals Howe, Duncan, Jarvis, and Nelson; the enemy are also defeated by land, in Egypt, by Sir Ralph Abercrombie; death of tbat hero. Addington administration. The King's life again attempted, by Hadfield, a maniac, who was tried and acquitted. Peace with France and her dependencies. Pitt administration resumed. War renewed with France, Spain, &c Death of Marquis Cornwallis. Battle of Trafalgar; and death of Nelson. Battle of Maida. Death of William Pitt. Administration of Fox; his death. Peace with Spain. Indisposition of his Majesty. Various successes against the French in Spain. Death of General Moore. Victories of Sir Arthur Wellesley; since created Viscount, Earl, and Marquis Wellington. Perceval administration; tragick death of that Minister. Regency of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales.

Eminent Persons. To attempt giving a list of all those who have, during so long a reign, distinguished themselves in the Literary, Clerical, Political, Naval, Military, or Mercantile Worlds, would be far exceeding the boundary of this undertaking. A reference to events will enable the reader to estimate the talent and character of those concerned in them: while the author will escape the difficult task of defining where a limit should be placed to the numerous record of illustrious names which have honored and still grace the reign of his present Majesty.


<, Popes. Pius VI. 1775. Pius VII. 1800.


Of Germany.—Joseph II. 1765. Leopold, 1790. Francis II.

1792; assumed the title of Emperor of Austria, 1804. QftheTmh.—Mustttpha HI. 1757 Achmet IV. 1774.

Selim III. 1789. Empress and Emperor of Russia.—Catherine II. 1763. Paul , L i%97.

Sovreigns. Sovereigns. GEORGE THE THIRD.

0/France—Louis XVI. 1774. Republic, 1792. Napoleon appointed Emperor, 1804.

Kings and Queens. 0/Spain Charles III. 1759. Charles IV. 1788. Ferdinand

VII. 1808.
Of Portugal—Maria, 1777.

Of Prussia,—Frederick II. 1740. Frederick III. 1786'
Frederick IV. 1797. .

Of Poland.—Stanislaus Augustus IV. 1786. Divided between Russia, Prussia, and Germany, 1793.

Of Denmark —Christian VII. 1756. Frederick VI. 1808.

Of Sweden— Gnstavus III. 1771. Gustavo* IV. 1792* Charles XIII. 1809.

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"God save great George our King, "God save the King!"


"That King whose cares a people's wants compose,

"Who aids their joys, and sorrows in their woes;

"Who, deaf to prejudice when vesting power,

** Bestows promotion but as virtue's dower;

"Who menial parasites expels the throne,

"And deems all public freedom's foes his own."

"Investigation," A Poem By C. Dibdin, Jun.

"With length of days and glory crown'd,

"With wealth and fair encrease; "Let him abroad be far renown'd,

"And blest at home with peace."


"Count still my Muse! (to count what Muse can cease J

"The works of public spirit, freedom, peace;

"By them shall plants in forests reach the skies,

"Then lose their leafy pride, and navies rise;

"(Navies! which to invasive foes explain,

"Heaven throws not round us rocks and seas in vain ;)

"The sail of commerce in each sky aspires,

"And property assures what toil acquires.

"Him the same laws the same protection yield,

"Who plows the furrow, as who owns the field."



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